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A Little Girl's Peace and the Politics of Ants...


A Sweet Little Girl Takes the Initiative of Peace

Brooke and the Politics of Ants
by greg g. zaino

Brooke, sitting quietly on the sidewalk
appeared intense, seemingly perplexed;
poking something with a piece of straw,
maneuvering the strand with determination
and bottom lip biting.

Considering the scene,
her questioning mom, Kim, became curious
as to the nature of her daughter’s diligence.
And as a cautious parent, she required answer
to just what her little girl was about.

The passion of the little one;
in a seriousness, that would allow little room
for doubt or criticism, continued in her effort,
… in her mission.

With all seriousness
and the uncomplicated dictum
born only of children; Brooke gave response.

"Mommy, the ants are fighting
and I'm trying to make them stop!"

From the lips of the very young,
peaceful solutions and anecdotes
to resolve a crisis without delay.
A significance lost on the old ones;
the great men of title and credentials
those of the highest caliber,
who would sit critically
and debate a proper course.

They have simply forgotten
the simplicity of action
without tiring words in urgent situations…

The child’s distress in witnessing conflict
amongst the smallest of creatures-
illustrates the humane course
in her utmost sincerity and concern.
She gave assistance out of compassion
In a swift, no debate response.

Brooke, simply wielded a straw of grass;
lent her hand of peace,
to end the pointless quarreling
and confusing politics
… of struggling ants.

5/26/11- rev 6/29/2017

© 2017 greg g zaino

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