A Bouquet of Black Roses

Updated on February 26, 2019

I have loved the scent of roses since I was a kid. Long before I even knew of love, long before I ever knew that I'd ever buy them later on in my life. I have always loved roses for as long as I can remember.

I have been plucking roses for a while, still hopeful that I'd find someone to gift them to. Until last week, my flower vase was still rose filled. I kinda found someone to gift roses to. Besides loving roses I had another reason to keep buying them. I found someone. Someone kinda special. As special as the roses have been in my life.

At some point this past week I found myself being tempted to buy two roses at a time. I felt like I still needed one rose to myself. I still wanted to have that scent all over my house. And I fought the thought of two roses and just bought one for my stranger.

"it's weird having to buy two roses.... ,." I thought to myself.. . And so have been buying one rose flower and not two......
I met a stranger. An ordinary stranger. Lovely and beautiful in appearance. A stranger every body would want to associate with. One everyone would want to be friends with or even more than friendsif o may say . I met a stranger that made my heart skip a beat.

.... We talked for sometime and got to know each other . And I think we became friends ..friends enough for me to send over a rose a day to my stranger friend. I don't even know her name yet. But I know enough to make us friends. We even exchanged contacts ,so we have been talking . I still can't believe her contact name is "stranger". I don't even wanna know what name she has of me in her contacts.

My stranger friend invited me to her place yesternight.

You won't believe what I had to go through to prepare. Do my nails, getting a fresh haircut, buying new perfume, getting my teeth whitened.. Retaking showers and finally buying a bouquet of roses....
I have been to places that made me uncomfortable. Places that make you think you really haven't been living life.... Places that make you feel like you don't belong. Places that aren't for people like me.... .

.. Her place was beyond spectacular. Looked like heaven though I haven't been there yet. And I noticed a vase on the corridor filled with roses, water half filled.
"Those are the ones you've been sending. Good job! " I told myself.
I handed her the bouquet.... And she took it, looking rather afraid and placed them on a table near the fire place in the sitting room . Close to some beautiful couches.. And I took to the coach. She hadn't said a word yet. Hadn't made eye contact either.
... She took a sit. Far from me. On another couch. And then walked in another stranger. .
And he looked at me. Scary look. And held the flowers.. Walked to the fire place and places dropped the flowers right on top of the flames. I looked around the huge sitting room, and my stranger friend was scared. I was more scared. Uneasy.
I wanted to walk out. That's when I ran to a blow. ..
" you forgetting your flowers! " the guy said.
And he took the flowers out ... Burned.. Half cooked. Blacker than hell....
... They even smelt like hell...
.... With my black roses in my hand, a bruised face, a running heart and blood rushing I walked out ... Walked out a friendship that hadn't really started. I walked out of a heaven that seemed perfect.

... I walked out on loving roses..

Black roses. The last flowers I ever smelled.. I walked out on ever having to buy roses again.

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    © 2019 Amani Utembu


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      • Guckenberger profile image

        Alexander James Guckenberger 

        2 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

        I got an ad for roses on this page! XD

      • Candy Cuanan profile image

        Candy Cuanan 

        2 months ago from Davao City, Philippines

        Wow, so meaningful. I can feel the striking pain. Awesome work!

      • Brenda Arledge profile image


        2 months ago from Washington Court House

        Such a scene you have painted which i am sure has happened to a few.


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