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The Bibliophile: 10 Erotic Romance Novels worth reading

Updated on February 7, 2017

In this article, we are going to cover a list of my favourite erotic/romance novels which are better than the usual ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ style novels. I invite you to read on and leave your comments at the end.

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1. Fixed on You, Laurelin Paige

Rarely do I see a storyline as organized and carefully crafted as Laurelin Paige’s Fixed on You series. First thing’s first, it has a real, developed story, and quite a lovely one, which is often missing from your usual erotic hardliners. I love the dialogues, I love the characters, and I love the chemistry between them. And I also love the fact that the characters don't have an abused past, for a change. They have a past, but not the type we usually read about.

2. Beautiful Stranger, Christina Lauren

If you are looking for good sex, with a hot British million-dollar venture capitalist and a one of a kind, hardworking heiress, no less, then you’ve got the right book. This is a standalone book which you should definitely read for the sex. I like that the girl is in finance, equally rich and broken from a previous relationship and that it is the guy who heals her; it's usually the other way around for most novels.

3. Womanizer, Katy Evans

Now, the sex is not very explicit, but it is sort of cute. The dialogues are witty; the banter would make you smile stupidly and it is more of a romance novel than an erotic one. It’s sweet, a little sexy and whole lot fun. I have read a couple of other Katy Evans novels and I think this one stands out.

4. Call Me Irresistible, Susan Elizabeth Philip

This is a romance novel and there’s not enough sex, if that's what you're looking for. But it is amazing, otherwise it would not have been on the list. The story-line (again I am emphasizing the story-line) is beautifully written. The girl is spunky and the guy is gorgeous and it starts out as an I-first-hate-you-and-then-I-love-you story, but like I said it is beautifully crafted and a definite must-read to warm your cold heart and satiate your thirst for romance.

5. Willing Victim, Cara Mckenna

Yes, back to sex. This one is a full-blown erotic novel aimed to make know what. A standalone with lots of sex and roleplay and a little bit of BDSM, and trust me, it’s written wonderfully. I am not much of a BDSM reader because it sort of makes me cringe, but this book, this book gets it. It doesn’t over-do the stuff. This book, however, is not for you if you are looking for billionaire playboys with a broken past. The guy is NOT a billionaire nor is the girl and it’s a nice change.

6. All the Possibilities, Nora Roberts

You’ve probably heard of Nora Roberts, possibly even read some of her books. I don’t know why, but from all the books that I read by this author, this one definitely stands apart. It’s a romance novel just like a million others, but this one was…sweet. The story follows a US senator and how he tries to woo the former first daughter of the United States. I love both the characters which is kind of rare for me (usually I like either the girl or the boy) and like I have already said, there is only one adjective I can find: sweet.

7. Aftershock and Afterburn, Sylvia Day

You might have read Sylvia Day’s more popular Cross series and maybe even liked it. But I have sort of come to a saturation point where I can’t read books with characters who have an abused past and a series which is being dragged on for way too long. Anyway, this book is hot, sexy and just about everything that you want in an erotic novel. I love the guy in this novel: he is pretty much one of my favourite erotic novel heroes of all time and the girl is fine, not spineless; that’s all I need anyway.

8. Mistress of the Groom, Susan Napier

It’s a romance novel which is well-written with a lovely story line and characters that are tough and hot. There is sexual tension and there is one really hot sex scene which makes it worthwhile the read. I loved the way the story started and how it unfolded and concluded in a sweet, romantic way. There are few romance novels that are well crafted and well-written and this is obviously one of them.

9. The Law of Attraction, N.M Silber

Lawyer Love: Yah. I couldn’t really make out if it was an erotic novel or a romance one. It was like…sort of in-between, which makes it even more delightful. I love the fact that there are no silly quarrels and break-ups. It’s a fun book with fun dialogues and a couple of sexy scenes and two very lovable characters.

10. The Delta of Venus, Anais Nin

I…haven’t read the book. It’s on my wish list, but I haven’t read it. But even without reading the book, I know it’s going to be absolutely mind-blowing. We all know that when it comes to erotic novels, it’s Anais Nin. And that’s why it is actually sad that I haven’t read the novel…or any of her novels, yet. But I am going to fix that and I’ll come back to you.

Which of the above books have to read?

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Thanks for reading the list. Do leave a comment and mention your favourite romance/erotic novel(s) so that I can read them! Till then.


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