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3 Flash Fictions: Man's Folly Equates Fiction, God's Creation Equates Infinite Fact

He's a struggling writer. He aims to write only what he's experienced in his life.

Dream World

I have presented 3 stories here. They have already become the fictions of my past. I was the part of the stories that took place in Boudha and I heard the story of Themel from the Chinese women. They have taught a lesson: God's story is ever green and Infinite Fact. He's the player and I'm just a puppet playing with my own thoughts.

I hope you'll join me and enjoy my story.

I had the privilege to teach English to some trekking guides during the off season in my institution in the late 90s.

Apart from being able to communicate in English, I wanted to share with them some extra information on spirituality. That's why, I took them to a Tao temple, in Boudha on Saturday evening.

Late Purna Lama, their boss also took part in the ceremony. Strangers were also present on that occasion.

Guru Ting began the ritual burning insence and chants. Then he put dikshya on participant one by one who were kneeling down in the hall.

Moment later, receiving dikshya a person who had knelt in the front raw shuddered.

"Om ! ? Shiva…. Om….” Shaking his head with closed eyes, he muttered.

I patted on his shoulder and told him to quell him, it was my futitle effort.

While guru Ting went on giving diksya on the foreheads of the persons who knelt down behind him.

He finished his dikshya and turned around passing through the lane. Then he gave a mild pat on the shoulder of the fellow in trance.

Instantly, he returned to his normal state.

Then further ritual of chant and bowing down to the laughing Buddha followed.

After the ritual ended, Guru chatted with his assistant in Chinese. The assistant then approached me to ask the person in English.

Upon asking him, he told his story:

"Many years ago, I saw a dream during my sleep. I saw a huge red flame falling down from the sky. The flame then landed on my right shoulder.

After sometime, again I saw another flame falling down from above and it rested on my left shoulder. But the second flame was darker one. After a while it fell down on the floor.

I woke up in the morning, then I freshened up. My wife brought me a glass of rakshi. I wanted to sip it. I couldn't drink. Then I took out my cigarette. I lit a stick. I didn't feel like smoking.

From that day on wards, I've stopped drinking alcohol, smoking and eating meat and eggs."

His story in Nepali ended. I retold the story in English to the assistant. In turn, he conveyed the same in Chinese to the Guru.

"You are a fortunate man. That dream was a preparation for this auspicious day." Guru replied in Chinese to the assistant. Then he repeated it to me in English. I relayed it to the person in Nepali.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha


Spirit World

Monday Morning

Dead girl's soul paid a short visit in the Tao Temple in Thamel in the morning. The soul entered into the body of a Chinese girl who never spoke in Nepali in the real world.

"Who are you?" Guru Ting asked in Chinese to the Chinese woman who lay flat on the floor. At times she wriggled like a worm. She spewed white foam from her mouth.

I'm a girl who committed suicide when I was 17. After that, my spirit hover around in the sky for a long time.

These days I'm fed up and tired."

To the bewilderment of the other Chinese and Nepali onlookers, she replied in Nepali. Everybody knew that she had never spoken in Nepali before. So, did the other Chinese women.

"Why did you enter in her body then?" Guru threw her question in Chinese.

"I want dikshya from you." She answered.

"But I can't give you dikshya. This is not your body." Guru informed her.

"Then I won't leave until you give me dikshya." She replied adamantly

"If you won't go then, then I know how to chase you out!" Guru firmly told her.

"Okay then please give dikshya to three hundred people on my behalf." She pleaded.

"That will be done." Guru promised her.

After few minutes. the hall turned into deafening silence. The spirit left her body and the victim regained her orginal voice she was back to normal with chinese tongue.

The onlookers were dumbfounded to have witnessed the horror, except Guru Ting. He was cool and serene as usual.



Though Summer is warm and wet, it didn't rain that day. The sky was bright and clear.

I knew him as a good teacher serving in a reputed school in the outskirt of Boudha. He visited me Friday evening.

"James, could you lend me some dough? My kitchen is almost empty.” Lepok asked me showing his check he had received in favour of his salary.

“I’ll return you on Sunday after cashing the check.” He further added.

“Pease wait for sometimes.” I told him. So he waited on the outside on the corridor.

Meanwhile, students of evening class started pouring into the class room.

All the students arrived in the class room exactly at 5pm. They sat down in their respective seats. We exchanged greeting.

Then I was about to begin the class, a lady raised her hand. I looked at her and listened to her. She extended her hand with some quids.

"Sir fees.”

“Thank you.” I received some money from her.

"Just a monent, please!” I asked them for me to go out from the classroom. They all nodded for okay.

So, I opened the door and gave the money to Lepok. Then back to class room and began the class.

The class was over at 6pm. The students left for their home as the night was fast approaching.
I too locked the class rooms and strolled for home to the north of the stupa.

I made curry and Champa for my dinner. I savoured my dinner. The last action of the day, I picked up the garbage bag and headed to the main road. I dumped it on the container on the wayside.

I was about to get into my flat, I saw two women rushing from the opposite direction and stopped me on the way.

"Sir is unconscious!” Dendy’s wife told me, their eyes flooded with anxiety.

Listening her, I dashed to Lepok’s flat. I opened the front door, then I saw his legs out from the kitchen door and his torso inside the kitchen lying flat on the floor.

I saw a chair standing mutely beside his head. I saw a syringe and white powder on a piece of paper on the chair. I picked the syringe and the stuff.. I then tucked it on the shelf above the oven.

By that time two women arrived. I felt their fast breath beside me.

“Please stay here for a while. I’ll go to shop.” I requested them.

I came out and looked for a shop nearby. I bought lemons.

I returned and cut all the lemons into half. Then squeezed them one by one.

And poured the juice into a glass and started feeding the numb person.

The land lady said, “take him to the hospital.” His brother appeared, on the scene.

“Evil spirit might have cast spell on him. Look for a Jhankri." He suggested.

I kept quite. Inside me, I didn’t agree to either of their opinion. After few minutes the frightened onlookers disappeared.

I fed him lemon juice and massaged his back and the limbs.

After half and hour or so he opened his eyes and regained his sense and smiled at me.

Then I told him to lock the main door from inside.

I climbed up to stairs and informed the land lady and her brother that Lepok, their tenant was fine and fast asleep.

I returned home. My wife was asleep with the little son beside her. I looked at the clock the pointed at 1.37 am.

I fell asleep in my bed.

© 2021 gyanendra mocktan

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