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Magic Fruit With An Alluring Scent- A Story

Emee.chan loves reading and writing about magic and all things related to it. When one grows up with "Harry Potter", magic never leaves.


Legend Of An Enchanted Tree

Back in the olden days, somewhere far away, there was a hill. It was silent and still, seemingly bare except for a lone peach tree, standing tall and proud on top of it. The tree itself wasn't anything special, its branches wide and razor-sharp, but the peaches it bore were.

According to the story passed down from one generation to another, the heart-shaped fruits were almost seductive.
In summer, especially in the morning, sun bathed them in its rays, giving them a golden glow.

Those more adventurous that didn't mind the distance between their villages and the hill swore that they never tasted or smelled anything better in their life! They talked of sweet and thick as honey juices, trailing down their chins as they bit into the soft and doughy peach, slowly savouring the taste.

What also made this fruit almost magical was the smell, the delicate perfume that seduced all of the senses, making it seem like you were under a spell. At least that's what those who ate the peaches said, as they did appear to be a bit like they were hypnotised after that. A sensual seductress in its own right.

As the years went by, the hill was one of the most frequently visited places in that part of the world. The story of an alluring peach spread like wildfire, driving curious travellers on a long or short journey, depending where they came from, to see or better yet taste what all the hype was about. After just one taste, none of them were the same as before. It was an addiction of sorts.

An explanation of such a phenomenon was nowhere in sight, albelt there were those sceptical ones that claimed that the tree was the work of the devil, poisoning one's mind. Others said that the hill gave off some kind of energy that attracted anyone who so much as glanced at it.

But those were all just theories. Nothing was for certain. Surprisingly, no one tried cutting the tree down, so it was left alone to grow its golden fruits until the end of time.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković