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He laid motionlessly on his bed, with his limbs restrained and gentle soothing music coming from speakers on his bedside. He stared at the ceiling fan, watching it spin round and round, wondering how long it had been since he was admitted, and why was he here.

Just 30 days ago, he was still the star student at the school. Athletic and tall with charming looks, he was basically on the top of the world. Everybody wants to be his friend, some much more. Though he was never really interested in relationships, he just wanted to have fun and make great friends.

Enter her.

She wasn’t the prettiest, or the tallest, or the smartest, or the gentlest. She wore clothes reminiscent of the old ladies he would see sitting at the void decks, and her hair was always in the messiest of buns, never once was it combed. They didn’t have any common interests or schedules, which was why their relationship came as a shock to everyone.

“One week and they’re already dating? What potion did she make him drink?”

Comments like these were one in many. No one could believe a common unsuspecting girl would come in and sweep the most popular boy in school off his feet, but here he is running around the rain with her like it’s their last.

Their relationship was grand. It was interesting.

Or, in harsher terms, their relationship was a spectacle.

More and more each day, his hair became more unkempt like hers, his dressing became as weird and dated as hers, even started adopting her habits and behaviour. Their relationship was more intense as the day goes by, and soon enough he looked like his reflection in a funhouse mirror. Gone was the guy with the charming smile and great manners. A violent and grumpy man stood where he stood.

The faster the climb, the harsher the fall.

He laid motionless on his bed, wondering where it all went wrong.

Enter her.

She climbed through the window; her face red and blue. She invited herself onto his bed and took him in her arms. The corners of her lips curled up as she stared into his lifeless eyes.

“Isn’t this great? Now I have someone to stay with me in this place.”

Raindrops slid off the smooth window pane. His breathing hitched with her every touch. A flicker of sunlight shone through the gloomy clouds, shining on their matching hospital gowns.

Finally, two of them at last. Just as she wished.

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