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A Kiss Heard Around the Hallway - a Flash Fiction Story

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


This story is based on true events which happened to me in junior high school. Well except some parts of the story which I made up. The part about me catching my principal kissing his secretary is true. The names have been changed because mostly I forgot their real names but as they used to say, “To protect the innocent.”

Bearer of News

It’s not easy to be the bearer of news nobody else is supposed to know. If fact sometimes it’s even a curse. You go around with knowledge that you are one up on everybody else but you can’t even tell your friends what you know for fear of corporal punishment. You can’t even say ha-ha I know something you don’t know. Such is the day I saw the kiss heard round the hallway. The day I caught my middle school principal kissing his secretary in the hall right outside the office


The Photograph

I had stayed after school to help my friend Lucy with an article on the middle school basketball game. We had to get a picture of the game and then write a subsequent article for the school newspaper. Lucy and I were walking down the hall when I realized that I had forgotten my camera.

I ran back to the classroom and retrieved the camera and was on my way to the gym when I rounded the corner by the office. Standing there locked in an embrace were the principal and his secretary. I knew they were both single and could date if they wanted to but it still looked news worthy to me. I snapped a picture. Little did I know it was going to be the picture of the kiss heard round the hallway.

My principal flipped out. “Hey you” he yelled “Give me that camera”

I did the first thing that came to my mind. I ran. I ran down the hallway and around the corner. I could hear my principal it hot pursuit. What was I going to do? All the classrooms were locked so there was no place to hide and even if I did hide what then?

The principal knew who I was so he would just call me in the next day. I needed some time to think. I was coming up on the end of the next hallway and ventured a look back to see if the principal was behind me. He wasn’t yet so I had a minute or two to make a decision. It is amazing how a little youth and lot of fear gives you the ability to run really, really fast.

I saw a sign up ahead for the bathrooms so I figured I could duck into one of those really quick. My first thought was that if I ducked into the girls bathroom I would be safe, because everybody knows boys are not allowed to go into the girls bathroom. I ran through the door and hid in one of the stalls. I waited for the door to be thrown open and the principal to yell “I know you are in here now come on out, or face in school suspension”.

Getting Caught

I huddled in the stall for what seemed like an eternity, a few minutes in real time, then popped my head out the girl’s bathroom door and looked around. I was sure the principal was going to be there to “Ah ha I knew you were in there “ but there was only silence. I thought I was out of the woods so I started to head for the nearest exit of the school. Just as I was rounding the corner of the hallways that led to the main entrance a hand grabbed me from behind. Of course it was the principal and I had been caught.

“ I knew you would come out of hiding sooner or later” He said as he led me to his office.

Once we were in his office he told me to have a seat. I must admit I was a little nervous but I did not want to show my fear because deep inside I still felt like I held an upperhand in because I knew what happened. Of course sitting there I did not even know if what they were doing was even illegal or not. Were teachers and principals allowed to make out at school? I didn’t know I guess I would have to play it by ear and see what happened.

“Now son the way I see it you have two options here. The first is to give me that film and we’ll call it even. Now if I was in your position, being a smart boy and all I would take my first offer and run with it because the second option is for me to give you an in school suspension.”

I was scared to death but I figured I would call his bluff. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought. “The way I see it sir is that you do not really have any leverage here. I have the film and I didn't really do anything wrong so if you want to suspend me that is up to you. I will just squeal my guts out till everyone in the school knows about you and your secretary’

“ You little…” I saw the principal getting red in the face and I knew I was pushing my luck too far so I figured I would let him off the hook.

“ But the way I see it you are kind of being reasonable about the whole thing so I will give you the film in exchange for a written letter stating that you will not do anything to me.”

“ Where does an eight grader get off blackmailing his principal?”

“ Hey, that’s my offer, take it or leave it.”

The principal took out a piece of paper and wrote and signed a letter stating that nothing would happen to me. Once I had read it I handed over the film and he told me to get out of there before he changed his mind. He also told me that he would be watching me and if I had any slip ups he would pounce on me like a lion on its prey.

Do You Believe

Camera in hand I headed of to find my friend Lucy. She was in the gym watching the basketball game. After explaining to her that I was late due to some unforeseen bathroom problems to which she replied “Too much info” we sat back and watched our team go down in resounding defeat.

There wasn’t much of a story here. As I look back I can see that the weirdest part about the whole picture taking event and the thing that I can’t tell anyone else is that I managed to pocket the film and give the principal another roll I had in my pocket. Now here comes the weird part. When I had the film developed and took a look at the picture of the kiss heard round the hallway my principal was not in it. Sure his secretary was there with her arms in such a position as to suggest that she was in an embrace but she was not embracing anyone. Weird huh? Now you see why I have some really awesome gossip but I can’t tell anyone.

Who would believe me if I told them that our principal was an alien or something.

Do you believe?

© 2020 Timothy Whitt