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A Silent Tear and a Broken Heart

Mother's struggling life and boy's limitless love for his mother are main highlights of this story and how their life changed is the secret which I unfold in this story.


Codename Disenchantment

Inspired by The Punisher; the excellent movie Punisher Warzone and the 2005 PC game in particular. A bit of Splinter Cell too.


Original Short Fiction: "Graveyard Whistler's 'A Strange Story'"

Graveyard Whistler has been quite busy finishing his dissertation in Literary Theory for the PhD at the University of South Falls. He has decided to take a few hours off on Sunday to check in with a strange story he came across in a literary theory journal that specializes in mystical literature.


Death Moves On - a Flash Fiction Story

Another story featuring the character of Death


This Is My Life, These Are My Things

This is my response to Bill Holland's (BillyBuc) writing/photo challenge #5 (or is it another number?). A little tale about a man's life and his possessions. Let's follow him on his little tour, shall we?


Dweller on the Threshold: A Nostalgic, Short Fiction Story

An old man stands on the corner of a playing field, and for a moment he is the boy he used to be.


Abandoned Cemetery

One dark night the curious explore an unlikely place. The visitors then realize they are not alone among the field of graves.


The master and the curious student

The quest for knoweldge sometimes misses the learnings all around us.


Challenge Accepted: Writing How I Would Introduce my Friends on a Novel

Well, the title kind of speak for itself. This is a collection of on-the-spot flash fiction snippets of "supposed-to-be-novels" created as a challenge that I posted in my social media account.

Home Is With You

A short piece written during this year.


Short Stories About Mothers And Daughters

The mother/daughter connection is one of the most powerful bonds, but its most painful reality comes when roles slowly begin to reverse, and daughters find their chief source of comfort must be shielded from the harshest aspects of their own aging lives


Nostalgic Night at the Dumpster Fire

This is a response to Chris Mills' challenge from the 11 October 2020 edition of Writer Without a Clause


Once a Barn . . .

Once a new building of lumber and tin, now sits deserted, kissed by winter winds.


The Auspicious Finger Ring

The author found a ring during her morning walk at the nearby park. The stones in it were not diamonds, but she still loved it and kept it to herself. Read on to find out how the ring proves to be of good omen and saves her life.


The Girl in the Library - a Flash Fiction Story

A short story about meeting a first love in a library.


Flashback to a Dream

Return to an event that occurs in a dream.


Let Us All Respect Quiet Rural Life

The lockdown eased with the early summer and people are out and about visiting rural wineries and country manors for fundraising purposes. Let us all respect quiet rural life and its residents if you can please…


9 years later

What happens when you get a call from someone you once loved terribly?? That too after 9 long years


The Shoe

A shoe changed a person's life.


Journey up the Mountain

A long road up the mountain can take you to unexpected places. A moment of peace, campfires, and maple trees. Enjoy the journey, and find the sweet moments in life.


Midnight Police 2 - Asylum Horror

Dark secrets lie within condemned facilities; how far will one wade into it?


The Spooky Outcome of Shoeb’s Creative Writing

Shoeb completed higher education abroad and returned home. His friend gave him the idea of writing creative stories online. Shoeb heeded him and began writing creative stories. But his relatives and family didn’t like it and became aloof. Then the unthinkable happened so that Shoeb decided to quit.



People come and go but it doesn't matter . The one that stays count .


Childhood Holiday: North Wales; Llanberis, Snowdon, Slate and a Princess; Short Story Response to a Challenge

Come with me through a childhood holiday with its ups and downs. Visit North Wales and meet some royalty.


Forced Marriage

Although this might sound absurd, it is true that young girls are still being forced to drop out of schools and enter into marriage in many countries in Africa. This has denied girls right to education amongst other violation of children's rights. This story is all about forced Marriage.


A Miracle Within a Dilemma: A Short Story

In this short fiction story, Mou and I became best friends. I came to know that she had severe allergic reactions for which she had to take the help of an epi-pen for immediate relief. One day she was desperately in need of an epi-pen, which was nowhere to be found. Could she be saved?


Faith Based Flash Fiction Stories -Vol 1

A grouping of faith based flash fiction.

Javel and Javelin

Javel the lion and his lioness wife Javelin help Lilly the female lamb cut a flock of lambs wool. It is sewn into a coat of arms for their lion king who is searching for the perfect lioness bride to live in a golden palace.


Short Story: The One

I don't often write short stories these days, but this one was inspired by a picture of this black labrador pup. Lucy, with a difficult childhood and a failed relationship behind her, finally finds the one.

Fiction: A Heartbreaking House Eviction

The story of how i was evicted from the house that i worked hard for.

The Seven Knights

This is the journey of the seven knights on their way to the king's table at Christmas eve. Will they make it? Work of fiction, original piece


The Yellow Cat - a Flash Fiction Story

A story about a magical yellow cat.


Death Met His Match - A Flash Fiction Story

A flash fiction about the character death and his run in at a diner.

The Voice in the Storm

Dealing with internal struggles that want to put you over the edge. Handling depression.


Little Roger

Little Roger spends the morning at a lake with his father skipping stones across the water. Something's wrong, however, as his father seems to be happier than he should be...


A Kiss Heard Around the Hallway - a Flash Fiction Story

A short story about a boy who sees something he shouldn’t have seen.


Carlee Makes Friends - A Children's Book With Pictures

Three children's stories about making friends. "Carlee Finds New Friends", "Carlee and Stu the Stinkbug", and "Carlee and Teddy the Tarantula.


The Master and the Stump

Each day the master rose and walked to sit upon the stump.


The Rotten Door

It doesn't matter how long you lived here, there's always someone else that was here long before.


The Lost World

A short story on Lost world