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. . .A Flicker'd Flame

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


A dash, a sash a quiver, a shiver in her walk
A giggle that tickled a lie within her flicker'd talk.
Feet dainty, face so saintly she mastered the mask
Sighs so girly, storms so swirly and jokes of her task.

A flicker'd flame dust be her shiny name
The stars shed all reason torn and lame.
Her wings slow, sure, and candle gripped
A flicker'd flame, a tinsel crown with waxon tears that drip.

Graciously dimming as souls she is seeing
The clouds stomp their singing of to be and being.
Her childish threats and worldly spats
A flicker'd flame, and ruling rats.

Serpents in unison smiling so comical
While her crickets guard her female domiscile.
And drops of love in days of past
A panting, a painting a mime so cast.

A shining shoe her laughing quietely blue
Sighing so girlish--hiding his filthy grasp anew.
His hand so old, wrinkled, yet firm
His eyes sharp *she strums a dying worm.

Footsteps. She hears two legions of frozen angels
Winking, reminding her of slippery caves so mangled.
A flicker'd flame that curses her name in nameless ancient rain
Hypocrites dance her dragon now reigns.

Seeking her lover knowing no other she shuns a robe
Laughing at flame cursing his name of light, stone and strobe.
Eating their lives in moments dark
Snickering, mild bickering a tear for her lonely lark.

Flicker'd flame no more a hint of life or trampled lint.
She dreams in flames and names of female glint.
Shy, sly, a hidden cry a serpent's venom sweet
A flicker'd flame, oh girl arise and gaze on dancer's feet.

Fear no more, flicker'd flame oh girl of wonder
Cast its die as I your mentor die let not idle lips your secret plunder.
Walk gently whisper chanting on my sinking grave
Observe, reflect, and recall your only nameless slave.

A flicker'd flame won't burn forever in small hands.
His love penetrates, disintegrates, sprites dance over her lands.
Eagles cease a flight yet long to see
His silk cape flying free while soaking up eternity.

(*she strums a dying worm could be meant as a metaphor for a feeble grasping for life's last breaths).

© 2016 Kenneth Avery

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