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Monday, the 4th of April, as I looked through the window of my submarine, I recalled a story mother so often told me. One of the beautiful Earth, prime of all planets, with ever green vegetation, rain forests and swamps. Of the vast oceans and raging seas, of little creatures that bore holes in the sand... I remembered the excitement on her face as she spoke those words during most nights of my childhood, it's all I have of the past world.

The human existence had since experienced a perpetual evolution as our insatiable wants grew wild and even wilder that our planet grew weary under our so compelling and untamed desire for more, leading to hatred for our clash of interests and birthing great wars among nations. The world survived the 1st and the 2nd wars but...

The World War III came and as feared, tore our once supreme planet apart. Our war machines and tanks, guns and atomic bombs further caused an unbelievable increase in the atmospheric temperature, and polar ice melted down to almost zero. The lithosphere that once constituted 30 percent of the planet's surface kept getting confronted by Earth's very own hydrosphere until the oceans overran their boundaries and spread wide across the earth's surface leaving us with only 10 percent dry land and 90 percent water.


We could no longer live in conventional houses built on land like those in my mother's photo achieves, land was a far greater resource we couldn't afford to simply live on anymore. Now we were forced to live in submarines on water and land was majorly used for farming, food production and preservation of the very few plant and animal species left behind. As deforestation rates increased, our planetary oxygen levels dropped gradually... Earth simply could not accommodate humans for much longer and there was only one way out, we had to escape the inevitable extinction of the human race that was upon us, we had to leave Earth behind! The rate of mortality was on the increase, deaths were being recorded daily in millions all over the world. Earth was done with us.

But where do we go from here?


My name is Ryan Gordon, ex-military, dishonourably discharged for my attempt to uncover a compromised Special Operations Force. My mother died during the war, my father was a space scientist assassinated for withholding his research on space and possible habitable planets outside the Milky Way, particularly the one considered closest to earth - ALPHA CENTURI. But he didn't die for nothing, he left me a drive that contains all his life's work, I soon discovered he secretly helped a covert space project lab build a spaceship, MARAGON XC3-C which they had hoped would be humanity's escape ship. Very few had this information but at last I made it to the ship along with the crew and about 3000 others. These would come to be the future of the human race.


I saw my fellow survivors, a bunch of complete strangers from all walks of life and from different races, who had one way or another, made it to this great escape, captured by the fear of the unknown and of the uncertain future that will befall humankind. Who is to be trusted, who isn’t? Our only consolation was that we had a common fear, that of facing extinction on Earth if we remained and that of finding a new place, a new planet we could call home – ALPHA CENTURI This was at least a breath of fresh air!


Just as we burst out Earth’s atmosphere and got into space, a thick black hole that seemed to have been unfolding from inside out pulled us in and swallowed us up. What was this? Have we been captured already? Was Providence frowning at our attempt to escape extinction or did we fall into the trap of vicious aliens? Then it grew dark, silent and cold, there was the gripping fear of being eaten up by some monstrous aliens... We started feeling dizzy and tired and started losing balance…I don’t remember what followed…but when I woke up, we were already out of that hole and everything seemed normal again except we were extremely far away from ALPHA CENTURI... The little hope that seemed to have been blooming was now crushed to nothing and once more, fear, tears and murmurings filled the ship.

‘There is another way!’ I yelled. The whole ship grew dead silent.

‘There’s another planet even more suitable to sustain human life than ALPHA CENTURI, it's called ORAII.

Then people became more agitated and the murmurings grew louder. 'why should we trust you? ' somebody said.

'who are you?' another shouted.

The people were skeptical about everything and with all they had been through, they weren’t ready to have anything that would turn out to be false hope.

"I really ain't seeing many options lying around here guys, this fella seems to know what he's talking about, I'd say we listen to him, or y'all got a better idea? " - said someone I later knew to be Alfred Cain.

The noise gradually faded out and soon, no one uttered a word. In that moment, I said " I understand you're scared and insecure but believe me, I am too. We simply can't continue without a plan or direction and I'm offering you one. Even our fore fathers that shaped earth into the glorious place we called home had to be brave and resilient until they got to where they wanted to be. Now, this is our moment, this is our time, the fate of mankind depends on us now, are we gonna sit by and do nothing? I understand it's a tough decision but you're gonna have to trust me now". Then some entrusted themselves to me and allowed me control of the ship. I had read the manual, I was born for this. I understood how everything worked and with my training at the air-force base back on Earth, we were good to go. ORAII HERE WE COME!


But not everyone was down with this arrangement. Some still would not oblige. Dissensions started arising, and controversies about motives and what not. The primary instigator of this faction was Matthew Woods. Captain of an army back on Earth. He felt he was better suited to lead the ship but his real motive was born out of the idea that a new civilisation would require a new government and in essence a new leader and he wanted to be that leader. So he incited the people against me. And he won quite a number to his side.

One day he came forward and challenged me after sending his men to sneak around my things, to see if there was anything they could use against me. They found my father's drive. He brought it forward and said I worked with those who wanted the ship for only themselves and for their own safety alone, back on Earth.

"how can we trust a man who was dismissed from the army" said Matthew. " how can we follow a man who's father worked with the very ones who kept this ship a secret from the whole of humanity " , " how can we follow a man who simply has claims of a better place, what is ORAII? does it even exist? Why haven't we ever heard of it? He's not a scientist, he's not even fit to be called a soldier "

I couldn't hold myself back anymore, I landed him a punch and broke his nose. Then a fight broke out and the two factions fought for the one they were loyal to.

"Enough! " said Dr. Raymond . " we seem to have forgotten the real issues worth our worry here"

From that day forward, the earthlings withdrew from me and Matthew soon gained control of the ship.

One of those days, he led us into a hostile territory where we faced a shoot-out with killer alien ships and MARAGON got badly hit. We were forced to land on the nearest planet. 20 lives were lost that day and 8 were badly injured. One of those we lost was MICAH GREY'S 19, mother, Mrs. Jackie GREY. She was all MICAH had left, she had lost her father to the war and now she would have to face the future all by herself. However, she soon meets RIC OSBORNE 21, an orphan boy, also on trying to figure things out.

The planet we landed on was full of very vicious creatures. We lost another 30 people to that fight on that planet but we quickly fixed the ship and set out again for ORAII and this time, I was in charge.


Getting to ORAII, the atmosphere was pretty friendly, it looked very much like earth except this was an entirely different planet. We didn't know what to expect. We found that the planet supported plant and animal life but found no creatures there. This was strange. We set out to conduct forensic experiments on the remains of plants and animals we saw, to test the air and understand it's composition, the soil, the water and we sought to understand it's gravity. We soon discovered that the planet was habituated by some alien species called HOMO ZOLA.


ORAII had been home to the homoZola species for about a century now. They also stumbled on the ORAII after a more powerful species had forced them out of their home planet, XOKHA. Humans soon found the homoZola species and we soon discovered that we were alike physically and only slightly different genetically. They called themselves XOKHARIANS.


The ORAIIAN society was basically divided into castes. The upper-class who called themselves THE PRIMOXOKHARIANS and the lower-class which they called THE ULTIMOXOKHARIANS.

Since ORAII wasn't the original home of the XOKHARIANS, they needed a slight modification to their genetic composition to live normally on ORAII . The same would be true for humans too. They required a certain amount of yellow compound, THE BLUE OIL in their blood yearly to make living on ORAII possible, without it ,their average life expectancy wouldn't exceed 30 years.

A long time ago,before the XOKHARIANS were divided. Their rulers found a way to artificially synthesize the BLUE OIL but it would come at a great cost. The experiment would require the shedding of XOKHARIAN blood. Their leader, 'REIMA and many agreed it was not an option, some can't give their lives for others to live, while XOXA, a minister simply wanted immortality at whatever cost. A war broke out and XOXA won and formed the PRIMOXOKHARIAN sect.

MATTHEW soon aligned himself with XOXA and they prepared to wage a war on the newly formed alliance between the human race and the ULTIMOXOKHARIANS in order to ensure a continuous supply of the BLUE OIL.


Humans discovered the compound the XOKHARIANS called BLUE OIL was an extract of the serum naturally present in our blood and they also carried the chromosome- z we need to survive on ORAII in their natural DNA. The fusion of genes from both species would produce a generation that would comfortably survive on ORAII without any external experimentation. Could the progeny of the fusion of genes from both home SAPIENS and homo ZOLA be the future of of the human race?

There is one last war to fight. It would determine if the ULTIMOXOKHARIANS will be liberated from their previous oppression and decide the destiny of the human race!

© 2018 Leo J Wicks

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