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A Christmas Ghost Story - Going Home

Nell is an author and writer. Apart from short stories and articles she has written three novels which you can find on Amazon.

snow car broken down

snow car broken down

'Darn it, why does it always happen to me?' Christine pulled over and stopped the car. It was snowing heavily and she was cold and hungry. And it was getting dark.

She looked around to see if there was anybody who could help her, but as usual, her luck had run out.

' 'I am going to kill Sara.'

She blew on her hands and searched for the gloves that seemed to have disappeared from the passenger seat.

Opening the door she stepped out, and the icy wind hit her in the face.

Trees and more trees surrounded the clearing, and for the life of her she couldn't figure out how she could have gone wrong.

'Maybe I should have bought that sat-nav.'

She said this out loud, and jumped when a voice behind her said, 'Can I help you?'

Turning around she was surprised to see a young man standing there. He was wearing a thick woolen jumper and jeans, but no coat.

'Thanks, er yes. For some reason, my car decided to die on me. Can you take a look?' She blew on her hands.

He smiled.

'Yes, of course, I can. My name's Paul, and you are....?'

'Christine Shelby, I am on the way to see my friend and, well this happened.' She smiled and shivered.

'Okay, let's take a look.'

'Don't you need a coat? It's freezing out here. And by the way? Where did you come from?'

He stood back up and indicated a house through the trees.

'That's me, over there. When we've finished if you would like a hot chocolate or something?' he shifted his feet, 'unless you.....'

Christine laughed, 'that would be great yes!'

Paul leaned down into the engine, checked the gas and at last stood back.

'Can't find anything wrong with it. Hold on, I will have to go to the house and collect some more tools. Want to come and get warm? Trust me, I am not a creepy dude stuck in the forest, you can check if you like!' He said this with a laugh.

Christine smiled and said, 'no, it's okay, I will wait in the car for you to come back, thanks.'

'Oh, okay. Be back in a minute.' And he set off home.

Holly snow ghost

Holly snow ghost

'Spanner, check. Wire cutters, check. Okay, that should do it.'

Shutting the door behind him, he headed back towards the car.

'Hey, hope you're not too cold,' he yelled.

Then he stopped.

The car had gone! Where.....?

Puzzled, Paul walked over to the spot where the car had stood. There were no tire marks!

What on earth?

Shaking his head he walked slowly back to his house. Stepping inside he realized he must have missed something.

Why would she go without saying goodbye?

'Weird!' Paul scratched his head and walked into the living room.

But there...

On the table in the room was a lonely sprig of holly covered in snow.


Shaking his head he picked it up and just stared at it.

Puzzled, Paul sat down to try and figure it out.

'Ah well, she must have got the car started. But where did the holly come from?'

Laughing, he muttered,' Its just snow madness, better put the holly on the tree. But I can't remember buying any.'

Shaking his head, he turned on the News.

'Early this morning there was a fatal car crash up by the Millpond. A young woman, Christine Shelby was on her way to see her friend Sara when.......'


© 2019 Nell Rose

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