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When Your Aging Parents Need Help

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Around 4.30 p.m., I always took a walk outside. I felt a little exhausted after completing two rounds. I sat on the nearby bench since I needed to rest. After a little while, something odd caught my eye.

A senior citizen, perhaps in his 70s, was using a walking stick. He took two steps, paused, and repeated the action several times. I abruptly stood up and inquired if he needed any assistance. "Son," he said. I only desired to sit down on the bench in front of me. He sat down on that bench with a little assistance from me, thanked me, and rubbed my shoulder while beaming.

He was gazing at the setting sun as I gave him a kind glance. I believed this man must be hiding some secrets, and I was eager to learn them all.


You desired to leave, son? He asked without looking at me. I remarked that I wasn't rushing.

As the sun began to set. And we both saw the flock of birds fly back to their nest.

Do you recognise the group's leader? He continued, pausing briefly, "The old one is going to lead, and all others will follow him."

When children are young and dependent on their parents, they become their life, their reason for existing, and their hope.

I loved and cared for my son while I raised him. I witnessed him moving slowly and babbling as he crawled. I became disturbed and concerned when he cried. Regarding his health, I was concerned. I did everything I could do to make him happy and educated.

He continued, "I worked very hard to offer him good education and social awareness, but during that period, I may not have made that bond which he was expecting," the elderly man's voice trembled.

He liked the chocolate éclairs I frequently purchase from a neighbouring shop but now he doesn't like that.
The old man appeared weak and helpless, putting his head down.
I did everything what I can do for my son, he added.


I took a good look at him; he has aged and wrinkled skin, blue glittering eyes, and a gloomy expression. I wanted to give him a hug and comfort him by wiping away his silent tears, but his frail voice caught my attention. Look at my hands right now; they are empty.

You know son ! Parents find it challenging to become dependent on their children as they became older.

Old age is challenging. It might be painful and miserable when your child tells you that you haven't done anything for me. I'm the owner of this cash. I'm covering all your expenses and you should be thankful to me.


My wife and I have oftenly sobbed in private so that no one could hear us. Kids thought I was strict with them, but it doesn't mean I don't love them. Sometimes, parenting requires being strict.

To witness the sunset, I came to this park every day. You know son! Sunset, in my opinion, best describes my existence. The setting sun represents my old age, when I am weak, reliant, and helpless, and the rising sun represents my youth and energy and strength.

Silence, a gloomy silence, seemed like that person has no more words to describe his deep feelings.

Son! Please assist me in crossing the street; my wife must be waiting for me. I apologise for taking so much of your time.

I got up and I gave him a tight hug, I noticed the most angelic smile on his face. God bless you son, he said and said goodbye.

I saw him going to his home where his wife was waiting for him.

10 Important Tips

I met that old man randomly but I was thinking about that meeting for days and days and I concluded that we need to make a strong bond with out parents especially in their old age.

  • Spent some quality time with your parents
  • Take them out for lunch or a dinner
  • Ask about their experiences
  • Hug and love them unconditionally
  • Give them presents
  • Put their feet in your lap and give a foot massage
  • Tell them that you love them
  • Never show that your money and your family is prior to them
  • Respect them and never hurt them
  • Don't teach them what to do and how to do, afterall they are your parents

Sara Shahid.