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A Last Poem


If I could write but just one last poem,

And to share it with you today.

I'd say that we should all try our best,

In each and every way.

No matter what our lives might hold,

The best and worst so given.

Let history show we gave our all,

just how much we've striven.


I'd say we have only one life to live,

There's no greater gift for us to hold.

The Lord God then saw so fit to do,

As over the heavens, he did unfold.

The time he gave us here on earth,

And no better chance have we.

To fulfil our roles and reach great goals,

In accomplishing our destiny.


I'd bid a fond adieu and bow my head,

Then say my prayer for everyone.

Encourage all to remember our children,

Their time in a warming sun.

Please to begin each day as if their last,

Honoring every blessing and each gift.

Regarding, to honor, all across the world,

Their kindred spirits all to give a lift.


© 2016 whonunuwho

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