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Melissa is a poetess, a composer, a creative and graphic art designer and is the founder and leader of several positive inspiration groups.

~ Tears ~

If I could trade one single tear

Simply not know, yet still be here...

I still would have to turn away

Tears made me who I am today.

The tears I cried mean that I cared

Show that I failed, but prove I dared

Set out to give, was turned away...

tears made me who I am today.

All that I had was little gain

but that I pass it on again

All that I had was there before.

Nobody needed any more.

I would have given everything

I'll find it ... get it ... I will bring...

"There is no need, dear, can't you see?"

I saw nobody needed me.

Life's table full, still, find a place

Be choice of words, exhibit grace

My heart would stomp. And like a child,

my spirit would turn very wild.

If there's no need, why am I here?

My sense of purpose, so unclear...

I cannot offer any more

Just walk away. Just close the door.

And in the quiet of the night

the tears would flow, it wasn't right

The purpose that I had to live

Was just a heart, that longed to give.

And in despair, I looked above...

"The purpose that you have, is love"

It's seeing others' teardrops fall...

"I know that hurt. I've shed them all."

The laughter faded lives ago

The good time girl, I hardly know.

Now stands a woman, just of heart

Emerging from a rocky start.

Faded away, the early years

behind me lies a trail of tears

For every tear came at a cost

Their value, priceless. Nothing lost.

For most, my value does not show

They simply were not meant to know

I guess it's just a chosen few...

"I know it hurts. I've been there, too"

If that is what was meant for me,

Then I will gladly let it be.

If I knew once, what I would learn

From tears that fell as pages turned...

That maybe all I have to give

is knowing it can hurt to live...

A heart that says "You're not alone"

"We're all walking each other home"

So if I could trade one single tear

Simply not know, yet still be here...

Then I would have to turn away...

Tears made me who I am today.

msmm 7/4/17

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