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A Ghost, a House, and a Ghost?


Moving sucks. Good news though is I get to leave my haunted house. Yes, I swear it is haunted. It just HAD to be. There is absolutely no way it cannot be. Cabinets would open randomly, things were moved around CONSTANTLY, and my own room looked completely new and redesigned. Seriously whatever ghost decorated it has zero taste.

"So hir, what can we do for you today?"

"A house. I do not really care for what type it is, what it looks like, or where it is. I just need to get out of where I am."


"Sadly, it is haunted."

"Oh, that is very unfortunate to hear hir. I promise we will find you a house that is not haunted."

"What about this one hir? As you saw it has 3 rooms which are all fully furnished like the rest of the house."

"Yes this one is it. It has everything I wanted, including free furnisher and a pool."

"Great hir, lets go back to my office so we can finalize some things."

Moving! No more ghosts! This house is decorated very terribly sadly. Nothing a trip to Home goods can't fix!

Its been about a week and I swear that this place is haunted to. I was taking a shower a few days ago and I head footsteps, then talking, and the door opened! And of course I screamed and told off the Ghost trying to get into MY bathroom. But they didn't listen. Soon enough the Ghost came and turned off my shower! Can you believe that? So, I turned it back on but it had other plans and kept turning it off.

I started to make changes around the house, starting with wall hangings and posters. Even some of my own drawings! And you wont believe what happened! They were all removed. Thrown away. Gone forever.

Today though, people have been talking here all day. Guess ill have to go back to that relator office and look for a new place. Anyhow- I am going to get dinner.

Weird, the lights won't stop flickering. I swear there is a-


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