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A Jar of Kindness

Jar of Kindness

Jar of Kindness

Tell me, what differentiates the rich from the poor?
A big house, a car, someone who can afford a little more?
Is it the role that individual plays or his position in life?
Could it be a senate, a Governor or the president's wife?
Does your status makes you better than me, does it give you character, does it make your brave?
Tell me, When you die, do you get a different grave?
There are so many of us in positions of wealth, yet our hearts are in the wilderness
Snubbing at the needs of the needy, rejecting to show a little tenderness

Today, i tell you about my little jar of kindness, something i set aside for any beggar on the street
Someone who is penniless, some one who starves for help, some one needing a warm cup of coffee, or just some food to eat
Each time when i go to pick up some groceries, i will always get my favorite bottle of coffee, then when it is empty, i wash it and begin to give it another fill.
I don't put more coffee in, i fill it with love, kindness, i put all my coins in.
Then when it is near filled, i would write on some strips of paper some words of upliftment
So whosoever gets that Jar of kindness will at least have those words of encouragement
When my jar is filled with love, i drive out on the street to give it away
sometimes my heart is so heavy with all the homeless i see, people who had hopes, visions, goals, but now all those have been flushed away
Then i will just call on a random person, and and tell them to be strong, this journey is not their last
All the pain they feel, will surely come to past

The gratefulness i see on their faces, is all the thanks i need
To know that tonight, tomorrow, and another day, i helped someone to feed
I have never counted how much all the coins in that jar of kindness adds up to,
But a lot of quarters will surely do the job
One thing i know for sure, it is much more than what they had.
The thing about the Jar of kindness is that giving it away, made me also gain
I felt fulfillment, contentment, knowing i helped to alleviate someones strain
It may not be that long term solution, for which they all sit and hope
The jar of kindness may be small under the world's microscope

But what if we all did a Jar of Kindness, how endless the possibilities.
It is full time us humans take up our humanitarian responsibilities
Can you imagine how many people would eat a meal today?
Can you imagine how many tears you have helped to wipe away?
i ask of you my fellow human beings, to help those less fortunate than others
Because a man is just a man, and in the end, love is all that really matters.
Will you join me on this road of heart fullness?
Will you today fill your Jar of Kindness?

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