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. . .Little Princess Dance

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


Strolling a-jumble along a monkey chain I see
Singing and trumpets-a playing a note so free.
Easy shoes and darkest blues, I sip my grashopper's tea
Watching a story of two of whom one I agree.

Simple crown oh lovely queen of twinkle moon in night
Embracing her naive princess of stardust of power and might.
Skipping, tripping, and swimming the dirt away
Scooping, looping a golden frame of half hour of day.

She kisses her freedoms of love of perfect step above
A rather rare swine of sultry sense, I seem glee.
To wipe a crumb of her delicate lips of bread of sea.
Watching her eyelash flash a queen's delight of fairy's tree.

Oh how a grumbling beast I came to be, then I look
A failing hand, a rocky land, and feasting as she took.
Roaming a secret queen's icy heart so gruesome in song
A pretty lip, a baker's quip, a thief who once begone.

Beetle a-flying along a rose petal quiet
Turtles and snow doves of night time so right.
Spilling the princess wine of green vine so light.
Sleeping yon blond hair slicing a sentence sight.

When old king and prince both saw a cedar wood
And queen so somber, sober, and willow good.
Princess a-hold of raven's secret flying if only they could.
Holding her fire a-burning his steps winking at would.

Alas, king, queen and princess sleepy gimble chairs
Rolling with storks of white with milk and melon fair.
Growing in slumber, seeking a seldom stepped my cares.
Taking her hand in eyelash grand petting quiet stomping mares.


© 2017 Kenneth Avery