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10 Flash Fiction Stories of 99 Words or Less 2

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


Out of all the things I love to write flash fiction is my favorite. From these short 99 words to longer stories. Flash fiction is challenging to write. Trying to complete a story in a few words can tax you brain but in the end the rewards are great.

While all the stories may not work they still give time to reflect on them and try to get better. Some of my most loved characters came from these 99 words stories, Fred the Angel and Death who seems to help more people then he calls home.

Well anyway, I hope you like this offering of Flash Fiction stories.



The prompt was the first lines of the story.

The Dryer

“Why are you telling me you ripped a portal in time through your washing machine? Are you on drugs?”

“For the record dear, it was the dryer.”

“That’s not the point.”

“The point is it happened and I can prove it. Follow me.”

He followed his wife to the laundry room where she opened the dryer. “Look for yourself.”

He opened the dryer and stuck his head in. On the other side of the hole two jaws snapped shut. He pulled back into the laundry room.

“Definitely don’t want to go there,”

“Do you believe me now?”

“Umm yes…”

Dialogue Prompt:

“So you’re a human? Like one percent actual human? I’ve heard you guys look scary. You don’t look so scary to me.”

Only Human

“So you’re a human? Like one hundred percent actual human? I’ve heard you guys look scary. You don’t look so scary to me. Kind of mundane looking really.”

“I wouldn’t call myself mundane, but I’m a human. Where am I and how did I get here? The last thing I remember was hiking through the woods and poof I was here.”

“Poof, what is this poof? I don’t know poof”

“You know I was one place, now I’m here.”

“Well can you go and poof back to where you belong?”

“I guess I could go.”

“Well then be gone.”


Blinded by a bright light outside his window, Jake jumped up in horror.

The Visitor

Blinded by a bright light outside his window, Jake jumped up in horror. He ran and looked out the window. On his lawn sat a saucer shaped craft. Jake stood and watched. At first nothing happened. Then a ramp lower down from the bottom of the craft. A small alien walked out and waved at Jake.

He walked over to the house. Jake couldn’t move. The alien tapped on the window. Jake opened the window.

“Excuse me earthling. Am I near Cleveland?”

“Um 10 miles that way.” Jake pointed.

“ Thanks.” The alien went back to the craft and left.

First Line Prompt:

“This is the third time this WEEK I’ve been kidnapped. It’s getting old.”


“This is the third time this WEEK I’ve been kidnapped. It’s getting old.”

The three men looked at him. Then looked at each other.

“I think we have the wrong guy.” One of then said to the other two.

“You think!” The kidnapped man said, throwing up his arms.

The three men looked at each other.

“What do we do with him?” Said one man to the obvious leader.

“Woe, wait.” Said the kidnapped man. “What do you mean when you say, “What do we do with him?”

The men started to argue about it.

The kidnapped man left.


Write a story about a superhero. The story should include a saxophone. Also include the line, “Life was better on the other side.”

The Sax

“Life was better on the other side.”

“Yeah, but this world needs us superheroes more than they do on the other side.”

Yeah, bro if it wasn’t for you and the powerful music from your sax we would not have been able to defeat the latest villain who tried to take over over this world,”

“I know believe me but I still miss the days of relaxing playing my music for 5e masses.”

“Don’t you think we all miss our home worlds?”

“Yeah, I know you all do.”

“We’ll suck it up then. We have a Bentley to fight.”



The prompt for this one came from something I saw in a commercial on TV.

The Vaccination

“What! I can’t go into the store without a vaccination card?”

“It’s like I’ve told you several times and I’ve told many others you can’t enter the store without a vaccination card. It is unfair to our patrons, who follow the rule, to be exposed to someone who doesn’t.”


“No buts. Go get vaccinated and then you can go into the store.”

“But, I need food now, not in three weeks after I’ve had the shot.”

“What can I tell you, either get the shot or do your shopping online.”

“But, it’s useless.” She walked away empty handed

First Line Prompt:

“Shhh, it’s your turn now.” Whispered Kelly

Your Turn

“Shhh, it’s your turn now.” Whispered Kelly

“My turn...what are you talking about? You’re a way better shot than I am. Especially at hitting moving targets.” He looked over at her. “And if you haven’t noticed those creatures are fast moves no targets.”

“I know all that John but if we’re going to get out of this I need you to be able to shoot almost as good as me.”

“I don’t want to put a damper on your plans but if you’re counting on me...then we might be in big trouble.”

“”Well it’s try or die.

First Line Prompt:

There used to be six of us but now I’m all alone

All Alone

There used to be six of us but now I’m all alone. It was our own fault. We thought it was a good idea to take on a goblin hunting party by ourselves. Things were good until it got dark. We’d set up our camp because after all it is not a good idea to wander goblin lands in the daytime let alone after dark. We were sitting around strategizing our next move when we smelled something awful. Then they attacked. We all ran. As I moved through the forest I heard screams. Now I’m alone waiting my turn.


An old blues song


Troubles cloud my mind, and I’m feelin’ blue, feelin’ blue

I know deep in my heart I won’t be blue always

I know the sun is gonna shine in my mind again some day

I’m gonna go down to the ocean

I’m gonna sit right down there, right down on the sand

So when I start thinkin’ about my blues, the ole ocean will calm me down

Well I’m goin’ down to the ocean

Oh you know to my favorite seaside town

Where you know the people are killing their blues, like me

Well I’m going down to the ocean

First or Last Line Prompt:

”That’s why we have that sign posted.”

The Sign

Joe really wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence. The “No Trespassing, You May Be Eaten,” was not going to keep him out. He reached up and climbed the chain link fence until he reached the top.

He swung his feet over and climbed down the other side. No sooner had he reached the bottom when a rustling sound in the brush caught his attention. In a split second he was gone. Out of the bush walked a man.

“That’s why we have that sign posted. They never listen.” The man said, then left.

Writing Prompts

  • The night before an important social function, your main character is tasked with saving the world.
  • A secondary character starts their own business and enlists your main character to help it succeed but falls in love instead.
  • A love interest returns but you’re already with someone else.
  • You fins a series of cards on the street which say help on them.
  • You run into your long dead grandparents on the street.
  • A beautiful woman/handsome man jumps into your car and says drive.
  • The dog looked up at its owner. “What your problem dude. Sit, beg, sit, beg. Can’t you think of anything else to tell me to do?
  • Joe looked up at the sun. Suddenly something big blocked out its rays.
  • “All I got to say is...well I don’t know how to respond to what you’re asking me to do.”
  • Write a story where two people must put aside their differences in order to get the job done.

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