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A Fantasy or Science Fiction Alternative Ending for William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Jennifer Wilber is an author and freelance writer from Ohio. She holds a B.A. in creative writing and English.

What if there was a wizard in the world of Romeo and Juliet?

What if there was a wizard in the world of Romeo and Juliet?

[begin the alternate ending after this line from the original play]

Capulet: As rich shall Romeo’s by his lady lie--

Poor sacrifices of our enmity!

[begin alternate ending]

Enter Wizard in cloud of bluish smoke.

Wizard: I see that both hath learned thy lessons;

Capulet and Montague,

That hatred and fighting amongst one other can bring only death and despair to both thy houses.

That is why I have come:

To restore both of thy children, so that neither must suffer being stricken down in death so young because of their parents’ rivalry. So long as both families promise to cease the fruitless fighting, and to live in perfect harmony for the eternity, henceforth.

Lady Capulet: Oh please, great sorcerer! Please revive my daughter Juliet and her husband Romeo! By God and all his angels, let them live once more!

Montague: Aye, if thou can revive thee, the houses Montague and Capulet shalt never quarrel again!

Wizard: Alright, let it be done. I shall help the houses Montague and Capulet be restored, but for only the children’s sake.

Wizard waves his magic wand over Romeo and Juliet

Let the children live once more!

Romeo and Juliet wake up, slowly, and look around, surprised to be alive.

Juliet: The light! It was so very bright!

Juliet looks around, her eyes darting between her parent’s, her in-laws, Romeo, and the Wizard.

Where am I?

Romeo: You’re alive my love! But then, so am I… I say, what is going on? The last I knew I was drinking from the poison, as I cried over thy lifeless body in despair. Could this be the afterlife - in the same place in which I died?

Juliet has been magically revived by the wizard. But just who is this mysterious wizard?

Juliet has been magically revived by the wizard. But just who is this mysterious wizard?

Romeo looks around.

But what are they all doing here?

Capulet: Forgive me, my daughter, I see now that the bitter rivalry between our two houses served no point. The fighting led only to your premature death. But alas, you’ve been revived; oh, bless the wizard and all his kindness. Can you ever forgive your misguided family for what we have done?

Lady Montague: (hugging her son) Oh bless! You live once more, my son!

Montague: How may we ever repay thee for thy services, kind wizard? For the restored lives of of Romeo and Juliet deserve a great reward.

Wizard: No reward is required, my good man. The only reward you need give is your word that your two houses will never quarrel henceforth.

Capulet: The fighting will cease, you have our word. We now understand that the fighting served no purpose. I remember not what our families quibbled over anyway. Pray tell, what ever could have begun this war between our houses?

Montague: I believe is began when… (Romeo hits him) Well never that mind then.

All walk outside.

Prince: This is all very wonderful, but tell me Wizard, from where did you come? I didn’t know there was a wizard in Verona?

Wizard doesn’t respond for he has mysteriously vanished.

Wizard? I say! Where has thy gone?

Juliet: Look! In the sky! What is that? It looks like some sort of disk!

They all look into the sky

Romeo: Oh, it does! But what ever could it mean? Could the restorer of our lives have come from the sky, from a world far beyond our own?

Juliet: That would explain so much. The wizard’s kindness is so alien. Why, this type of compassion and power could not be found in Verona, nor anywhere on the Earth.

Prince: From this day forth, our kingdom shall no longer fear those who possess great power and great kindheartedness that far exceeds our own. Forevermore, we shall welcome them with open arms. These visitors mean us no harm. Nay, they want only to help and protect us.

So it was said, so it shall be.

Where did this alien wizard come from, and why was he in Verona?

Where did this alien wizard come from, and why was he in Verona?

Explanation for this Alternate Ending

I wrote this alternate ending for Romeo and Juliet back in high school for a school assignment. It is meant to be silly and more lighthearted than the original play. In this alternate ending, I thought, what if Romeo and Juliet didn’t have to die. What if they could be brought back to life, so that neither one has to suffer for their families’ ignorance? But how could they return to life after both already dying by their own hands? That is where the wizard came in. To make this ending even sillier, at the end of the scene, it was revealed that the wizard wasn’t just any wizard; he was an alien visitor from outer space.

Somehow, I don’t think my alternate ending is quite what William Shakespeare had in mind when he originally wrote Romeo and Juliet.

© 2018 Jennifer Wilber