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A Cherished Life for Sylvia

I have a keen interest in writing articles, essays, short stories, and fiction. And I love to share them here.

Pic: Sylvia

Pic: Sylvia

Ever since Sylvia gave up her day job, she had been transforming herself massively. She started praying regularly and recited the Holy Book. She read free self-help books, which she subscribed via her email dedicated solely for this purpose. She then started writing self-help eBooks and also self-help articles on an online site. She also wrote fiction books on a free eBooks site for fun. She started her quest for more online sites where she wrote short stories.

She started participating in self-help giveaway events where she uploaded gifts in the form of eBooks and invited her small list of subscribers and gradually grew her list to a slightly bigger list. She shared with her email list all her works of fiction and nonfiction.

She also wrote personal blogs about her books, fiction and nonfiction. She created an attractive website and a Facebook page covering all her work so far. She also didn't give up exercising her original field of expertise that is, Computer Science and Engineering and wrote academic guides and played the role of an external reviewer for Computer Science manuscripts that were published in a reputable journal.

Then one day, as if in an answer to her prayers and efforts, she came to know of the huge lottery jackpot she had won.

She invested a majority of it in Savings bonds and made money out of money and began to thrive. With the dividends from her investments, she bought an apartment overlooking a beautiful lake and a Mercedes to drive. She continued her writing and subscribed to books that spoke more about writing tips. It was an area she always had to practice and learn more, which she enjoyed.

She compiled some of her short stories in volumes, improvised them and published them on Amazon. As her marketing schemes were poor, she didn't have many sales.

As she acquainted herself with marketing methods by networking and reading books in the arena, she became more familiar with them, and the sales of her Amazon short stories volumes began to rise.

It was not until another two years that she became used to the idea and learned more techniques so that her sales soared. She was earning a steady income from this hustle too.

She always shared the links of her work with her email list and Facebook fans.

Sylvia decided she was happy with her life. She could wake up a little late in the mornings and go about her days in a way she liked.

After a year went by and Sylvia had all her investments and incomes in place, she felt remorseful looking at the people surrounding her.

Every one had families and children. She started craving for them as well. She thought she would try her luck with an online dating site. She uploaded her profile. Within a week, there were about 10 interested men.

She looked at their profiles and chose three of them, who seemed to top the rest. She chatted with them. She rejected the two of them and continued to chat with the remaining one daily, whose name was Osman.

Pic: Osman

Pic: Osman

They finally decided to go for a date in a restaurant. Sylvia dressed up her very best. She found Osman all shaven and immaculate and looking smart in his suit.

They chose mixed fried rice, sizzling beef and mixed vegetables. They both had tall glasses of coke. As they talked and ate, they became friendlier and happier.

Sylvia now and then got busy with the humdrum of life, but it was Osman who chased her and took her on dates. They dated for four years, and there was no reason why Sylvia wouldn't commit to Osman. They had good compatibility and body chemistry and touched each other’s hearts deeply.

Therefore, on one of their latest dates when Osman proposed to her, Sylvia couldn't say anything but a resounding 'yes'.

Yes, they would now be informing their families about their wedding plans. They would fix a wedding date to marry promptly and enjoy an ever-memorable and ever-ringing honeymoon and a workable married life together as well.

Five years from now, what thoughts did Sylvia have about her life?

"I have a one-year-old son. Both Osman and I have steady incomes. Yes, we are making it well together. I couldn't have felt happier."

Ten years from now, these were the thoughts of Sylvia:

"I have invested a big share of my dividends in a joint venture with Osman. I hope it turns out okay. I have a daughter too now. The family expenses are forever increasing. Hope we will make it together."

Twenty years from now, Sylvia thought as follows:

"Yes, the joint venture turned out well. Osman is a smart guy to persuade me to invest. I still write self-help and fiction books and earn money from them. I have been a published author over and over again. Osman is doing well in his engineering job. We get along well, and together with our family, we are pulling off steadily.”

Thirty years from now, Sylvia’s thoughts were as below:

“Osman has retired. I still write books. Our children will be graduating from university soon. Yes, we are still a happy family.”’

Forty years from now, Sylvia thought:

“Both Osman and I have aged and look after each other. Our children are working now. They come to visit us frequently. Soon our children will marry, and we will have grandchildren. We have enough to leave as a legacy for them. I am happy to say God was with us all the time. I don't know how my life would have turned if I hadn't given up my day job and taken up writing. It's a life I have cherished."

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