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A Coin and a Legend

Whilst investigating the death of a local painter, Fern Wilson uncovers a supernaturally-cursed, worn out one dollar coin going around the small town.

Town legend says anyone who possessed the coin have a week left to live. The unfortunate people who have been doomed to this fate look normal while doing day to day tasks, but when photographed they look distorted. They can feel almost like a 'piece of paper and feel extremely cold'.

Fern holds the coin in his hand refusing the legend and its truth. As he holds the coin in his palm a collage of images appear in his head.

A decapitated head on some stone. A old newspaper, with a headline about a town murder, a hooded figure, a abandoned well, a body.

Not being able to look anymore, Fern drops the coin.

Looking down at the coin he realizes deep down that the legend is true. Still- he refuses to believe it and calls in his husband Toby.

An hour later Toby comes into Ferns office and takes a look at the coin. Willingly, he submits himself to the curse. He finds the same collage of images to flash behind his eyes. The well is the most chilling.

He joins the queue for the impending death.

Fern and Toby start a journey with what little time they have left to uncover the true meaning about the visions.

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