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A Bizarre Event Occurred in a Small Town on Halloween Night. Short Fiction.

I love to write flash fiction, using a moral standard to not pass judgement until you look deeper inside.

This is the decoration my son Jackie had in front of his house two years ago.

This is the decoration my son Jackie had in front of his house two years ago.

It was Halloween night and the old man Jeb loved to sit out on the porch to treat the children who came for candy treats.

There was a chill in the air, he wasn't sure if it was the chill or a premonition, but he felt a bit apprehensive, His eyesight was failing, but could still make out size and shapes. He'd sat out about two hours, having fun with the neighborhood kids who'd come for homemade treats.

He was growing tired and called for his daughter Margie to help him back inside the house, when she didn't answer, he became concerned.


He attempted to rise from his chair when he felt hands lifting him. He was placed in a chair beside his glowing fireplace.

A loud voice yelled " Look into the fire " He looked and saw his dead wife on fire and screaming in pain. His heart exploded.

He was found the next morning, along with his daughter, also dead, lying across her bed.

The newspaper account. " A Bizarre event happened last night in our little town Jeb Brown passed away while sitting by his fireplace, and even more bizarre, his daughter Margie Brown has also passed away. She was found lying across her bed from an apparent heart attack. No foul play expected.