3 shades of erotica

Updated on July 8, 2017

My Flower

In the garden of delights,
There are the unfettered birds of paradise,
And tantalising joyous chrysanthemums
Lilacs court in new blooms,
Daisies spreading cheer,
There are forget-me-nots pledging a promise,
hyacinth playful to my endearment,
But none in all the sphere which match,
The rose in the center,
Who responds to my light,
And unfolds petals to me.

© Michael Valdez July 8 2017

Between two pillars

Between two pillars,
Lies her gate,
Upon is a lock,
Open: the fountain of the living waters.

© Michael Valdez 8th June 2017

The Altar

Under silken sheets,
View of your tumescence,
My language perfectly represented,
At the worship of your altar,
I speak,
And the waters trickle,
Reward for each dictation,
Writhe against,
The beast’s frolicking nature,
Side to side,
And agape mouth,
In “o” fashion withdrawing your energies,
And stream production.
Chorus of moaning in an octave,
My ears long to hear,
Whilst the scent drives me wild,
With fury:
Like rushing bison,
And hungry jackals,
Shudder immense a tribute,
To my manual dexterity,
probing and caressing.
This ravenous hunger,
Must be filled,
At the peak is heaven,
My mouth is the cup,
To collect your offering,
And my ears hear sweet blasphemy,
As I continue to drink each gift,
On offer.

© Michael Valdez July 8th 2017


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