A Crying Lady

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Jahanzaib Brohi is a Pakistani college student and a writer, lives in Hyderabad of Pakistan.

It was a hot summer day when Raheel was coming back from his school by his bicycle, a lady was sitting beside the road with a newly born baby in his hands, as she saw Raheel coming nearer to her, she took a sigh of relief and suddenly she came at road and pointed Raheel to stop. Raheel was confused to see lady by doing this, Raheel was fifteen years old and he used to go school by his bicycle, it was his daily routine but he never faced any situation like this before so he became a little bit upset. As Raheel stopped his bicycle lady started crying, Raheel frighteningly asked the cause of crying to lady, lady with a baby in her hands uttered;

“My newly born baby is in high temper and she is faint, my husband was not present at home he is at his work, I had no any way to save my baby’s life, so I came at road to take a lift from suzuki but there is no any suzuki on road. And my baby is very serious please help me.”

Raheel said: What can I do?

Lady: “Please give me a lift on your bicycle to hospital.”

Raheel: “I can’t give you lift on bicycle, it’s too difficult to ride with a load of person sitting back on bicycle.”

Lady: “Help me please. I fold my hands before you.”

Lady becomes so serious, crying and shedding tears from her eyes she prays for her child from God. Then Raheel thinks about his mother’s emotions for him in such a situation like this. Then he stops his cycle there, and takes the baby from lady’s hands, and says to her “follow me we will go hospital by feet to save the life of your baby.” Then Raheel travels four kilometer by feet to hospital and at last he reaches at hospital with a faint baby in his hands, and shouts nurse, nurse, doctor. Nurse moves hurryingly and takes baby from Raheel conveys her to emergency ward. Doctor reaches and touches faint baby and screams “She is suffering from high temper.” Raheel prays for the life of baby standing beside nurse. And after first aid baby opens her eyes, her mother cries out “my sobia, my sobia” hugs her, and kisses her weepingly. Raheel smiles for he had saved the life of little baby. Lady thanks him with folding hands before him, Raheel holds her hands and says pray for me you are like my mom for me. Lady prays for him and thanks him continuously. Raheel rashes out of hospital and travels back to take his cycle from road and rides for his home. As he reaches his home he feel so tired and lays down at his cot without changing his school dress and taking lunch. He unconsciously sleeps and in his dream an angle comes and asks him,

what’s your name?

He replies “Raheel” and asks to angle why are you asking my name?

Angle: “I’m writing the names of hundred luckiest persons of the day.”

Raheel: “It means I’m one of them?”

Angel: “Yes you are on top, because you helped that crying lady and saved her baby’s life.”

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    © 2018 Jahanzaib Brohi


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      • profile image

        Zain Brohi 

        11 months ago

        Good story


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