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. . .Death Creep Easy

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.

 Wind swept them from the  path but the Crane Queen and  Emma found their way to the  heart of Winter

Wind swept them from the path but the Crane Queen and Emma found their way to the heart of Winter

Death creep easy on silent foot cradling life in snow white hand
Terror of silence sleeps in humble abodes of forgotten land.
The ragged spirit of yore and yonder lives
Raging words that curse youth, caring, and gives.

Walking sleepily, drowsily slowly to the gate
Eating a dreamer's sight so early and so late.
He ne'er thought on his tallied morn
The total, the sum of tears, years he'd torn.

A lonely songbird grieves her notes of shape
Trembling the unseen wall no hand will create.
A drop, a line, a stone dropped on the land
A lie, a promise, a gift from no threatened demand.

Spirit of the Queen

Spirit of the Queen

Death walk quick on elderly feet of stone
Laughing a laugh out of rhyme and tutored tone.
Slamming his fist upon a chest once young
Closing the ending and spitting out what was begun.

Turtles watch softly her silky, silken hair
Her neck of jade that pierces kingdom's air.
Eyes of diamond see only priceless names to love
Denies him below and embraces existence above.

"Here's my prayer! Here's my wish," she humbly staggers her words
Applause of hands and farmer's bands a winking eyes of scarlet birds.
Walk easy here, Death oh forsaken barb I see
In you no pity. In you no city. In you no pain or decree.

Queen of Hearts5

Queen of Hearts5

Hair let down of golden curls and beauty unfurls
A queen once crowned a name envied of renown.
Her jesters bow to phantoms standing by
While magicians few with fair maidens cry.

Skies go dark the king's countenance falls
His chidish giggles cease give way to cries in halls.
Her sails are strong, but captains weak from woe
One ship of Spanish lore a friend who vows to die and row.

Now clean and bathed she dresses in gowns of old
Death creep loudly here to bring down lovers bold.
Silent breathing and anger seething she winks at captain mute
Bowing to clouds, a heartless clue, no applause just lonely tribute.

© 2016 Kenneth Avery

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