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A Christmas Wishlist

He loves to write. It is his passion. It is also his time of reflection and a time to discover more about life.


Who would forget about Christmas Wishlist in this time of the year? I am sure it does not slip in everybody's mind. Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, you surely keep one.

Why Do We Have Christmas Wishlist?

As a young boy, I dreamed of having toy cars, robots, and some other stuff on Christmas day. Though I was not writing them, I considered them as my Christmas wish list. And, having them was exciting. It gave a lot of anticipation and hope. Joy and excitement built up inside as Christmas day approaches.

With that, the reasons why we have Christmas Wishlist are as follows:

1. It Gives Us Hope.

Keeping a list of what you want means you know what you get. All your senses will conspire and focus on it. Then it will give you a positive feeling about it coming true. Thus, it is where hope comes in.

Hope is one of the greatest gifts on Christmas day. Despite the unlikely events for the past months, December comes with full of joy and hope. It fills our lungs with fresh air, a light feeling.

2. It Excites Us.

Having hope means excitement. As we hope for the wishes to come true, we also feel excited about it. Who would not?


A Reminder

But I want to remind you that not all wishes come true. Yes, you could look forward to getting what you wanted, but you should be open to the possibilities of getting not exactly what you desired. Let us still be happy. After all, it is still a gift. Not everybody gets one. So, there is still a reason to be grateful. All you have to do is accept it and make the most out of what you received.

But if you don't receive any, then buy one for yourself. I have not heard that it would be a crime. And there is no such law prohibiting it. It should not only be coming from others but also coming from you.

If worst comes to worst,i.e., nobody gives you a present, and you cannot buy for yourself, you still have something to be grateful for. There are a lot of things. First is your life. Be thankful for the life you have. It is a new day to make yourself better. Second, your ability to make your dreams come true. If you think you can't, then you can think otherwise. It is a matter of mental conditioning. See. There are so many gifts you have. They are just unnoticed. So, there is no reason to frown. Be happy and merry!

My Christmas Wish List

As we grow old, material things become of less importance. Our family, friends, and the people around us become more valuable to us. Our happiness depends on the quality time we laugh and cry with our loved ones. We become more concern about making them happy. We then become merrier seeing them merry. Indeed, we value more of intangible yet sensible things. Now, it is the kind of relationship we have with them matters the most.

So, that is why my Christmas wish list this season has changed. It is not because I am getting old but because I see what matters to me the most and what makes me happy, truly happy.

1. Brother and His Family

Well, I would not give a lot of the details about it. However, if there is a wish I wanted to come true, then it would be about it. I guess it is time. We are all not getting younger and his children too. So, I am hoping for it.

2. Good Health For My Family and Loved Ones

Who wanted sickness for their loved ones? Nobody wants it for sure. I have experienced having one. It was not easy. So, it must be part of the list.

3. More Time To Do What I Love

I know I cannot stretch the time out. All I can do is manage it. I should know my priorities as well. That is why I included this one to remind myself how much I should work it out.

4. Hang Out With Good Old Friends

Oh, how much I miss my close friends from college and previous employment. They have been good friends. I even considered them as my family. So, having this on my wish list is a big hope to see them one day.

5. Be a Blessing To Others

Christmas season is a season of abundance. A lot of blessings overflow. However, it should not be for confinement. One who receives it must share it with others. Let us remind ourselves that God has given his only begotten son. It was all that He has, but He still gave it to humanity to bring joy, hope, and love to the world. So, whatever we have was not for us to keep. We should give it away so that we could continue the tradition which God the Father has started. That is why I wanted to be a blessing to others. And I hope you can be a blessing as well to others.


Last Note

As I was writing this article, I realized that somehow big dreams came from small wishes. The things I listed were once a wish. However, as I continued to hope for it, it became a prayer. With constant prayer, it became my heart's desires. It turned then to be one of my dreams where it gave me hope, focus, and direction. So, I guess this could be part of the reasons why we should keep a wish list. But I suggest making it a hard copy which you could see and be a reminder to you.

Merry Christmas to all!

God bless us all!

© 2018 Jason Behm