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"How are we gonna blend in among these people, can we even call them people…" RIC says with a sarcastic and disturbed face.

‘I think this is a trap, we‘re probably gonna be eaten or killed, these aliens look like flesh eaters…‘ says another.

All these concerns and more were raised and I expected them. Heck, I had similar fears too. But I knew we had to be calm enough to properly evaluate the situation and not make any move that would trigger the anger of those accommodating us. We had been ushered into a chamber that seemed like a guest house, they called it the KHOZO, it means ‘lounge‘ in XOKHARIAN, surprisingly large enough to accommodate all of us who made it to ORAII.

It had been three days since we got here and everything seemed normal. We were yet to fully recuperate from all we had been through but…the ULTIMOs have been generous. Supplying us with food, water and every other thing we needed but…this didn‘t remove our fears nor our insecurities, we still weren‘t comfortable. Every thought is hostile and every action defensive.


On ORAII, well, in the region where the ULTIMOXOKHARIANS lived, life looked tedious and unattractive. The women had sunken eyes and pale faces from the suffering and the malnutrition. Most of the men had a hunch, bent both in their bodies and in their minds. Their fingers swollen from the excruciating work they are constantly being subjected to by the PRIMOXOKHARIANS. It is the only way they can cater for their families. The ones who lived relatively well among the ULTIMOs were those that had something to offer or had some special relationship with the PRIMOs. Most of the engineers that built aircrafts for the PRIMOs were harvested from the ULTIMOs with the promise that their families would be catered for and if they refused, their families would go for it. This is how they‘ve lived all these years. But that was about to change.

On the morning of the fourth day, we woke up to a situation. Some XOKHARIANS were gathered outside the KHOZO, armed with unfamiliar weapons. Fear gripped everyone and within a minute everybody gathered together in the KHOZO. Then one, who rather looked like a ranger came forward and demanded the attention of the leader. Everyone cast their gaze on me and left me with no option but to step forward. I was then told their Queen had requested to meet with the leader of the humans, I didn‘t object but I requested the presence of two others with me; Alfred Cain and Dr. Raymond.

‘They just wanna talk‘ I said as we walked into the space craft they had come with.


In about two minutes, the jet stopped. This place made me wonder if we were still on the same part of the planet. It was a lot different from where we had left, where the KHOZO was, where the rest of the humans were. This had to be the palace or some state house of some sort. This had to be the WHITE HOUSE of ORAII. The security was overwhelming. The structure was nothing like what we had on earth. The glass ware was beautifully crafted, the technology was breath taking. It was a citadel covering about 60 acres. But I had to keep my composure. I did not know what to expect and the fate of the human race depended largely on what happened at this point. The weight of responsibility and an understanding of the implication of this moment made me even more fearless in my reality, I had to be. I imagined the queen and what she might want of me…of us. And the King, what he might be like…the princes and princesses. What the ruling council and legislators would require me to say. I'm no lawyer but I was ready to defend the fate of my fellow earthlings to the best of my ability. Now it was time to meet the queen.

The hallway was long and the figure wasn't clear enough at first. Others were asked to stop at some point while I was requested to go further to meet the queen. After approaching the throne considerably, I also was stopped by soldiers that surrounded the throne area. She was nothing like I had imagined. She was a young beautiful woman with very attractive features. Also, she wasn't arrayed in some flowing apparel but in a leader jumpsuit, smart and rather…sexy. The queen…() she looked like a warrior, like evolved picture of the Amazons I had read about, strong and indifferent. This got me distracted for a bit to be honest but not for too long. Either it was because she was queen or because she was a beautiful lady, I wasn't quite sure at this point but the basic instinct was to take a bow as a sign of respect.

"What brings you here" she said in a rather indifferent tone.


"Our planet was folding up and the conditions were no more favourable for us, we had to find refuge somewhere else before the massive destruction caught up with us"

"We set out for ALPHA CENTURY but we were swallowed up by a black hole that led us out of the Milky Way to this part of the universe. We have lost many lives in the quest to finding a habitable planet we can settle on. From alien attacks to unfavourable planetary conditions. We got to know about ORAII from the works of a space scientist…"

"What's the name of this scientist you speak of".


Immediately I mentioned the name of my father, her countenance changed and she asked the guards to stand down. She seemed to have recognised the name. But that was impossible. EARTH and ORAII were millions of light years apart.

‘He was my father‘s trusted friend, is he here,‘ she said in a rather excited voice.

‘No my Lady, he was murdered for hiding some of discoveries he had made concerning other galaxies and planets that were possible home for my people in future…‘

I was still trying to wrap my head around all of it when she interrupted my thought and said…

'My name is ASHA, daughter of ‘RAIMA, the last true king of the XOKHARIANS…'


Then she went on to explain to everyone how my father had helped to ensure that ORAII was kept hidden from those who did not have good intentions.

‘When humans realised that their planet would soon give up, they set up a special space task force to find other alternatives for future settlement. Their aim was to wage war on any alien life on whichever planet they found and decided to take. LUKE GORDON and a few others were not in support of this. He believed the wasting of lives of the aliens was not necessary, however he had no concrete proof to back his claims that not all aliens are evil. My father, ‘RAIMA, formed an alliance with LUKE to help preserve the people of ORAII and he kept his promise with his life.‘

This made the XOKHRIANS receive us with open arms to live and co-habit as one on ORAII. ASHA also told the story of what led to the division and the death of her father. Of how the PRIMOs live on their blood and how they had to depend on their upperclass citizens for almost everthing. I could still feel their pain as this remains their worst memory as a people.

But this was not the only reason the queen had summoned me. Some of us had slipped out of the KHOZO and have crossed over to form an alliance with the PRIMOXOKHARIANS. She wanted to know who we were loyal to. We were only new on ORAII but Matthew and his companions had already taken their stand with the PRIMOs.

Now we had to contend alongside the ULTIMOXOKHARIANS in the struggle for survival and take back what‘s rightfully theirs. This struggle wasn’t just theirs anymore but for us, humans also. We fight together, or we die together.

© 2018 Leo J Wicks

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