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A Day Alone Sitting On A Park Bench Proves To Be Enlightening. - Flash Fiction A Challenge Issued By DZYMsLizzy

I am finding that flash fiction is really fun to write, hopefully you will enjoy my story.


Analisa sat alone on the park bench, the scow on her face as dark as the gathering thunderclouds.

When it began to rain, she didn't move. Where could she go? Blindness had been a thorn in her side since birth.

Her father, Thomas promised to return in a few minutes, and it had been well over an hour. Supposedly, he went to the corner to purchase a newspaper. He'd been acting strange and nervous lately.

As she sat waiting her thoughts returned to her mother who left soon after her birth, telling her father Thomas, " I can't deal with a blind child. "

Analisa's father had raised her with help from a dear lady Anne who'd answered an ad in the newspaper. Tom noticed her kindness immediately and welcomed her with opened arms.

The school where Analisa attended Monday through Friday.


Analisa spent Monday through Friday at a school for the blind, learning to cope and take care of personal needs.

She is now eighteen and living at home. She remained seated on the park bench until she recognized a familiar voice. It was Anne. She told her that she had just received a phone call from the local hospital informing her of her father's admission earlier. It seems he was struck by a speeding car and was unconscious until a few minutes ago. He was not seriously injured. He had the hospital call Anne to tell her where to find Analisa.

When Analisa and Anne returned home, Anne told her that she had a surprise for her. It seems she and Thomas had fallen in love over the years and were waiting for the right time to tell her. Analisa took a deep breath and smiling threw happy tears told her that she too had good news. " I've been seeing flickering light all week and it's getting more frequent and lasting longer, I didn't want to mention it in case it wouldn't last, but this is a day of extraordinary news, and let's promise never to hold back anything out of fear ever again! "