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10 Flash Fiction Stories of 99 Words or Less Vol 3

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


What is a 99 word flash fiction story but a moment in time in a larger story. It has a beginning, middle and an end. Well maybe an end which calls for more of a story to come. Writing a 99 word flash fiction story has its challenges most of which is trying to convey a whole story in a few words but they are fun and rewarding to write.

Writing 99 word flash fiction stories has always been one of my favorite forms of writing. it takes a lot of thinking and crafting to get a story to fit in a brief amount of words.

It’s been a while since I’ve written any 99 word stories. I have been writing mostly longer flash fiction stories but anyway here are ten of my newest 99 word stories. In this article I have included seven flash fiction stories written in dialogue form. The other three flash fiction stories are more of a lyrical form of writing. I hope you enjoy them all.


The Dilemma

My dad always said, “If you don’t know how to put it back together don’t take it apart .”

I think I should have listened to my dad. Taken his advice deep, deep in my heart.

Cause this time I’ve don’t it, This time I’ve created quite a dilemma.

I’ve taken apart an alien weapon and now it’s counting down to I don’t know what. I tried to reassemble it but don’t know how.

Well dad you were right. I should have left well enough alone but no I had to be my own man. Now it is too late.

The Talk

“I think we need to talk.”

“Why? Wait, this is not the talk about the birds and bees? If it is dad, you do understand I probably know more than you ever did.”

“No, it is not “The Talk”, but wait, how do you more about sex than I do? I mean at your age I was…”

“Dad, really. I do not need to know about your teenage years. They did things differently back in your medieval days. Now why did you need to talk to me?”

“Oh yeah, Why is there a man tied up in the shed?”


“Dude, we are going to ask a witch for directions. Don’t you remember the last time? I still haven’t gotten over my craving for bugs.”

“But how are we going to find out way out of the enchanted forest. Besides she looks like a nice witch.”

“Ok, let’s go. We need directions”

“Excuse me Miss Witch. Can we humbly bother you?”

The witch turned her head. She just looked at them for what to them seemed at eternity. She waved her hands. Two frogs appeared on the ground.

“Told you not to bother her.”

“We no longer need directions.”

Up and Away

“Did I ever tell you I hate heights.”

“Wait, aren’t you the superhero guy who swings around the city on webs?”

“Yeah, so.”

“Well, you’re swinging way up high, from building to building on just a thin strand web. How can you be afraid of heights?”

“I just am..,okay.”

“Hey don’t get testy I was just asking you.”

“Well, if you must know I swing with my eyes closed.”

“You’re eyes closed. How do you not run into the buildings?”

“Remember...special senses...dah.”

“You’re rather testy today. Is your Spandex too tight? Wait, where are you going?”


“It’s never better at the beginning.”

She turned her head.”I don’t understand. How can you start anywhere but at the beginning?”

“Think about it for a minute. What if you could start in the middle then all the ground work would be done? But you don’t want to begin at the end because then you would have to start over again.”

“You’re not making much sense.”

“Last call to pick a time to return to life. Last call.”

“Well maybe I will see you around.”

She looked at him. “Maybe, it all depends on what time you chose.”



“What’s it like being dead?”

“Well, let’s just say I didn’t want to come back.”


“Yeah dude. At first there was emptiness. Then a sudden flash of light and I stood before a man in a white robe. He said, “Welcome good and faithful servant, but there is only one problem. It is not your time yet. I’m going to have to send you back.” I looked over his shoulder and saw nothing but beauty...indescribable beauty. Next thing I know I woke up in the hospital.”

“You sure it wasn’t a dream.”

“No, it felt so real.”

Paul, the Demon

“Excuse me, I am a DEMON.”

“Well, Paul, I can’t take you seriously as a demon in a Fedora.”

“What do you mean Fred, you don’t like my hat?”

“, it’s not a good look. It negates your conniving sneaky look. If I dare say it makes you look more Angelica.” Fred laughed.

“Bite your tongue Angel I will never attempt to be like you. You angels are all high and mighty. You think helping these humans ....”

Fred looked across at the demon.

“Paul, just take the hat off.”

“Bah, I’m outta here.” He blinked out.

Fred laughed.


The Rooster

The wise man said, “Look for a rooster sitting on a fence.”

I’m supposed to turn right, no maybe it was left.

No matter left or right, it doesn’t make sense

Looking for a rooster who is perched on the fence.

So I walk and walk then walk some more

Still I see no rooster, no rooster can be found.

Wait, what’s that sound my ears hear

Is it a rooster, can it be a rooster, maybe

I’m really not sure, my mind is not made up.

So I’ll keep on walking until the rooster, I see.

Kids Are Real

There are kids under my bed

Cried a little monster named Ted

Mother monster patted his head

“There’s no such things as kids.” She said.

“So go back to sleep dear child

Go back, have some sweet dreams.

I’ll see you in the morning

But when momma was clear out of sight

The kids under the bed scampered out

They gave the little monster such a freight

He tried to scare the little children back

By trying to act so big brave and bold

But the little children just danced and

Played until the night drew dark and old

The Cat

“Brother mouse be careful the cat is on the prowl.”

“But I don’t see the cat on the couch

I don’t see the cat in his favorite chair

I don’t see the cat at the top of the stairs

I don’t see the cat by his food bowl

I don’t see the cat watching our mouse hole

I don’t see the cat on the kitchen counter

I don’t see the cat behind the big planter.”

“All because you silly little mouse

I’m waiting behind you ready to pounce

“Run brother mouse, get up and run

Before we’re both done

© 2021 Timothy Whitt