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Consider the Marvelous Event


As one small shell on the beach,

A tiniest grain of the desert sand,

This bright planet teems with life,

In this vibrant existence so grand.

Cast here from a distant place, far,

As we turn about our own fiery star.

The mysteries of life all well hides,

Beneath the waves of ocean's tides.


Planets, brothers and sisters, alike,

each to revolve about a father sun.

Moons and rings swirl about them.

Their vivid colours of hues to stun.

Errant meteors streak in the skies,

Giant asteroids burn trails of light.

Black holes all to dot the heavens,

Each hiding so well, out of our sight.


One planet cast upon the solar plain,

Of trillions, all does so prove as sane.

Revolve, to involve, each distant one,

Here on our planet, as seasons to run.

Life forms on many, are much the same,

Have similar functions, a different name.

Some may visit others, the stars to roam,

Most are content to remain safe at home.

What wonders are given, all to observe,

New riddles solved, around every curve.

The benevolence, each gift does astound,

A heavenly universe, mysteries to abound



all rights reserved and under copyright laws 2017


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