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A Blindness That Keeps Me Well

A Blindness that keeps me well

Recently, I had the opportunity to help lead in worship at a local conference in which my Spiritual Father was speaking. It was full of inflatables and late night basketball and boys trying to make out with girls in the shadows. I am sure this type of scene rings a bell. The summer camps that you go to for “God” and come back with a “Girlfriend.”

One afternoon, me and my mentor had an opportunity to break away from the festivities and go visit a local park. The park was beautiful. Massive trees infested the area and a river ran straight through it. We were visiting with the intentions of resting our spirits and refreshing our perspective.

Before we arrived at the park, I began to share an insight that I was currently having. I said, “You know, I have realized that God is not an idealist, He is an opportunist. I need to stop being an idealist and be an opportunist, for when will anything be truly ideal.”

Immediately, the green family mini-van that we were driving in came to a screeching halt.

“You don’t need to stop being an idealist. That is not the way”

You can imagine my confusion at a statement such as this one. Why in the world would my Spiritual Father, the one who is suppose to be coaching me towards a richer spiritual life, intentionally be telling me that becoming more like God would be a bad thing. I peered His direction. Through 2 blue eyes and a face that much more resembles a homeless man, with a banana in one hand He said to me,

“You don’t need to stop being an idealist. That’s impossible. If you try to become what you aren’t you will never succeed. So instead, come to terms with the fact that you are an idealist and things will go much better for you”

As he finished his monologue that quickly became one of those 10 second movie clips that is seared into your mind for eternity, I began to understand something about us humans.

We are convinced that something in us needs to change for us to be “better.”

The truth is that I needed to come to grips with the fact that I am just an idealist. There are plenty of opportunist in the world and their role is to remain opportunist.The problem is that all of the people on the left want to be people from the right and all of the people on the right want to be people on the left and we are never just us. So we spend enormous amounts of energy on self-help books and getting some mountain top experience in which we believe that we have changed.

Now don’t get me wrong, Spiritual experiences are fantastic and are supplementary to our daily living, but they are not meant to

change who we are,

or guilt us into changing.

They are meant to help us accept ourselves the way that we are.

This is why I am such a fan of the Gospel of Jesus. It is a paradox, its a contradiction. For it is not when we try to change ourselves that we find real change but it is when we begin to accept ourselves as we are, good and bad, that we change. This may be the most important message of the Gospel of Jesus. That He has come to transform all of the problems that you create and all of the problems that you don’t and make all this big mess one big perfection.

Jesus has come to view the world in proper perspective. He came and made all things new. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So if you are an idealist, praise the Lord!

Or if you are an opportunist, praise the Lord!

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

Where do you fit in?

Praise the Lord!

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