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1980s Neon Monster

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Created in a world where Steve Rubell

Ruled the velvet rope of attractive hopefuls

Looking to dance the night away in Studio 54

Amongst the shiny regalia of pop music and excess

Maybe touched upon a highball or a gram of something

Not wanting the party to end until the doors closed in '86

No one went to jail or rehab just yet for having too much fun

Searched for a purer source of joy right down to the roots

New brand of innocence made its Broadway debut

In a world of Calvin Klein and Reaganomics

Where American Express was King of the Universe

Shoulder pads more than for Football players

Also for the bulk of the "Dynasty" and "Dallas" crowd

Searched for "The Boys of Summer" single

Blasted it on the newest Sony Walkman model

Private concert for two ears only

Looked to the suddenly ultra-bright stars for guidance

When lost in a sea of teenagers dressed as Preppies

Aspiring to be Wallstreet's next batch of Yuppies

With vast zeroes in their Swiss bank accounts

Ignored all of the signs of insider trading

That came with a nice dividend in the black leather wallet

Running for the exit with a brick phone and a briefcase

Ready for the pretense to end and reality to begin

Individuality on a crowded 5th Avenue Street

Full of designer clones eager to display their wealth

Or obscenely large credit card debt

Curious to see how many creditors knocking on their Tribeca doors

Too busy avoiding the ones knocking on this one

For now, until it's time to face the world again.

A piece of the 80s...

A piece of the 80s...

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