58 and Feeling Great.

Updated on April 14, 2017

Here is a brief description of my dad.

He has the driest sense of humor you will ever hear. His poems are phenomenal and his writing is incredible. (A.K.A his poems crush mine). He is the type of dad who pushes you into the pool with all of your clothes on just to teach you what it feels like in case that ever happens to you in an emergency situation... We definitely enjoy having our father daughter talks. Especially at our cottage in Canada.

Every couple of years I try and write him a birthday poem to show him how much I appreciate the way he has raised me. But I make sure to keep the poems light, so I can still make fun of him. Enjoy!

58 and Feeling Great.


A father of many gifts

And one tough act to follow.

Not to mention your incredible air guitar riffs

And how your heart is anything, but hollow.

You taught me not to cry,

But instead to find a rhyme.

So all I can do is try,

And hope my poems are better this time.

Days with you are never blue,

And the reason I want to follow your tracks.

One day I hope to be as cool as you,

Full of youth and made up facts.

You always make me smile

And for that I am forever grateful.

So come to Colorado once in a while,

If you pay for my gas I would be very thankful.

You’re the strongest man I know,

Squinty eyes and built with pride.

A father figure that makes me glow,

So thanks for taking me along this joy ride.

Your wife and son can’t rhyme,

Which is why we must stick together.

Father and daughter till the end of time

You and me forever and ever.

Yes, you are approaching 60 at a slow rate.

You are now officially 58.

Happy birthday Dad.

You’ll see 58 isn’t all that bad.


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    • Kaycey profile image

      Kaycey 12 months ago from Colorado

      Thank you @ThreeKeys ! I love Australia! I backpacked there last year. Have a great rest of your day.

    • Kaycey profile image

      Kaycey 12 months ago from Colorado

      Thanks @Debangee Mandal! It impresses me that you still find time to write a lot while studying medicine. Keep it up!

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 12 months ago from Australia

      A lively loving moment of pride and care for your dad.

    • Debangee Mandal profile image

      DEBANGEE MANDAL 12 months ago from India

      Outstanding writing..besides it is worth mentioning that you are a very sweet daughter. Have an awesome weekend.