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Is Jon Snow Dead? (Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert!)

Updated on May 12, 2016

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Jon Snow in HBO's Game of Thrones
Jon Snow in HBO's Game of Thrones

Spoiler Warning

Chances are that you wouldn’t have searched for something so specific as “Is Jon Snow dead?” if you haven’t already reached the end of A Dance With Dragons.

Nevertheless, if you haven’t reached the end of the most recent book in George RR Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series, you should not read this article, as it discusses Jon Snow’s death and several theories at length and may well spoil the enjoyment you would otherwise glean from this fine series.

Is Jon Snow Dead?

Among the many fans of this series are a very vocal segment of readers/viewers who are keen to speculate on any number of its vital plot points, asking questions like, Who is Jon Snow's mother? Is Tyrion Lannister a good guy? Who is Coldhands? And what happens to Jaqen H'Ghar? At the end of the fifth novel in the series is a cliffhanger that is epic, even by GRRM’s standards, and has set the Internet ablaze with speculation about one of Ice and Fire’s favourite characters.

For many, Jon Snow is the hero of the piece, one of only a few characters who is consistently morally good (Arya and Tyrion join him here— I welcome suggestions of others). He wins the readers' sympathy by heroic deed and consistently owning the moral high ground rather than drifting in and out of our sympathies. So when we are shown what appears to be his death scene at the close of A Dance with Dragons, the reader is shocked and alarmed— and dismayed, no doubt. Can it be true? Will we really have to wait to find out?

There are a great many theories out there. GRRM is nothing if not mischievous. We’ve seen characters disappear before, only to reappear a book or two later.

  • Catelyn Stark is one example; is she dead? Yes she’s “dead,” but since she’s still walking around, exhibiting her own independent agency, she’s not dead in the traditional sense.
  • We’ve seen Brienne left hanging (if you’ll pardon the pun), and Cersei and Jaime have also both been the figurative Schrödinger's cat in GRRM’s closed box, stranded between life and death for several hundred pages.
  • Crucially, Rickon and Brandon Stark have also been portrayed as dead only to reappear a few hundred pages later.

It’s easy to believe that Jon Snow’s death is simply another ruse by this master of the plot twist. GRRM may make us think that he is dead only to dust him off and have him pop up smiling in the middle of the next book. Think about it: Did we see a body? Yes, he was stabbed four times, but were we actually told he was dead? There are any number of ways in which GRRM could be pulling the wool here, using his famed misdirection to force us to wonder, and as ever, the fan community is abuzz as a result.

Jon Snow's Death Scene

The death scene is a nasty shock to the viewer/reader. We are aware that his policies with regards the wildlings beyond the wall have been extremely unpopular with his brothers from the Night’s Watch, and we know too that the Lannisters have planted an element among the Watch to discredit or harm him on account of his Stark roots. But the idea that such a central and well-liked character could be killed off still comes as a massive shock.

But is he dead? Is his death scene exactly what it appears to be? Or are we merely told that he is stabbed and loses consciousness?

In this scene, we’re told that he never even felt the fourth knife, only the cold. This could mean anything from death to just being quite cold, by way of slipping into consciousness, and it's this deliberate vagueness that has given rise to yet more Jon Snow theories.

The Direwolf, Ghost
The Direwolf, Ghost

Possible Scenarios

Does he die? If so, will he perhaps come back from the dead? Is he going to be in the Winds of Winter?

  • It’s possible that his death scene merely describes him being attacked and knocked unconscious, and he’ll return in The Winds of Winter alive, if not well. Perhaps he’ll come to in shackles in a cell beneath the wall and some of the plot of The Winds of Winter will see him recovering and trying to escape his brother-captors before the trickle of wights becomes a flood.
  • Or perhaps he is actually dead. This wouldn't be the first time that GRRM has killed off a main, much-loved character. But can wargs really die? With his last breath, perhaps he inhabits another person nearby, or perhaps he lives on The Winds of Winter in the guise of his Direwolf, Ghost.
  • But is this theory up to scratch? Would Jon Snow living as a direwolf really satisfy the reader? Surely even the most ardent fan would rather see him die heroically than live on as a direwolf?
  • If he is dead, whose narrative focus will allow us to see the events at the wall?

Comments, please!

What do you think? Is he dead? If he is, will he come back from the dead? Are we even supposed to think he is dead, or merely that he's injured?

What's your Jon Snow theory? Let me know below.


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    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 4 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      With any luck, he is dead - whiny incompatent nincompoop of a little snot.

    • Geb 4 years ago

      Only in death does your watch end.

      He will be effectively dead. And melisindre will revive him and he will then take his place as king in the north-because Rob made such in SOS...

    • Seanny 4 years ago

      I really hope he isn't dead, and i don't think he will be either because the giant is close by and so is melisandre as you said.

    • Jay 4 years ago

      Jon's personalizing of Bolton's letter was out of character. He acted outside the vows of the Black, and encouraged others to join him in presumably seeking revenge. Now, we don't know his true plan or motivation (indeed he had a 2 hour conversation in private with Torrwhatever before making his plea to his brothers), but on the surface it seemed as if he acted outside the bounds of the Black, which could put him at risk from the ire of his brothers. My only concern is that as he has had a fairly good track-record of living to the ideals of the Black (Ygrette/love excepted), that this move is character- in-congruent, at least on the surface. My fear as a fan of Jon, is that GRRM decided to kill him, and that he did so in a way that Jon brought on that he normally wouldn't... impulsive, proud, revenge.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Jay you make a good point- the Bolton letter thing was out of character, in terms of his loyalty to The Black. But he has always been loyal to his family too. I really can't see GRRM killing him off though.

    • A X 4 years ago

      I haven't read the 5th book and can't remember much from the four books out but I don't think he's dead. Why? I don't know but my only evidence is of him having the dream where he is wielding a red sword or sword on fire I don't which but along that line. Really have to get to reading the 5th book and re-reading the previous 4, there so good you have to re-read them.

    • blue 4 years ago

      He's not dead. This is a cliff hanger, nothing more. Jon Snow is central to the story. In the huge world of the seven kingdoms and beyond, have you noted how small it actually is. Characters' paths cross throughout the stories. I believe Jon Snow will cross paths with Daenrys, who is possibly/likely his true born aunt.

    • Jesse 4 years ago

      I don't think he's dead. But, even within the Ice and Fire Universe there are like at minimum four ways he could still be around:

      1)wight-like, like the dead black brother guiding Bran

      2)Catelyn-like, dead and resurrected by the power of the red god.

      3)warg body consciousness transplant, either human or animal

      4)wounded, but surviving

      5)Tyrion-like, in the process of dying and then rewinding time to do it all over again with another outcome.

      And there may be another somewhere in there that we have already seen in the series. Or we could have another completely unique situation to Jon Snow that is a combination of all of the above.

    • Ittina 4 years ago

      I think his death was the only way for him to end his watch, remember he hasn't yet committed the act of going to war with Ramsay Bolton, only declared it. So it wouldn't be right to punish him. He will be revived by Mellisandre just as Lady Catelyn was by Lord Beric.

      Another thing I would like to put out there is that there are 3 dragons and the 3 dragons need somebody to control, Dany is one and I do believe Bran and Jon Snow are the other two riders. The three-eyed crow keeps saying Bran will 'fly'. It is my speculation that Jon Snow is Rhaegar and Lyana Stark's son! So Jon Snow cannot technically die, at least I hope so.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Not sure if Bran will be one- I could imagine never coming out of that cave again. The idea of Jon being one of them sort of makes sense though.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Would be obliged if you could have a quick look at this other hub of mine, it's a precis of the state of affairs at the end of book 5...

    • William 4 years ago

      I find it hard to believe he's dead based solely on the story. How else are we going to follow the goings on at the wall. The entire story at the wall has either taken place through his eyes or has been central to him. There is no one else at the wall I as a reader care about. I'm sure the author would have to consider this after spending 5 books developing this very important story line.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      That's a pretty solid point you know...

    • J. Lyon Layden 4 years ago

      We've been discussing these points and some other slightly more subtle ones over at my blog Prehisric Fantasy, and a few of the comments come from some incredibly astute readers! Did y'all know that the three eyed crow was Bloodraven, from the Dunk and Egg stories?!

    • CRose 4 years ago

      I definitely think Jon Snow will be revived by Melisandre and continue on, only not as a man of the Night's Watch. I'm sorry, but if Jon Snow were to truly die, in order to validate this happening GRRM would have to make it happen in some epic fashion, not at the hands of a few dickhead Crows.

      Bran will never leave that cave again, yet he will eventually slip into the skin of one of the dragons. Before that can happen, Jon Snow needs to cross paths with Dany. My guess is that Jon Snow (having been recently ousted by the Night's Watch) will try to find Mance Rayder, a character who I feel is long overdue for a larger part in this story.

      Looking for Arya (because he literally has no family left, Night's Watch included) I think they will end up in Essos, where they cross paths with Tyrion and Jorah Mormont. Jon already has a connection with Tyrion from book one, and will have an immediate connection with Jorah due to the fact that he carries Jorah's sword, which was of course given to him by Jorah's father (Lord Commander) at the wall.

      Jorah will be the in that Jon and Tyrion need to get access to Danaerys. In Dany's final chapter of book 5 she thought a lot, and with great affection, about Jorah. There is no doubt they will cross paths again.

      Eventually when they return to Westeros, they will head to Winterfell because I feel like Stannis will take the fort. Stannis will accept Jon Snow. They will see that the Night's Watch has been decimated by the Others and barely exists. I feel like Coldhands (obviously Benjen Stark) will contact Jon Snow (who is with Dany) and tell him that his little brother is alive. Bran will learn about the dragons and because his powers are so strong, he will take control of one of the dragons by skinchanging. Realizing the dire situation that all of westeros is in, Jon, Dany and Tyrion will confer and agree that before they deal with the shit in the South they must defeat the wights using the fire of dragons, dragonglass and Jon's dragonsteel blade. There are too many indicators that the Dragons are necessary to defeat the wights.

      Anyway, just spitballing some ideas around, but knowing GRRM he'll take it in some direction nobody can predict! Please don't make us waith more than 2 years... I can accept 2 years but nothing more.

    • CGIB 4 years ago

      CRose - very intriguing plotline there. I can see lots of sense in it. I'm not sure about the whole leaving the South til later bit though, for me the 'final' battle has to be against evil itself and that's North of the wall not South. I can see everyone uniting behind Danarys and perhaps Jon. I can see the battle marching from Dorne North to the wall, conequering on the way with the final battle against the wights/others.

      I just pray Jon isn't dead because that arc of the story is by far the best for me and without Jon leading that angle I will lose some interest. Really annoyed as well though, GRRM took you to the brink of your seat, thinking at last Jon was going to avenge his family, then snatched it away all in the space of 2 pages. Never felt that exillerated to then go to so disapointed in such few pages.

    • googookachoo 4 years ago

      I seem to be the only commenter to make the point that these books about war and politics are timeless and besides the inconveniences of not having modern travel and communications..... war today in many ways is the same as war in fictional Westeros. I see the plots of the novels as simply vehicles for mini essays on all the various aspects of war: rape, enslavement, torture, the plight of displaced populations, the enrichment of the merchants of war and the role of disaster capitalism. The little essay by the traveling monk on "the broken men" and how strong men with ideals and convictions end up with PTSD. Child soldiers and intentional maiming which still goes on today in mineral rich countries in Africa where women and children are enslaved and maimed. "The Tickler" and Qyburn.... both of whom can get anyone to say anything.... sound like waterboarding and Abu Ghrab to anyone else? Then or now, good men die and evil men thrive.... for awhile, until the vississitudes of life catch up with them. Quiet, well groomed slimy behind the scenes operators who actually run the show? Cheney? Rove? Varys? Littlefinger? How are they different? George RR Martin has written a thoroughly modern treatise on war and warfare and is trying to show us ourselves. The Red God, the Old Gods, The Drowned God, The Seven, The Undying, Evangelicals, Extremist Islamists, Zionists and Taliban.... I see more that is modern than fantasy. I could go on and on. Then again, I am just a young girl who knows little....

    • Adam 4 years ago

      From all above,an idea came to me.Maybe Jon's fate is not only guarding a wall and waiting the upcoming attack.Maybe he has more important things to do than that instead.Killing Ramsay...I don't think this will happen.He seemed to have a plan but since Stannis is alive as we learned,I believe it is up to him to do this job.As someone said above''when and only when you die,your watch ends''...I believe Mellisandre let him die,because that's the only way for him to trust her-when she revives him and because with his death,his watch will end...and propably he'll be free to do more important things!!!:)Think about it...if you revived from death and was able to have a second chance,would you be that selfish again by not trusting your reviving witch???I don't think so...she just wanted to give him a lesson for being such a bad disobedient boy!!! She looks like a gothic dominatrix after all...a red one though.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • Adam 4 years ago

      And also,one more thing. I've notticed that people seem to forget(after Stannis and Jon become pals)that Stannis and Melissandre,with the help of Edrick Storm's blood cursed Robb to his death,so is Stannis more innocent than the Bolton's and the Frey's?I wonder what will Jon do if he lives to find that out...

    • Sol 4 years ago

      I don't think he's dead. I think Mellisadre worked her magic like she did with Mance...

    • Jesse 4 years ago

      Previous Melisandre sections reveals that she foresaw Jon Snow's death, but she didn't foresee the aftermath. Her fires show the truth, but her interpretation of their meaning is unreliable. I don't think Snow's potential resurrection is something that even she knows about . We the readers are privy to information about Jon Snow's potential abilities, ancestry, and what any of it might mean for her prophecies that she herself is not aware of.

    • AEZAKMI011 4 years ago

      I can't believe that there is a person on this world who believes that Jon Snow is dead?! We all know that he's Azor Ahai, son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, bla, bla, bla... so, what's the point of killing him?! On the other hand, Kevan is 99,99% dead, which is pity, because he could be very cool character, since Tiwin is dead (unfortunately)... I can't wait to see Dany's arrival to Westeros...

    • val 4 years ago

      following the dragon theory...


      green-bran (GREENseer)

      white-jon (white direwolf)

      whatever happens, i really hope he is NOT dead.

    • Michael 4 years ago

      Yes I think Jon may be the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, there was certainly a lot of hinting about their relationship without actually clarifying its context. Eddard jeopardized his marriage and wounded Cat deeply by saying the boy was his, and took the secret to his grave to protect Jon from Robert (who wished to exterminate all dragons)... but how could Robert not know if Lyanna had a child? Was Griff complicit here?

      So I found this site because I too was freaking out about the idea Jon is dead and after reading the theories above I have to believe he is not. I totally agree with William, if Jon dies we lose our eyes at The Wall unless it continues with Millesandre; speaking of whom, her role seems to sputter out if Stannis is truly dead, reinforcing the theory her fate is somehow tied to Jon.

    • a fan 4 years ago

      My theory, the brothers of the black who stood against Jon will take over and even though Jon may not be completely dead they will still move forward to try and burn his body and since I believe Jon has targeryan blood, he will walk out of the fire like Dani did when she walked out of the fire with her baby dragons and Melisandra's will finally see Jon as the pivotal character that he is...just my thoughts...

    • a fan 4 years ago

      I should of wrote Melisandra and everyone else will see Jon as the pivotal character he is.....

    • Michael 4 years ago

      That would indeed be a cool plot twist. So if Jon has survived / is a dragon, that would make three including Aegon. Perhaps those are our riders.

      But didn't Jon burn his hand on a lantern? Its unclear to me the extent to which dragons are immune to fire. Even Dany, who clearly has a high tolerance for fire, was blistered and damaged by Drogon although the wounds were superficial.

      In any case its clear Jon's life as a Crow is over. If he "dies" and is reborn, it fulfills his vows so he won't be branded a deserter. Does he take Val with him?

    • Adam 4 years ago

      Jon was surelly burned one time and his hand is still aching,well it's not that all the Targaryens have the abillity of being fire-immune but on the other hand if you are not fireproof then riding dragons is forbidden :)...Prince Martel made that experiment and paid with his life,so the odds for riding a dragon are against Jon.That doesn't mean he can't be Rhaegar's son of course.I personally don't believe Danny is returning to Westeros yet.Maybe at the end of the book,given that she still has Dothraki-issues,Slave-issues etc.Also she was told that to go West she must go first East so if GRRM's world is of round shape,she can travel from the other side and end in Westeros paying the Iron islands a visit first to have her dragons back,if they take it.I would like to see her going to Valyria and learn about its fate.

    • longclaw 4 years ago

      GRRM already said : we will get to see more of WW(white walkers) in the next book.

      the scenes on wall was described by either jon or sam and melisandre was there for a chapter.

      with sam gone to be a maester , there is none except jon to tell the story of WWs.

      but i believe this gives him a perfect opportunity to leave the watch(he was betrayed !!!) and be the king in the north.or whatever may be the grand plan..

      may be we can see the relationship with val ( people keep talking about it - stannis, tormund, jon himself"that bridge was burnt long ago")

    • Livin' On a Prayer 4 years ago

      If I'm reading GRRM's next book and turn the page at the end of the chapter to see 'Jon' as the title of the next chapter. I will dance and jump in my room all day long and run down the street naked out of sheer happiness

    • Bobby 4 years ago

      I listen/read all the books thus far. About 8 minutes ago while making diner, I reached the part of his death.... When the stabing began, i started running circles in my kitchen panicking. Terrible scene, and i feel that GRRM takes away a lot from us readers/listeners. LOVE the books, but lets just say i miss many characters. Anyway, I DO NOT THINK JON SNOW IS DEAD! When you think about all the wildlings who were around him as well, they greatly out-numbered those of the Night's Watch. They would have stoped EVERY SINGLE black brother that meant Jon harm. Wildlings also know many medicinal properties in order to survive under harsh conditions. And yes the Red Priestess, who i don't want her to get involved with the healing unless there is no other choice. I MUST SAY I DON'T WANT MY FAVORITE CHARACTER COMING BACK AS A WOLF! He wont be able to have dialog and all will think he is dead, and in a huge way he is dead if he comes back as Ghost. GRRM took Rob, he can't get rid off the oldest and most badass Stark, though Arya is getting up there. Also the big thing is that Jon needs to meet his mother still, GRRM wont give out that info unless Jon has direct contact with his mother. I fall in love with a lot of charaters in the books i read/listen to.

    • kellen 4 years ago

      Everyone wondering who would tell the story of events at the wall if joh happened to be dead are forgetting what all Bran can see and do from where he is.

    • xhunter profile image

      xhunter 4 years ago

      I do not believe Jon is dead. In an interview, GRRM was asked point blank why did he kill John? And his answer was "Do you really believed he is dead?" or words to that effect.

      I agree Jon will either be resurrected or reborn, but perhaps he will no longer be known as Jon Snow to us. Maybe the part of him that is 'Stark' needs to actually die only to re-emerge bearing more Targeryan, if indeed his father was Rhaegon.

      I am dying for the next book in this series to be released. In the meantime, I am slowly doing re-reads.

    • AP 4 years ago

      I think this is a brilliant piece of writing by GRRM...@ first I was so pissed that he would kill off JS but thinking about it more & rereading a couple of time it solves the nights watch burden "my watch ends upon my death"...which essentially would happen if Jon Snow dies. However Milisandre says to Jon earlier in the chapter than she is Jon's only hope (meaning that she will revive him after his death). I think there is also meaning behind her telling him to keep ghost close, so Jon can use is warding ability to go into ghost while Milisandre revives Jon's body. That is the purpose of the demonstrate how a ward can survive. This now allows Jon to lead the Wildlings against Ramsay and become king of the north & beyond the wall, probably marring Val. thoughts?

    • Wolf-Dragon 4 years ago

      Alas, most of you are smart! every single one of you is forgetting a new and major player though, (and how could you?)...Prince Aegon! All of you are right about Jon Snow being the son of Lyana Stark and Prince Raeghar, and I think that will be reveiled soon enough.

      So, in the end, I think one of those three is Azor Ahai (most likely danny or jon), but i think all three of them will ride dragons with flaming swords.

      True, Bran is a powerfull green-seer, but a dragon needs a true rider on its back with Valaryan steel... I think Bran may help tame the dragons to allow Jon Snow to ride Viscerion (the white dragon, of course!), but he has other duties as well now as he is essentially an old god.

      The point is there will be three dragon riders with dragon-blood. and two of them are sons of raeghar (jon and Aegon). the other of course danny. I agree with you all on how Jon is revived, and his important role to play, but let us not forget Prince Aegon...and let all their enemies die screaming...with blood and fire....

    • homorakastaja 4 years ago

      Jon is dead, Ben Stark returns from the wilderness, takes control of the Watch and is the POV character of the north in Winds of Winter. Remember, we are supposed to know a lot more about the Land of Always Winter - Jon isn't going to take us there, but Ben is.

    • Feit 4 years ago

      @homorakastaja GRRM has stated that he will not be adding anymore POV characters. In all fairness GRRM likes to change his mind, so who knows.

      Jon is not dead, I hadn't thought about the resurrection angle, but I don't really bite on it. I think we'll have a few chapters of Jon in bed and/or getting around slowly, healing.

      I truly believe he is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. It was said in the first book that Eddard found Lyanna in a pool of blood. Childbirth. But she died in the process. It was also said that she made Ned promise her something. To keep Jon's identity secret. But then how will Jon find out!?!??!!!!11!?!? Easy. Howland(?) Reed. He was the only other man to survive the fight with Dayne and his crew along with Ned.

      Lastly; Jon Snow for Prince Who Was Promised 2014! (Dragon riders will be Jon, Dany and either Aegon {personally see Aegon dying pretty horribly} or.... who is our last warg who ISN'T confined to a hole? .... wait for it... Arya.)

    • wolf-dragon 4 years ago

      hormo- It is widley believed that "coldhands" is actually benjin stark. It makes the most sense. the only other person it could be is perhaps commander mourmont...but you would think sam would recocgnize him if it was. I hope to see Jon Snow and Danny Targaryen on the Iron throne at the end of the book...that would be sick.

    • Jesse 4 years ago

      It would be just like GRRM to tease us and then have Jon Snow be completely dead proving that evil is better than good, prophecy is always crap, and gods new, old and red are powerless.

      Yet, then have Quentyn Martell come back to life instead.

    • Cas 4 years ago

      Jesse, if he brought Quentyn back instead of Jon in the fashion you mention I think I might actually lose my mind in sheer frustration. It would not be pretty.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      To see how Frost views deaths by burning vs. Freezing. Tyrion dies at least twice, once after he burns the harbor defending King's Landing, again by drowning in book 6.

      I'm interested to read how others see the themes of ice vs. Fire playing out in this series.

    • Reid 4 years ago

      After The second stab it says that when Jon pulled the knife out the wound was "smoking". He is Targaryen dragon blood and will not die of his wounds

    • xhunter profile image

      xhunter 4 years ago

      With GRRM anything can happen. I would not be surprise if at the end of the series all main characters are dead.

      For now I think Jon has a greater role so he cannot die. If he survives his stab wounds and remain on the Night Watch I think there would be changes on the wall , like the brothers being allowed to marry and have a life. It would also be strategic to form an allegiance with the Wildlings, after all they have a common enemy in 'the Others' and as someone said, I think Jon and Val would make a fantastic couple!

      If Jon's destiny lies elsewhere then his 'death' would end his service at the night watch and his re-birth, resurrection or whatever would bring him into the final war for the Iron Throne.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      I want to offer a literary perspective on this question. Based on my understanding of how GRRM is playing with the motifs of ice and fire in the story, Jon Snow has to return to life as a "cold" entity, i.e. a wight, or a walking corpse like Stoneheart - he cannot be revivified through fire, as Melisandre would do.

      All of the main characters are either icy or fiery. The cold characters are, by and large, the good or moral and lawful characters, whereas the hotter characters tend to be unlawful, corrupt, and untrustworthy. Dani is the exception on the "hot" side - she is moral and trustworthy.

      Tyrion, Arya, and Jaime are characters who move from one side of this spectrum to the other, throughout the story. At the end of book 6, Arya's impulsive, fiery nature has been tamed by tragedy, and she is learning to be a cool, dispassionate assassin.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      The icy characters in the story are all of the Starks, including Jon Snow, Brienne, Tywin Lannister - (an exception to the cold = good rule), Stannis, and Barriston Selmy.

      The fiery characters in the series (the Lannisters except Tywin and Kevan), Arya and Tyrion at the beginning of the book, Khal Drogo, Melisandre, Egritte) tend to be amoral, sexually passionate and active, violent, and tend to create mayhem in their own and others' lives. Because Jon Snow is a "cool", therefore good, character, and because he must come back to life to finish his role in the story, he must return as a wight or some other dead, cold, creature.

      I refer those interested to Robert Frost's poem, "Of Fire and Ice"

      How do you see this poem relating to the "Of Ice and Fire" series?

    • kim 4 years ago

      I think Jon Snow is not dead. He passes out and the wildlings come to his rescue. He leaves the nights watch or puts the turnclocks in the dungen.

    • Austin 4 years ago

      I don't think he's dead, I think he will either awake to an aftermath of sorts with Tormund, and will find that when we was stabbed Tormund with the wildlings come to his aid and are then forced to leave the wall, taking Jon with them, perhaps to another castle along the wall where Jon sent one of his friends. Or as others have said, Melisandre will heal him. I don't think we spent so much time focusing on bringing the wildlings through the wall to simply pick up with jon in an ice cell all by his little lonesome.

      Plus, having him injured and in the care of the wildlings will give him an excuse and means to developed his warg abilities while he heals, thus giving him and Bran the ability to communicate. Which would lead to Jon be able to receive information about the others from "behind enemy lines" as it were.

      I also think perhaps Melisandre, has a role to play with his salvation in any outcome, her character has shown to be more and more in doubt of what she is seeing in her fires, and she has a weird interest in Jon. What it is I do not know, I don't understand why Ghost likes her so much, remember the direwolves can sense an enemy, and Ghost reacted very affectionately to her, when earlier she burned up that wildling's odd.

    • Dh 4 years ago

      He is not entirely dead when asked Grrm is like oh so u think he s dead do u?

    • Spencer 4 years ago

      Well, at this point I'm willing to consider anything. Jon snow may very well be dead, regardless of how much Grrm has invested his plot line in Snow. If he were to die, the nights watch and wildlings would be a complete odds, and peace between the watch, queen, and the wildlings could never be kept. If he is truly dead, this would be the opportune time for the wights to scale the wall and take the realm by complete surprise, a huge plot twist that would take all readers by surprise. If he is to come back from the dead, I do not think that it would be as a dead man risen, such as Cat or Beric, nor do I think him coming back as an animal or wight, as these affects would completely change his character and jeopardize any chance at leadership he would have.(which has been necessary throughout the books up to this point. In all likeliehood, if he is not dead, the most prominent theories I could think of would him either being saved by the wildlings Aand nursed back to health before taking a different road other than the watch. The most interesting and maybe most probable theory i can think of is that Jon faked his death with the help of Melisandre's glamour, the method she used to fake mance raider's death. By doing so, he can be temporarily freed from his bonds so he may take action in the realm, or at least on behalf of winterfell. My only flaw in this theory is that jon would have to use somebody to sacrifice, like melisandre did with rattleshirt, which would be extremely out of character. I must agree with one thing, though, and that is it wouldn't make sense to kill jon off with such a developed plot line on his behalf,as he is the only one keeping the wall together and gaurding the realm, though his death as I said early would set in motion the wight assault, which is going to be one of the most pivotal parts of the story. They are the true enemy while the lords fight amongst themselves for power, and the darkness that will ultimately reunite the realm under targaryen rule.

    • Kasey Longe 4 years ago

      Ok I guess I'm the only one who see. This as an obvious way to get John snow out of is vowes he took when he became a brother of the nights watch .

      Death is the only thing that can release him from his vowes ... So he is dead only to be returned to life free to marry Dany who I believe is his half sister to rule westernos and teem up and destroy the others.

    • Adam 4 years ago

      There is something else I'd like to know but I can't find a proper forum to discuss it.When Jon supposedly dies or comes near death,he speaks Ghost's name in a simmilar way that Robb spoke Greywind's.This is very interesting since we know they were both Wargs(Robb never knew it).So do you think that Greywind became Robb after his human body died???If so then poor Robb died two times in the same night :( too sad...That's why I hope the things I said in my other comments come true and Jon lives:Ned is dead,Robb is past,Benjen...who knows,we need a bad-ass Stark to be still in the game!!!

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Agred Adam, we'd definitely be running short of Starks if Jon did croak it. Since Greywind is already dead I'm not sure how/why GRRM would mention or make use of the fact of Robb moving into him. But that wouldn't stop him doing it I suppose, the crafty old sod that he is...

    • Julia Ignacia 4 years ago

      No one thinks that that Kraken with the red priest might be a dragon tamer?

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      That could be a good shout. He's an intriguing character- quite refreshingly direct and unlikeable.

    • Olo 4 years ago

      After a time in Ghost, helpin him realize his skinchanger powers he will come back to conscious and die against the others during the winter...

    • Steve 4 years ago

      I don't necessarily think Jon will be "dead" for good. I think that if the NW assassins do "kill" him he will warg into Ghost for a time, otherwise the prologue would have been a little pointless. If this is true, I think that his body will somehow make it to Mellissandre (either by her finding him, the wildlings/giant bringing him, or even if he carries himself via Ghost) to be revived. For those who stated that if he were to be revived via Red God magic he would lose his memory and personality, it's possible that by having his consciousness in Ghost when he's revived it would remain intact when he wargs back. However I hope that he just survives the wounds rather than needs to be revived because from what we've seen with Catlyn and Beric, the Red God magic revival seem to leave the person looking like a corpse/zombie and that would probably ruin his chances with Dany and Val (whichever you prefer). Also, we have yet to see what the long term consequences are from it because I have a feeling that it will be an overall negative thing to be revived rather than having an inexhaustable "Get-out-of-Death-Free-Card". As for Dany I think that she'll follow the whole "east to go west" thing and end up meeting Victarion who will give her/bring her to the Dragon Horn which will allow her to tame her dragons. But not before she travels to Asshai and Valyria because both those places are way too mysterious to leave out of the books. She'll probably use her newly tamed dragons to break the seige of Meereen after comig back to rescue her "children". And this is just my opinion but I feel as though Bran could unknowingly be a bad guy an is just beeing used by the Three-Eyed Crow. In one of Mellissandre's visions she recalls seeing a boy with a wolfs face and a wooden man and marks them down as mineons of The Other. Clearly the wolf-boy represents Bran (at least to me) and, if you recall, The Three-Eyed Crow is described as having vines and tree roots growing through his skin and that he is basically fused to whatever it is that he's sitting in (which I assume is wooden). However, it'll probably turn out that I'm dead wrong about everything.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      Steve, interesting ideas. I agree that Dany has to somehow end up with the Dragon Horn, although I can't see her willingly romancing Victarion. More likely, she'll kill him, or one of her minions will, and take the Horn. Also, I think that Arya, as well as Tyrion, is going to end up in Dany's service. Don't know why, but that's how I would weave it if I were writing the story.

      Jon Snow will not allow himself to be revived by Melisandre. It would destroy him. She will offer, though. Or his "wargness" will somehow warp Melisandre's magic, leading to something entirely new.

      Bran may be one of the "mixed" or neutral characters, neither good nor evil. His function will be to record history, and to communicate secrets to those of his family and friends willing to listen. He will also get his revenge on Jaime Lannister.

    • bloodraven 4 years ago

      Jon Snow only died because GRRM neeeded some way to release him of his vows. Proof that he is blood of the dragon is that his wounds smoked when stabbed, just like drogon's did when drogon was wounded.

    • Justin 4 years ago

      Read closely to the chapter in one of his stab wounds, I believe to the belly was smoking not steaming words Martin chose carefully. Bowmen marsh was crying salt of tears smoke and salt. Azhor Ahai shall be reborn in the mist of smoke and salt....Melisandres chapter is very important too forshadowing. "I pray for a glimpse of Azhor Ahai but R'holler shows me only snow." There is a reason why she stayed back at the wall. Jon Snow, I believe is Azhor Ahai reborn, light bringer is not a sword, it is the nights watch, "I am the sword in the darkness." part of the nights watch vows. A song of ice and fire hmmm Fire is Dany Ice is Bran and Fire and Ice is Jon stark and Targaryean the fall and rise of both houses. Fire and Ice for Jon because of the whole R+L=J theory.

    • Adam 4 years ago

      That was great thinking Justin!I think you got it right there!I do believe that Jon is a Targaryen,but the smoke in his blood that Bloodraven referred to is I think just from the low temperature of the North.Smoking blood is not a Targaryen clue either,because Dany bleeds at the end too and I don't remember her blood smoking.It's just the cold I think,but symbolically it fits great with the prophecy.Maybe after his rebirth,Jon will be given powers from the Red God and he will become a true dragon,because until now he could be burned.Maybe he needs the red kiss to wake his Targaryen blood...

    • Jair 4 years ago

      Why couldn't the chapter when Jon dies be a vision in melisandres fires?

    • Justin 4 years ago

      Haha thank you Adam, I kinda thought of it because of Melisandre kept saying there is only two gods the lord of light and the Other whos name may not be mentioned. The other must be a demon god of some sort for the others and the wights. The Nights Watch is a symbol because it protects the realms of men. I have always asked my self why is Jon Snow a bastard so important? I think him and Dany are the true heroes of this series. Howland Reed needs to come into play soon as well. Hoping a POV chapter with him.

      They need to kill of Daario already his character is the reason why Danys story line has not interested me lately. I have heard theories that Nissa Nissa could be Dany and Jon may have to sacrifice her to awaken light bringer from Long Claw. I doubt that though. I truly believe light bringer is the Nights watch. We shall see though all in the fun and not fun of waiting for the next book ha. Yeah I think it fits great with the prophecy too with Jons wound smoking and Bowen Marsh tears being salt. Also red star bleeds if I am not mistaken when Wun Wun who kills Ser Patrek's Sigel is bleeding red star. Jon could have been glamored too by Melisandre *Shrug*. Azhor Ahai is mentioned so much that he has to be reborn lol. It is not Stannis a non POV char.

      Also Barristan Selmy is the man old guy that kicks ass haha.

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      All very good ideas, but I think Jon will return as a wight... Or be cast out ( still alive) beyond the wall, and become King-Beyond-The-Wall. But maybe he is Rheagar's son and will fly a dragon. Viserys was a Targarian, and he wasn't imune to fire.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Can't see him being a wight. Warg maybe, not wight. Just wouldn't seem right? But then, GRRM has gone out of his way to surprise us before I suppose.

      Justin you're spot on about Selmy. Ninja grandad.

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      What I mean by that is that Jon burnt his hand, and Viserys burnt to death. Is Sandor Clegane Ser Robert Strong!? I think so.

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Well? It all fits: Ser Robert (Sandor Clrgane) never takes off his helmet ( to hide his burns) never talks ( he has a recognizeble voice) he his huge.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      That's a bloody good point, had been wondering who Robert Strong was. Would have to be a different sort of wight from the zombie sort of mindless wandering murderer though. But who's to say GRRM can't have as many sorts of wight as he likes.

      Or perhaps he's not a wight (Sandor) but has been revived like Catelyn Stark and Beric Dondarrion.

    • Rhys 4 years ago


    • Rhys 4 years ago

      What happened to Rickon? Is he still alive?

    • Steve 4 years ago

      Rickon is supposedly on Skagos or one of the islands around it. Davos was sent by Lord Manderly to recover him so the Starks will still hold power in the north. They found out he was alive because the captured Theon Greyjoy's squire who had followed Osha and Rickon until they got on a boat and sailed northeast. They say that he is on an island of cannibals, which, from what I remember, the only two places that they mention cannibals are Skagos and one of the frozen river tribes of the far north. As for Ser Robert Strong, I think he may actually be Gregor Clegane rather than Sandor. Both are described as being around 8 feet tall (243.8 cm) and Gregor had been left with Qyburn after he died of Oberyns poison. And I also agree with the motion that Barristan is a ninja Grandpa. He's like, what, 90 and still kicking ass.

    • faulther 4 years ago

      A song of ice and fire means that Jon will be reborn of fire to complete the whole yin yang thing.... yeah hes dragon blood and goes from snow to fire in his rebirth.... red priestess????? .... obvious imo

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Thanks Steve, I think I mist that bit in the story!!!!!!!

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      What do you guys think will happen to Dany: will she be killed by Khal Jhaqo, or will he help her get back to Mereen?

    • ahoekstra 4 years ago

      Great reading all these comments. I reached this page looking for some reassurance about Jon Snow NOT being dead, having finished the book a few hours ago. I heard Martin say at a Q&A that "no one is safe", meaning his babies, but I have to agree with most of the comments that it is very unlikely that Snow died. The scene reminded me of Julius Caesar's assassination, and I think I recall he received some 20-30 stabs, and of all those only ONE was fatal. So four stabs is not an impossible situation. These northerners are strong.

      Also, like it's been said, it would make no bloody sense in terms of the narrative that Jon Snow was killed at this point, after building up so many plotlines around him. Martin can seem rather merciless, after Ned Stark's death and the Red Wedding, but the truth is, he's been rather austere in his killing off characters: at some point I thought he was gonna exterminate all the Stark family, but five books into the saga, only ONE of the six cubs has died so far, and this the one that seemed in the strongest position.

      I really hope Jon Snow doesn't come back from the dead as some sort of glorified zombie, like Beric Dondarrion or Lady Catelyn. That was incredibly creepy. Also Melisandre is a fascinating character, but I really can't see her one of the good ones, nor her cruel Red God. Gods and Religions in Martin's universe are rarely benign, unless as very private moral codes, as Ned Stark's relationship with the Old Gods.

      I thought the point about Jon riding the white dragon brilliant. I'm not so sure about Aegon. He's such an obvious candidate for one of the three riders I suspect Martin will have a twist in reserve. The suggestion about Bran being a rider was interesting, but I'm not convinced by the line "you will fly" as proof of that. He has flown already. Inside ravens.

      I'm glad to know so many people believe Jon can't be dead. But then, Martin has clearly a wicked vein and I wouldn't be surprised if he kept Jon Snow dead, just to spite all fan theories about it.

    • jorah 4 years ago

      i thought it was obvious that gregor clegane had been zombie-resurrected by qhyburn.

      anyway i also believe jon will be revived by melisandre and he, dany and bran will be our three riders ( i also see aegon dying) , those three will unite the seven kingdoms under dany ,who will then in turn help jon (azhor azhai) defeath the white walkers...

      but then again their would still be a lot left unexplained (arya, tyrion, littlefinger's scheme,...)

      and also i think the red god may be the reall god because he seems the only one who interacts with the world (all the other often say " gods rarely respond")

      btw am i the only one who feels really bad about theon? granted he was stupid but he only wanted to be accepted by the ironmen. Heck! he wanted to unite the starks with the greyjoys, his two families, but he just screwed up...

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      I agree! When Bran and Rickon escaped (when Theon held Winterfell with his Ironmen) Theon could have kept searching for them, but instead he killed some orphans. That showed that he didn't want to kill two boys who he'd grown up with. So he isn't the monster everyone says he his. BTW what do you think will happen to Dany!?

    • xhunter profile image

      xhunter 4 years ago

      I do feel bad for Theon and because of his stupidity he paid a hell of a price being "Reek!" Also, I do not believe his part in the story is over, I think there is more to come, he may even get a chance to redeem himself in the future. Who knows?

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      This is the third time iv'e asked. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO DANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Do you think GRRM comes on these websites to get ideas for his plot?

    • Enoch the Red 4 years ago

      Hello, i'm new to this.

      The wall, according to Melisandre, boosts her magical powers. That is because of a. the spells used to built it, b. the men that died building and defending it. But couldn't ice dragons or their corpses be part of the wall as well? Since it was mentioned, that magic grew stronger, when the dragons returned. I know that might be farfetched, but when i read all your comments, that's what i thought. And the other thing, maybe Melisandres magic gets boosted so much at the wall, that she can save Jon without the kiss of life.

      I would prefer if she didn't save Jon, because Victarian, who isn't nice to begin with, is even worse after the red priest saved him. GRRM hasn't painted a very nice picture of the red god, at least so it seems to me.

      Furthermore all of old nan's story contained kernels of truth, so if she spoke of ice dragons, then Jon could be the one to ride one of those (although i doubt it) and his burned hand shows, that he can resist the cold but not fire. I haven't read that he had frostbite up to now, while other rangers had to fight with that problem. Say the Stark family line is the cold resistant (benjen stark is coldhand) while the targaryens are the heat-resistent family. So these are my two cents. What do you think?

    • Enoch the Red 4 years ago

      Addendum: I do believe that Jon Snow will turn out the son of R+L. At first i thought that make his resistance to cold a folly, but what if the climate plays a roll. Dany was moved to a warm climate very young (heat resistance) while jon was moved to a very cold climate early on, plus he has stark blood. That Jon and Dany where moved to opposing ends of the world is a strong sign to me that there is some relation between them. Albeit in a fantasy story logic.

    • xhunter profile image

      xhunter 4 years ago

      GRRM has said that he does not read discussions of his series, so taking his word for it... NO. I know a lot of you are hoping for a Dhany & Jon romantic relationship, me not, at least not if they are related. Yes I know all about the Targaryen marrying relations but still....

    • Novizius 4 years ago

      someone mentioned catelyn and beric being zombie-like after being revived. catelyn may be but beric... he sounded pretty coherent and aware at the forest with arya and the hound, so why couldn't jon just come back with a few scars?. feeling a bit cursed alright, but also feeling like he can't leave the world just yet, as he might well be the only hope to keep the realm from falling into darkness (he doesn't know about dany). and he was told to keep Ghost close, so i guess the warg role comes in handy while waiting for your resurrection. also, claiming his targaryen blood because his stabbing wound was "smoking" well... it's pretty much winter in the north already... i could also speculate that his last lines read that "he only felt the cold"... so are the white walkers coming? not yet i hope.

      I definitely root for the three dragons theory (drogon for dany, viseryon for jon because of his targaryen blood and valyrian sword (which will eventualy will be engulfed in flames) and rhaegon the green for Bran; not because he's the new GREENseer but because he was told endless times that he would fly instead of walking (if the three eye crow meant changing skins with a raven or an eagle i would take an axe to his white rooty face). plus, if he's to replace brynden the former greenseer in the wooden throne, he won't care if he's not able to use his legs, will he?

      victarion greyjoy will help dany win the war and control the dragons with the horn. he will take her back to westeros and kill the crow's eye, but he will die by the hand of jorah mormont after trying to force her to marry.

      also, to me, the fact that coldhands is ben stark is as obvious as ser robert strong (the new kingsguard member and cersei's champion for her trial) being gregor "the mountain that walks" clegane revived by qyburn (who was probably dispossessed of his chain for really being a red priest of some sorts. apparently the red god is the only true and useful faith)

      i really think aegon is doomed, else he would never give up a dragon. maybe rhaegon was meant for him (being his father's namesake) but bran has to take over after his premature death.

      tyrion will be the lord of casterly rock and hand of the queen after barristan's death and sansa stark will fall for him just before dying murdered (she) by littlefinger. arya will end up with edric storm (who was put in a ship across the narrow sea) and inherit the lordship of Winterfell. gendry will be the new Baratheon lord. oh, and jaquen h'ghar is the kind priest already teaching arya in the temple in Braavos.

      went a little off topic there but i just finished dance of dragons and i'm on fire!

    • Karli 4 years ago

      Just finished Dance With Dragons, and I have to say, I think he's dead. I say this because his own sworn brothers of the night's watch murdered him! Now, if it were the wildlings, I'd say yeah, Melisandre would probably bring him back next book to be another Beric Dondarrion, but as his own men killed him, even if Melisandre did bring him back, where's he going to go? The Night's Watch obviously doesn't want him as Lord Commander anymore, he can't raise up the northmen because that's not his place (Stannis has most of the northerners in his back pocket, and the ones that he doesn't have are most likely going to fall to Bran and/or Rickon once they reappear) AND, he's a known sworn brother of the night's watch, and if you leave the watch, they hang you for an oath breaker. He's dead.

    • Bam369 4 years ago

      I don't think Jon is actually killed. Badly wounded he will somehow survive the assassination attempt. I think GRRM knew fans would jump to the "resurrected by the red woman" theory and that would help sustain them until the next book, but that has been done already with Beric/Catelyn and I don't think he will play that card again. I think Jon's warg powers will come into play. I could see him taking control of Wun Wun, like Bran does with Hordor, and using the giant to grab his injured body and escape. Jon will probably travel far into the north and be an important character in discovering the secrets of the white walkers.

      I think what that chapter was really intended to do was to show the death of the Night's Watch. Jon's reign as Lord Commander was doomed from the start because the NW has no chance against the cold winds that are rising and in WoW I suspect the Others will attack the wall and the NW will finally break and collapse. There is a perfect POV character in Melisandre for us to see this happen from.

      On the subject of the 3 dragon riders, my guess is Dany, Jon, and Aegon being that they all have Targaryen blood in them (assuming we are correct on Jon's parentage). Dany currently cannot really control the dragons and I think that is where the horn victarion is carrying will come into play. I suspect the old magic in it will bind the dragons to Targaryens.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Karli you're forgetting the wildlings- they're increasingly indebted to Jon Snow and could protect both him and Melisandre if she were to revive him. This could see Jon subsequently rule the wildlings, unite them with the Westerosi of the North and effectively deliver half the country to Dany when she arrives should he want to, be that as brother, husband or (ick) both.

    • bbop 4 years ago

      I always wondered how Jon and Robb were about the same age.. The thing is that Lord Manderly mentioned a fishermans wife that got Ned out of trouble. Maybe that was nothing.

      As for the dragons, I like Bran better than Aegon.

      Aegon is described as the 'perfect prince.' But we see him arguing with Jon Connington and itching for glory. He fits for me the description of the Knights of Summer mentioned earlier in the series. Aegon will most likely die in a vain attempt for glory, just as Jon Connington failed in another vain attempt for glory many years earlier.

      Jon Snow is clearly not dead. I like him being resurrected by Melisandre once she realizes that when she prayed for Azor Ahai and saw Jon Snow, that was the answer. I also liked the idea that he faked his own death since the retribution was so out of character for him. Remember that the titles of the chapters started being people's names as they appeared, rather than always who they were at the beginning. (Arya, Theon, Sansa)

      The Red God is NOT the only true god. Sure, he proves most useful (after dragons came around). But the old gods clearly have a base in truth, and don't forget the faceless god. While its mostly run by people, they somehow change their faces.

      The prophecy Cersei is always bitching about is clearly Dany. But her little brother who will kill her is clearly Jaime. He barely has any more use in the story.

      Far as Greyjoys, Asha will take Theon back for another kingsmoot, declaring that the first was unlawful since Theon has the best claim. I don't know about Victarion or Euron.

      But yeah, Jon Snow is not dead.

      If it doesn't explicitly say dead, he's not dead.

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Thanks for that Ed. I'd forgotten about the wildlings as well.

      I think that Dany is Azor Ahai, not Stannis, because she was born "in salt and smoke" (Robert's rebelion) she made dragons out of stone (Illyrio's gift at her wedding). Well, what do you think?

    • Novizius 4 years ago

      I think it's quite clear that Dany is Azor Azhai reborn as Rhys very well puts it, judging by all the signs already fulfilled.

      And bbop, the old gods seem to be more of a misconception made by the northmen, since the weirwoods are an extension of the greenseer, like signal receivers through which his power can reach easier, but not apparently not exclusively. the faceless god or the one with many faces seems to me more like a sect or a cult of ancient magically well-trained ninjas. the seven gods of the south and the drowned god have proved so far to be unanswering, useless, cruel and capricious (like ancient greek gods). but it is the red god who provides the prophecy which will save the world, resurrection, visions of the future that come to be true and guidance for the ones supposed to be somehow on a better hearted or more just side (jon, catelyn, beric dondarrion, victarion greyjoy and i'm guessing that once they reach dany, moqorro will serve her well too as that is why high priest benerro sent him for). it's a kind of dual-monotheistic religion, with one true god versus his evil nemesis, the former one coming to show the light to the world, resurrection... it's the closest thing to a westerosi christianity! oh my...

    • Benjamin Brčina 4 years ago

      no no no he is not dead he cannot be! He is my favorite character! he can't die!

    • sparklingcrystal profile image

      sparklingcrystal 4 years ago from Manila

      I hope he's not. He have to live. I just hope that he and the remaining Starks will be reunited.

    • Gabriel 4 years ago

      MY THEORY. Jon is the son of R&L true Lord of winterfeild King of the North. His mother is Ned older sister. SO son comes before Uncle IN the line of succession. And his father was a prince. The Dragon has 3 heads. so his half sister D and cousin. A are the 3 dragons. D was said to have 2 husbands.A&J. A being the True king. Jon will be hand of the king. And D will be over the small courts.

    • Msumc 25 4 years ago

      There is no way he is dead. My reasoning is as follows...Jon has let thousands of Wildings south of the wall and now they out number the Nightswatchmen 3 or 5 to 1. Jon is the only one holding this fragile alliance together and if the crows kill him they have all basically signed their own death warrents. I believe the giant or Wildings will have rescued him and he will have survived with serious wounds. If he comes back as anything else but human Martin is an ass clown. Plus Jon has helped Stannis and aided in getting men to fight for him if they kill Jon Stannis's wrath will come down on them as well. It's all but assumed that he Lynnana and Rhaegar's child so he has to have more of a roll in the end game of the story. Although I'd love to see him released from his vows from the watch on the condition he takes all the wildlings with him and he comes to Stannis's aide crushing the Boltons. I think the others will attack and they will need all hands on deck.

    • zombie kill of the week 4 years ago

      robert strong is gregor - sandor is also alive, he is the grave digger brienne sees on the isle with the monks. he found peace, his story is done. pretty sure i'm right.

      jon will ride viserion, viserion named after viserys, dany's brother, another hint at jon being her blood relative. pretty sure i'm right.

      the long private conversation with tormund before jon's death, tormund and jon are switched by melisandre's glamour. maybe i'm right.

      jon is actually dead, don't have my copy here but I think I remember a wolf howling as jon died, ghost never made a sound yet he would be the only wolf there. also the name ghost is possibly somehow related to jon's death. probably not right, but maybe i'm right.

      overall there are great theories here so keep it up yall. I especially found it interesting to whoever noted that both jon and dany were moved to separate ends of the earth pretty much, as well as the Howland Reed secret keeper speculations.

      I just hope GRRM doesn't die from complications of being fat before he finishes or at the VERY LEAST leaves a complete and detailed outline of the entire story with a competent lawyer with instructions to deliver them to the zombie of JRR tolkien to complete this saga.

    • zombie kill of the week 4 years ago

      add on: robert strong/gregor clegane doesn't remove his helmet because he is a product of some sort of Qyburn sorcery. Which involved the removal of his skull. That or his pretty face is just fine and that is simply one of the overlarge dwarf skulls that Cersei collected and was sent to Dorne. Go back and re-read the parts of the books that mention the parts I mentioned. ;)

    • zombie kill of the week 4 years ago

      last but not least, the letter from Ramsey to Jon may have been fabricated by Jon and Tormund is in on it. The purpose was to lead up the faked death by use of glamours between Tormund and Jon, thereby giving Jon the chance to do some secret squirrel stuff. By that I mean he has a plan that requires some secrecy on his part. However I can't see him ever truly and willfully abandoning his vows to the watch in the long run. Thus whatever this secret plan involves is not meant to free him from the vows, but in the long run that inadvertently happens. We shall see, eventually...

    • zombie kill of the week 4 years ago

      ooh oooh! Ghost, white with red eyes. Think about it, allusion to azor ahai's ghost. This is a visual interpretation of the character fire and ice theories! Hell, even the name "ghost". Don't know exactly how he will play it, but jon, the direwolf ghost, and azor ahai are going to be intertwined and become one. GRRM is all for plot twists and speculation about his foreshadowing, but I've started to see that some of his biggest twists are in such outstandingly obvious plain sight that we readers overlook them.

    • Doberman 4 years ago

      Do not forget the wights below wall's cells. Jon had some experiences on them may be some warg stuff

    • snake 4 years ago

      I think, John Snow is "dead" but will rise again like the black brother with Bran. Being dead, John Snow is released from his duties on the wall.

      He can later find Dany and Victorian and use the Dragon Horn to control the dragons... He will be "dead" so the horn won't hurt him.

      -Some admitted holes in this theory --

      The black brother with bran (who I think is Benjen Stark) can't go beyond the wall. So I don't know how this will affect John (maybe he is south of the wall so it doesn't matter, or maybe the wall will come down latter with the other horn that I believe Sam found (the broken horn).)

      Dragons are fire, the black brother is ice. They don't seem to mix. But perhaps that is the whole thing, "Song of fire and ice" and only the dead john snow can control the fire of dragons.

    • Keith 4 years ago

      Didn't read all the comments, but may the Jon Snow that was stabbed wasn't Jon Snow just like the Mance Rayder that burned wasn't Mance Rayder but was the Lord of Bones. Just a thought.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Yes, there's been a couple of glamour theories. Definitely possible, but I favour him being dead in at least some small way so as to release him from his vows.

    • Jezz 4 years ago

      IMHO, Jon Snow is an important character in this serie. «Song of fire and ice» and «Son of fire and ice» is pretty close ... just saying ;)

    • Toby 4 years ago

      The woman who has visited Dany a few times, Quaithe? Did she not say "To go South, you must go North?" Or the other way around. I feel that with that statement, along with the Rhaegar-Lyanna theory, that Dany must run into Jon Snow as one of the "three heads." Plus, Maester Aemon said with his dying words that Melisandra must be told that Stannis is not the chosen one but that Dany is, and that Jon falls into the direct category of Beric (someone whose importance in the world has not been fulfilled yet). However, does anyone think that Stannis could be the Third Head? it has been mentioned several times that he has Targaryien blood and I would find it strange that Melisandra was completely wrong about Stannis (plus she has a strong connection to Jon Snow).

    • Toby 4 years ago

      I'd also like to point out, that the prologue to ADWD was complete foreshadowing to Jon coming back as Ghost. I believe there will be at least one chapter in which Jon is a Direwolf. However, Jon will be resurrected, that much I believe is clear. Beric is obvious foreshadowing to this event as well, especially since Catelyn turned into Stoneheart because she was dead too long, but since Jon's consciousness is preserved in Ghost he should be fine.) On a sidenote... does anyone else see George R.R. Martin's comparison between Catelyn and Cersei? Reading the books over and over, I find them to be almost the same exact person.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      I'm currently re-reading and I'd forgotten how much of a shit Catelyn is- it's easily overlooked or dresse up as being protective of her family, but actually she's a fairly unapologetic bitch.

      This led new to think about women in asoiaf generally; the only ones who are in any way esteemable and not mean or duplicitous, are quite masculine- Dany being an exception.

    • Nat Knowles 4 years ago

      In Dance Of Dragons Melisandre is continually warning Jon Snow about the daggers that he can't see, and that he should trust her.

      Perhaps Melisandre will 'resurrect' Jon Snow as Thoros did to both Beric and Catelyn.

      On another note, what happened to the wights/dead frozen bodies Jon locked up in the coldrooms? Are those two going to play quite a key part just like the two that attacked the Old Bears study did?

      Also, when Dany finally arrives won't the wights be easy pickings for her three dragons- Is that what is meant by the song of Ice and Fire; the great battle?

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      I know it's hard to think about with jon being stabbed ( not dead), but what happened to ser kevin lannister, is he dead? Also, when is Winds of Winter coming out?

    • Willsib 4 years ago

      I'd like to point out to you edd that there are actually several characters who are morally good throughout the novels, for instance Davos seaworth, who's possibly the most morally correct of all the characters, not to mention Edd stark, robb, barristan selmy, quentyn martell, daenaerys, Sam tarly, brienne of tarth, Beric dondarrion, maester aemon, to name but a few.

      As for theories, it seems unlikely Jon won't make another appearance in one form or another or else there would be no way to follow the story on the wall, apart from melisandre who I would consider only a minor POV character, and there still seems rather too many unanswered questions surrounding him.

      Oh and Kevin lannister is 100% definitely dead. Barry's knows what he's doing...

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Thanks Willsib!

      But that still doesn't answer my question about Winds of Winter. I don't want to start my book about the Borgias, only then for Winds Of Winter to come out, because I'd get frustrated at trying to read two things... and one of them would go on th fire!!!!

    • Xantheus 4 years ago

      You all seem to be missing something =) If there isn't a Wall there is no need for The Nightwacth. What im saying is the Wall is coming down.

    • SergioRGentile profile image

      SergioRGentile 4 years ago

      I believe that Jon Snow isn't dead, in fact, I believe that anyone who was stabbed was not Jon Snow. I will explain my theory: when he goes to talk to the queen, the Melisandre's ruby was shining, just as it was when she was with Rattleshirt. And how his wolf growled at him? I believe she did the same with Jon what she had done with Mance. Now, where is Jon Snow?

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      I have been wondering about this, all the glamouring and so on. I can't decide whether GRRM has put it in there as misdirection or whether it's what's going to turn out to be the truth.

      I'm in the middle of re-reading the books and it's just making me depressed all over again that it's going to be so long until TWOW is out.

    • deealvar profile image

      deealvar 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      Jon Snow will rise from the flames. Melisandre already was taking a liking to him and seeing him in her flames when she was asking to see Stannis. Jon will be risen from the dead but will he continue with the watch or join Melisandre? Hoping him and Theon somehow unite and Lord Greyjoy can find a way to redeem himself when it comes to the Starks! Do you have any Kraken articles Edward William? What is dead may never die!

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Is winds of winter the last book in the series? If so, when does it come out!?

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Hi Rhys,

      He's said repeatedly that he's going to do seven books, so Winds of Winter would be the second to last. Personally I think he's going to struggle to fit it into seven books.

      I've done a hub about it here....

    • Jason 4 years ago

      When George RR Martin kills a character, there is rarely any room for vagueness. There is no beating around the bush, so if it's questionable, he is probably alive. Until he writes about a decapiation/sewing of his direwolf's head onto his body, chances are good he's alive.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      Jason: And even then, you don't really know. Bran dreamed or "saw" in a vision a man with a wolf's head - I thought this was referring to Bran's own Warg abilities, but now...who knows. Let's list characters who have "come back" from the dead:

      Catelyn Stark: throat cut, thrown in river, comes back as zombie Lady Stoneheart.

      Coldhands: Some Night's Watch brother, possibly Benjen Stark or another character (See Edward's article, "Who is Coldhands?" at

      All of the Wights. I think that the first wight Jon Snow fought was someone he or Lord Mormount recognized, if I'm remembering wight.

      Khal Drogo - brought back to life by Mirri Maz Door, later killed by Daenerys.

      All of the Greyjoys have been drowned and brought back to life at least once as part of the Drowned God's religious ritual.

      People who have been thought dead, but weren't:

      Bran and Rickon




      So it seems that death and resurrection are a recurring theme in these novels. I think that Rob Stark may return in some form....and boy, will he be pissed.

    • jimbo 4 years ago

      I personally agree with the notion that he is in fact dead, but being so his oath to the nights watch is complete, and now he's free to seek the revenge he obviously wants, As soon as Melisandre gives him the red kiss or whatever they called it when thoros of myr gave it to berric dondarion.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      Jon Snow can not be dead. GRRM is playing off the stregnth of killing Eddard in the first book; as a means to misdirect. Jon snow is the love child of Eddard's sister Lyanna and Reagar Targarian, making him cousin to Danny. Snow's "Stark" roots make him a warg like Bran. Danny has three dragons; one for her and two for the wargs.

      I wouldn't be surprised if, in the next book, Jon occupies the giant's body and kills all who oppose him at the wall.

      Dragons will be the key to freeing the South from what lies beyond the wall; look for Jon to resurface in the "Winds of Winter".

    • Evan 4 years ago

      For those who think Aegon could be the third head of the dragon and is a real Targaryen forget the warning the Quaithe gave to dany "... and beware the mummer's dragon." Varys was originally part of a mummers troop and this Aegon is his revelation

    • 4 years ago

      Or Jon Snow could come back as a wight and we'd truly learn what wights are

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      Thanks again Ed!!!!

      But when is Winds of winter coming out!!?

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Wish I knew chap, I'd have a deposit on it already.

    • Jay 4 years ago

      I really hope Jon is not died i dnt think he will be. I really believe that Jon has a sign of destany about him!!

    • Rhys 4 years ago

      True Ed!

      But what really anoys me, is that at some point the story will have to end. I think that the Starks will end up on top because they have suffered so much, and I really don't think that GRRM is that mean. But what do you think Ed!!!?

    • Omer 4 years ago

      i don't think he's dead, also, you forget about millesendra, sorry if i midpelled her name. like Thorus, Sorry if i mispelled -his- name, she can ressurect people, she can also disguise people as others.. idk, but i don't think it's the last of him.

    • Clancy 4 years ago

      The key to the scene just before he is killed is they "talked for two hours." Obviously some sort of plan was hatched to allow Snow to "die" so that he can do something he needs to do. Just like when Halfhand made him become a Wildling.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      I'm starting to think that's the case. It would explain why Jon would do something so out of character as deciding to go after the Bastard. All part of some sort of ruse no doubt.

    • Htp 4 years ago

      Sadly, I think Jon Snow died.

      And if he died, my hope is that he won't be ressurected. It is my understanding that the residents of castle black (wildnings and black brothers alike) are pretty much terrified by reanimated corpeses and would most likley burn poor Jon on the spot!

      And if he runs south and gets caught, he will be executed for a deserter. "Please don't kill me. You see, my watch has ended! It so happens that I was killed and then brought back to life! Which means im free". Who'd believe that? :)

      And If he survived the stabbings, which I don't see is very likley because the stabbers would most likley want him dead and after only four stab wounds Jon totally lost unconsciousness.

      But if he did somehow survive, doesn't his future looks really bleak? Winter has come and Jon starts it out being very badly wounded with every other black brother hating him and ploting to kill him.

      And Jon isn't much of a skinchanger, he sometimes manages to warg into Ghost in his dreams but he is not Bran nor Varamyr. He shouldn't be able to warg into anything, especially not in the brink of death.

      It grieves me to say that I think he's dead and will not be back in any way shape or form.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      I don't think he would necessarily be reanimated on the spot, rather several days later, quietly and away from prying eyes and stabbing hands. I also think he would be safe if he went South, given that he would be protected by a horde of wildlings, a red priestess, and the fact that he's already dead.

    • Enoch the Red 4 years ago

      I think IF jon is the son of R&L, he is not dead. Why? Only because GRRM would not kill him before this secret is revealed to him. After that he would be fair game, though. ;)

    • JonFan 4 years ago

      I truly hope Jon is not dead! In all the books he never think with his heart, always with his head- he refuse to be Lord of Winterfell, he didn't go to help Bran and Rickon when he could have, so rushing to fight with Ramsey Snow is somehow out of character for him. And let's not forget that Tormund was the right hand of Mance when he was Prince Beyond the wall, so what is more naturall than him going to save Mance, instead of Jon- going to make The Bastard of Bolton answer for his words.

      Also, i never saw here anything about Sansa Stark. I think she is quite misunderstand- she is weak, and believe in the good knights, but lets not forget that Little finger is her "teacher" now- he is teaching her the rules of The Game of trones. And what he said about Cercei was a prophecy - Once she succeded in her game sat on The Iron Tron, she really didn't know what to do with all her power and we saw what happened to her. So how about the prophecy about the young and beautiful queen who will replace her to be Sansa Stark (Littlefinger is too low-born to have any hold to the Iron Tron alone).

      That will leave us with Dani - she will have to fight the weights at the Wall, together with her dragons.

    • JonFan 4 years ago

      Also i will love to see some payback for the betrayal of the Frey's, lets not forget that they broke the sacred vow of the hospitality. Theon Greyjoy got his punishment fast and hard after he betrayed Robb and Winterfell, i hope something will put the Frey' down on their knees as well.

      Its very interesting if Dani will find real love? Quentin Martel was scared of her, Victarion want her just to wound his brother Crow's eye, Aegon want to use her dragons. I wonder...

      I do hope Tyrion find his first true wife.

    • Rai 4 years ago

      I'll think Death or near-death i necessary for Jon Snow to learn properly the way of skin changing. He's not dead. either he will control Ghost or the giant.

    • FlickEmelia 4 years ago

      I was so excited to find this thread. The stabbing of Jon Snow was such a shock, I had to re-read it several times before it sank in. Such a testament to GRRM's writing that in a series containing so many character "deaths," that I truly didn't see this coming at all.

      The two lines that make me think Jon will not die or stay dead are:

      "I think we had best change the plan," Jon Snow said.

      They talked for the best part of two hours.

      Oh to have been a fly on the wall in that room!

      I can't wait to see what happens. Understatement of the century!

    • jonsson 4 years ago

      Ittina i don't think Jon Snow has dragon blood of Rhaegar. Remember that he has a scar on his hand due to fire in the first book.

    • tville84 4 years ago

      If Jon is really Rhaegar and Lyanna's son then that makes Dany his aunt not his half sister or cousin. Everybody keeps getting that wrong. lol. And it would also make Jon and Aegon half brothers. It would make the most sense if Dany, Jon, and Aegon were the dragon riders because they are Targaryen blood. Bran being a rider makes no sense he is just a Stark and is going to be an old god. Aegon is conquering the South, Jon can conquer the North, and Dany can come in through the East. Aegon would be the rightful heir being the firstborn son of Rhaegar, and Dany can't have kids anyway but will have fullfilled the prophecy and brought the dragons back into power. She might go back east and be queen there. Jon can be hand or have king in the north.

    • Paxton Stark 4 years ago

      I hope Jon is not dead, and I suspect that he is not. He has a lot of supporters as well as those stupid detractors. I think he lives; or at least, comes back as another Cold Hands type guy.

      By the by, I think Cold Hands is Benjen Stark.

    • WritingPrompts profile image

      Karen 4 years ago from The Garden of Eugene (Oregon)

      I hope Jon is not dead, at least not permanently. My best argument is that Tyrion dies at least 4 times in book 5... or at least we got chapters that made it look that way. I think Jon will be back in the next book one way or another.

    • Pt1121 4 years ago

      Ok I haven't really read many of the posts but my opinion on the matter is Jon is not dead because he his the child Raeghar and Lyana stark making him fire from his dad and ice from his mom. As my proofread book 1 pg 380-381 or whole chapter for context. Knowing how honorable Ned was he never would have cheated and why would her last request be so difficult to completeif it was just to bury her up north. And remember she made Ned swear a promise when she died surrounded by blood and flowers.

    • Grumpie 4 years ago

      Maybe the red priestess used the same trick on Jon as she did on the king beyond the wall.

    • Rob 4 years ago

      I believe Jon isn't dead, because the book series title is a song of ice and fire and the two main characters Daenarys (Fire) and Jon (ice) An killing off Jon would only leave Arya (who is in The Faceless Men)and Sansa (who is in The Vale) as Characters Who could possibly represent the Ice part of title, and also he is Sallhador Saan reborn. I think this because he dreampt he was wieldin Lightbringer , and Melisandre's throat ruby always glows around Jon; her ruby only glows around sources of magic wjich if Jon was Sallhador Saan reborn would qualify him as being magical. Those are my two facts Thanks for Taking the time to read this.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      Isn't Sallhador Saan that pirate chappy?

    • TheGreatjon 4 years ago

      My guess is he dies and either... 1) lives on as Ghost 2) is dead.. just dead 3) That Melisandre brings him back with the kiss of life

    • Monica R. 4 years ago

      I think Rob meant Azor Ahai.

    • Monica R. 4 years ago

      Although I did get a good chuckle envisioning Jon come back as Davos' good mate - Martin would've really thrown us all for a loop there!

    • ratty 4 years ago

      and what about all the hands??

      Victarion's hand is burnt, Jaime's is golden, cold hands are black, jon's is burnt as well...what is that all about?

    • ratty 4 years ago

      maybe victarion's hand was burnt and cured by the red priest m0rqo(¿?) to open the way for melissandre curing jon's knife wounds with fire...?

      i don't think he necessarily needs to die and be freed of his responsabilty as Lord Commander of the Night Watch. Of course as a Stark he is honour-bound and would never betray his Oath, but if he is also a Targaryaen (Rhaegar's son) , we may be about to see his true Targaryaen colours. He may be about to break his vows to the Nights Watch (justified or not) in quest of justice.

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      If in fact Jon Snow died from the knife wounds, the chapter still ends with him feeling the cold. This may lead to his character being reborn as a wight. Although many will be unsatisfied that their favorite character is a mindless zombie, I think the Starks may react significantly to the cold of the North and will be the same person (traits, feelings, etc.). This goes to me being convinced Coldhands is Benjen Stark.

      But still no one will know for sure until the sixth installment is released. I do hope he lives because, like many, he is my favorite character in the series and one of the most developed in the book.

    • kw colorado profile image

      kw colorado 4 years ago from colorado

      Ratty: You're right about the "hand" motif in the books. Even the office of chief of staff of the iron throne is called the Hand of the King. My guess is that the hand symbolizes power, and the holding of power. First Ned Stark, the King's Hand, holds power - then it is taken out of his "hand", when he hands over Robert's document to Queen Cersei, who tears it up. So power is taken away from him because he literally "hands it over."

      Tyrion is the Hand's minion, (the Hand's hand), then is Hand himself for a while, until again, Cersei takes it away by trying to assassinate him. Jaime's literal physical hand is chopped off, when he is taken captive by brigands. The Starks didn't do that to him, but his own side, more or less, did, when he began to be more of a nuanced character who follows his own conscience rather than just the Queen's wishes. Jon's hand is burnt when he confronts a wight - which is partly why I think that this foreshadows how important the wights will be later in the story. Notice, too, that Jon's hand survived the burning, although he is scarred. This bodes well for his being able to overpower the wight menace in the last books - and no, I don't think that Jon is truly dead.

      Davos had his finger joints chopped by order of Stannis, losing his power as a smuggler, but gaining power as a counselor and adviser, and later, officially a Hand.

      Littlefinger holds power surreptitiously, sneaking around and manipulating the Stark family in order to increase his own power.

      Definitely, along with ice and fire and Dragons, hands are a major motif and symbol in this series. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Alec 4 years ago

      I refuse to read the end of ADWD or continue the story until i read a spoiler confirming that he is still alive. I am sick of GRRM killing off/rendering useless the few characters that I care about. Without exagerration, Jon Snow was the only remaining character I gave a damn about after the deaths of Eddard and Robb and the maiming of Jaime essentially rendering him a useless ponce.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 4 years ago from UK

      You're not interested in Tyrion or Arya?

      I agree, he does love killing people who are actively contributing to making the books interesting.

      I think killing Ned was essential though, with him gone there's so much more propensity for the Stark kids to stand or fail on their own merit.

    • carolina 4 years ago

      If moroqo cured victarions hand, I think melisandre will have the power to help Jon Snow. I still think that Jon Snow its going to be pretty important in the future books. Another thing that have me intrigued is when mormonts crow said "Jon Snow", and Jon Snow thinks to himself " I didn't remember that the crow knew my complete name, he only sais to me snow", so I think that there could be some relation with Bran and his new developed powers

    • williamivers 4 years ago

      Too often we have been led down this road by George. Too often we are thinking that someone is gone and they are not. Since Melisandre is nearby and knowing the power of Rhllor and the red priests (remember how many times Beric Dondarrion was brought back to life before finally giving up the ghost to bring Catelyn back. No, we have not seen the last of Jon Snow. Melisandre for her part has been spiralling between good and evil as well. She reminds me of the ancient slogan Might makes Right. As far as Mance is concerned, it appears now that he has been captured by Bolton (per the letter, though this is not an absolute certainty since Bolton also claims to have killed Stannis and taken his sword.) My guess is that Mance either had a similar sword or has Jon's sword with him. Jon is grievously wounded for sure but just as sure is that he go to the rescue of Winterfell and Stannis (probably seen by Melisandre who also saw that the ships sent to rescue the hapless free folk are all lost as well). No there is a subplot here and Melisandre is at the center of it. Jon also needs to rescue Val from the possible clutches of Selyse and her henchmen. Melisandre needs to protect Val and Gilly's child from them and saw that this was the perfect opportunity. Jon knows that the rescue of the free folk will not be easy and also that the rescue of Stannis and Winterfell is necessary to save the wall. He also knows that he can trust no one at the wall and needs to accomplish his deeds in secrecy. Melisandre has already saved Mance Rayder and Davos Seaworth from certain death. She likes Jon Snow (has stated that several times and has seen him in her fires). In fact, Jon may not at this moment know his own fate or what she has in store for him. Ramsey Bolton is mad and could care less about what the real purpose of the wall is. He is more of a danger than the Wildlings ever were.

      Bran on the other hand has already made his new presence known by affecting Reek to the point that returned to being Theon. The one character that I wish was still around -- Sandor Clegane.

    • krysto4 4 years ago

      Jon attacked by plot of deceit from Ramsay. Ramsey sent word to Queen's men, who leak false news of Jon's plot to betray the watch to the brothers.

    • Nikki 4 years ago

      I think that we have seen the "death" of Jon Snow's moral character as a young man. He is unsure of himself as a commander of the nights watch and by extension, that mindset would have him refuting the possibility that he should be a ruler of the free world (pun intended). He has been told his entire life that he is less than worthy, and has been forced to remain, well in a sense, tame. He had to "die" to become warged with Ghost for an extended amount of time, unleashing his wild(-ling) side to realize his full potential. Don't get me wrong, I think he will still have a solid moral compass, but will come back slightly unhinged. He will have left his boyhood fears and doubts behind. He will become a man.

    • AkHiLLeUS 4 years ago

      What's wrong with Martin????

    • joshua 4 years ago

      If john is the son of fire an ice.I think he will need something big to bring out the power if fire. There to be some one to lead the fight in.john is the only

      character who will fight for the hole relam. I believe the next time we read about j.s he will have silver hair an be all most dead in the ice cells.

    • Enoch the Red 4 years ago

      I still think that there are Ice Dragons under the wall and Jon will be the one to wake them. There are some hints at Ice Dragons and i think it is like the reversed ritual from Dany. She needed fire, Jon needs ice. They will bring him to the ice cells to keep him fresh until the bastard arrives and something will happen with the wights, Jon and the wall. It is only an inkling, but to me it seems quite probable.

    • Enoch the Red 4 years ago

      One hint, that there could be dragons under the wall, is that Melisandres magic works much better at the wall and the alchemists see a connection between the return of the dragons and the increased power of their spells. In Danys Karth-chapter the same comparison is drawn. There are others, which i can spell out because i "must needs" to look them up. ;)

    • Gorion 4 years ago

      He's dead and he will come back ... first in his wolf and after some time melisindre will find a way!! She must!!!

    • ScienceOfLife profile image

      ScienceOfLife 4 years ago

      Daenerys was reborn in FIRE and blood. She burned her sorceress, trading a life for new life.

      Jon could be reborn in ICE (and 'amidst smoke and salt', as per one of many prophecies).

      This could become the main of the Song of Ice and Fire.

      I hope Jon was killed or mortally wounded, but somehow "preserved" within the power of the Wall, and I hope that Melisandre doesn't touch him as many speculate she will. She's bad news, bad at her craft, and foolish. Although Jon was also foolish for ignoring her warnings: 'daggers in the dark'.

      I hope Daenerys lands in Westeros, goes to Starfall, retrieves their ancestral greatsword Dawn, brings it north to the Wall, meets the Reeds, learns of Jon's true parentage, seeks out Jon who's "preserved" somehow in Magic Wall Ice, finds a way to "revive" him as Azor Ahai, and they make sexy, sexy war on the Others.

      But this won't happen.

    • The Celt 4 years ago

      Think about Julius Caesar. His death and Jon's are very similar. How about this. Jon Snow is dead...Howland Reed tells the story of Jon being the son R+L...which in turn leads everyone learning that the only hope for humanity, Jon Snow, is dead. Then Dany shows up with her dragons and burns all the bad dudes to crisp shit...none of this will happen, but I think it's an interesting twist.

      Jon Snow isn't dead. What everyone is saying on here makes logical sense.

    • ScienceOfLife profile image

      ScienceOfLife 4 years ago

      I read once someone saying something like "Smoke, salt, ice? That's how you preserve fish, specifically herring. Jon Snow = Red Herring?!"

      Food for thought?! But no I agree with the previous commenter actually, except that I don't think Jon will necessarily turn out to be the hero everyone expects. Nor Danaerys. In fact, I wonder if she'll end up in a forced marriage to Stannis after a failed invasion, assuming all goes well for Stannis in the north.

    • Inconcessus 4 years ago

      I wish he is dead and later revived by the Others to lead their armies of wights, with the recent wars there is an abundance of corpses. Seriously I hope all or at least most of Westeros becomes a frozen and barren wasteland in the next book.

    • nameless 4 years ago

      i hope,that he isn't dead...there must be some explanation what hapenned...why would GRRM create so amazing character just to kill him without the reason...why would he write about him so much? this story about his mother....why he would put it there if he didn't want us to know it?and how we can know it when there is no jon anymore? it doesn't make sense.he must stay alive in any way of know about him.he had the story,he had a traits,he had a hadn't....he HAS,cause i don't believe he is dead....and what about ghost?what would they do with him?he was angry this day and also the raven,but...tormund was there with all the wildlings he many cases they were better people than others on the south of the wall...i think they will help him,kill all the bad boys in night watch an make it as honorable as it was in the past...he must live for the people who need him...for killing white walkers...and also he can't die without knowing his brothers are still a tree maybe as in bran's case...and he must know about his mother....and maybe that ned wasn't his father as in theory about lyanna and rhaegar...and he must tel catelyn about it...that's becaouse she is still alive i think...she can't die with pain in her heart cause ned had a bastard....ok,i shoud stop this effort to explain something in english, but be with me and thik jon isn't dead because of reasons i mentioned above...

    • nameless 4 years ago

      and maybe the wildling will find some way to save him not in the way like r'hlor saves people when they are looking as zombies with all the wounds...maybe they will take him to bran and the children of the forest....and they will save him in nice way and he will look like before...or maybe he will be something like coldhands....coldhands seems to be benjen stark or other stark of night watch...maybe starks can't be wights so they stay in the middle...and maybe jon will have black hands (doesn't matter cause one of his hand is already burned) and will be so fine as now...

    • novlio 4 years ago

      Might not have been Jon. Don't forget that the sorceress can make anyone look like anyone else if they wear the right stuff. She may have put a spell on someone to be a Jon decoy because of her visions.

    • TBlank 4 years ago

      has anyone considered the possibility that a warg can inhabit a wight? or that perhaps a warg can't truly be turned into a wight? maybe that's how Benjen was able to be turned into a wight but still stay the man he was.

    • erik 4 years ago

      He is not dead. Reread the Melisandre chapter in A Dance of Dragons and you read that she sees Jon as a man then a wolf then a man in her visions in the flames.

    • Brimstone 4 years ago

      Fire will heal his wounds and his mother is a wolf and his father is a Dragon only two dragons still live he is tied to that one the white dragon

    • Faith 4 years ago

      Here's my theory about jon death. He is dead, therefore bowen marsh and the other black brother's decided to burn jon's body because they are afraid he might rise again as wight. So they burn his body, but what happens is that he rises again from the fire, not as wight, but as a Azor Ahai reborn amidst smoke and salt (smoke from the fire, salt from tears also assuming he is R+L=J because for him to be azor ahai he needs to be rhaegar son, He would be the grandson of Aerys and Rhaella and thus come from their line.) well, that's what i think and ignoring the possibility of wildlings help jon when he is stab (if the wildlings help then jon should have survived)

    • Howie 4 years ago

      What if its not Jon who gets stabbed, but its Thormund or Mance. Melisandre could have made the illusion again. before he gets stabbed he says he couldn't find his sword. It might then be Thormund or Mance. Melisandre could have changed Jon as early as when Mance travels from Castle Black. Also Ghost doesn't follow him as much as he used to do.

    • Some Dude 4 years ago

      But it's from Jon's POV, so we can be fairly sure it's Jon. And Ghost is chained up, which is why he's not with him.

      He struggles for his sword because he's panicking amidst the chaos Wun Wun creates in tearing up Ser Patrek. Bowen Marsh cries as he says 'For the watch', because in a way he loves Jon. But what Jon does is, truly, a betrayal of the Night's Watch vows.

      I think Jon will return, somehow, but he won't be the same Jon we know and love. He'll be darker, less honourable, and deadly.

    • Hotel66 4 years ago

      It's too bad because I always thought that eventually Jon Snow would join up with Danerys Targaryen when she came to conquer Westeros. She would take her dragons and conquer the Lannisters and the Ironmen and he would keep the Whites from coming South past the wall.

      George Martin gets much of his inspiration from Wars of the Roses and other medieval historic events that are filled with stories of the "good guy" dying. In Wars of the Roses there are a few great characters that die that are similair to Game of Thrones.

      York Vs. Lancaster and Stark vs. Lannister is an example of how similair the plots are. In wars of the Roses York-the champion of the people- wants to take down House Lancaster and the evil Queen Margaret of Anjou and her evil court faction. York ends up with his head on a spike, but his son, unlike Rob Stark, avenges him and defeats the evil Queen Maragret and the Lancasters. He becomes King Edward IV, but not before he sees his father's rotting head hanging from the walls of a city.

      I think george Martin uses these types of great tragedies to make the story interesting and to keep the "good guys" from always winning.

      I am a big Jon Snow fan and I was really pissed when he apparently gets killed, and like everybody else I am hoping he somehow lives, but I wouldn't be that surprised if George Martin really had him killed because it would follow the trend of tragedy he uses.

      On the otherhand it is hard for me to get myself to fully believe that Jon would be killed. Why would George Martin kill Eddard Stark and then Rob and Catelyn and then Jon as well? Brandon is already crippled and so that would leave only Rickon who is too young to make any difference at all for at least another 10 years.

      So if Jon is killed that would officially mean that Eddard Stark cannot be avenged by any of his sons, at least for a long time. Catelyn could do some revenge in her strange state as the Boogey Woman, but that wouldn't be the same.

    • LordArse 4 years ago

      Pg. 807 of ADwD hard cover: " but Ashara's daughter had been stillborn , and his fair lady had thrown herself from a tower soon after, mad with grief from the child she had lost, and perhaps from the man who had dishonored her at Harrenhall as well.....if I had unhorsed Rhaegar and crowned Ashara queen of love and beauty, might she have looked tk me instead of Stark?

      To me this paragraph is more than ample evidence that Jon Snow is in fact Lyanna Starks son, and thus more than likely also Rhaegars son as well. Ned Stark did in fact have a bastard with Ashara Dayne. Barristan confirms it. But also confirms that the child was stillborn, thus cannot be Jon Snow, in addition to the fact that it is mentioned that the stillborn child is a girl. Add this to the evidence to the subject that has already been presented and you find a compelling case for L+R.

      Given all the clues GRRM leaves throughout the series, I would find it hard to believe Jon Snow to be dead, given that this hasn't been reveiled in the plot yet.

      A little off topic, but had anyone noticed how certain important characters killed their mothers during child birth? ( Tyrion, Daenarys, and Jon) for starters were born as their mothers died. I wonder what significance this could hold. Perhaps those three are all people from The Age of Heroes reborn? Thoughts?

    • nokkels 4 years ago

      Jon must die just as Danny neaded to. He needs to "become a man" If the main title Is "a song of Ice and Fire" (not fire and ice whitch would have been easier to read) the two ancient enemies has there champions.

    • jon snow lives 4 years ago

      I believe Jon Snow lives because his wounds are described as to be "smoking". This could mean that he has been enchanted in some way by Melisandre similar to what happened to Victarion. Secondly as he is being attacked he is somewhat paralyzed could this be the point Mellisandre is casting some spell to save his life. Even if none of this sounds plausible I still believe there is some significance to his wounds "smoking" and not steaming.

    • Jake 3 years ago

      I think that Melisandre could posibly reserect Jon Like what Thoros did to Beric Dondarrion and what Dondarrion dit to catelyn???

    • GermanDude 3 years ago

      I can imagine pretty much everything, because GRRM never preferred the obvious, predictible way for his characters. We all wanted to see Ary ending up as master assassin, getting her revenge on Cercei and everyone else. But that won't happen. Everyone thought Dany would march west with her army at the end of ASoS, but then she had to face down-to-earth problems ruling her kingdom. In his way GRRM has always been realistic about his story. I also don't see Dany on the iron throne. I guess her fate and purpose is the endgame against the others. Nothing more. Because she is Azor Ahai reborn. It is more likely for me, that Aegon sets things straight in the southern parts of Westeros, while the north is invaded by the others. Winter finally came the citadel told us, and so do the others. And we know GRRM said the WoW will start with Victarion and the iron fleet launching their attack on slaver bay. I guess Dany will come down south with her dragon and Jhaquo's khalasar. There has to be some sort of struggle with Jhaquo, but Dothraki respect strenght and power and Dany got a dragon... And even a defeated iron fleet leaves enough ships left to carry an army to Westeros.

      I don't want Jon to be dead, but I think he eihter survives without some sort of witchcraft or dies. Perhaps the attack triggers the wildlings to take over the control at the wall. They populated every fortress of the NW and got the numbers to do so. But the "survive in Ghost" idea is the one I like the least...but then again, why mentioned GRRM the wildling skinchanger who kind of survived in his wolf? I also wonder if Stannis has been really captured or Ramsay just caught Mance who told him everything he knew.

      And no one mentions Sansa. She is also a Stark and I see Littlefinger as a big player in the endgame.

      And who took the identity of that citadel apprentice and why? After all he was able to change his face...

      I hope GRRM works fast. Don't get me wrong, I love his work, but he most likely gets a heart attack at KFC chewing on some hot wings within the next few years...Chilean coal miners live healthier.

    • 3 years ago

      Jon is my favourite character, but I think his dead. I the 1st book died Ned and proably Benjen. In the 3rd book Robb and Catelynwere murdered. So in the 5th book Stark also should die. Stark or Snow

      Sorry for my bad English.

    • jon snow lives 3 years ago

      Azor Ahai reborn is not one person. It is the three headed dragon. The clues are everywhere and i just don't feel like typing that much so here are the heads of the dragon/dragon riders. Jon Snow, Dany, and Tyrion. This may come as a shock to many, but that is my theory please argue this I will rebut all arguments as they present themselves.

    • jon snow lives 3 years ago

      German guy, the Pate is Jeqhen Hagar read the description of when he changes his face when he leaves arya it is exactly the same description as the alchemist who kills pate. I don't know what his intentions are though.

    • KateB603 profile image

      KateB603 3 years ago

      I totally believe Jon Snow to be the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. If they burn his body, which they do at the wall to prevent the turning into an Other I think he will walk from the flames as Danny did.

    • Chris 3 years ago

      if he is truly dead than so is the series for me im done inveting my time in characters that are needed in hid sad world of every man for them self

    • Patrick Connolly 3 years ago

      I think in people's ideas about the dragons and the attacks against the Others people are forgetting Aegon. Rhaegar says in Dany's vision that his story is the one of Ice and Fire so it only makes sense that he would be another of the three heads of the dragons and I also don't believe Jon is dead and he will be the third. I do think he may disappear for at least a good few hundred pages before he, in some way, makes a comeback.

    • Patrick Connolly 3 years ago

      Also, I just want to put in, I have started reading the books again and on page 636 of SoS Robb signs his royal decree about Jon Snow being his heir if he passes without one in front of a load of Lords and Ladies... Have people forgotten? I believe the saying is "the North remembers". Just another way for Martin to go if he chooses I suppose. In conclusion, THERE IS NO WAY JON IS DEAD!!! Thank you... lol

    • Patrick Connolly 3 years ago

      Another thing, I have been back in forth through a lot of commentary on Jon Snow's death and the PwwP and AA and the sword and all. I think it is clear that Millasandrei (however you spell it) has cast her magic on Stannis's sword like he did with Mance and the Lord of Bones to mask them. Everyone see's lightbringer, but clearly without heat it's false. That is why Aemon being blind was immediately doubtful of it because he wasn't charmed by the glow. Just another thought I want to add. Thoughts?

    • Ryan Crane 3 years ago

      Earlier in the chapter before he is killed or not killed there is a part where he thinks to himself that for the man to be born the boy must die. This leads me to believe that he set it up or George is bringing him back in some other way.

    • Matthew 3 years ago

      There should be very little doubt that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. It was, thus, Jon's conception that started all of the events in these stories in motion. There is NO FREAKING WAY he is just gone now, 2/3 of the way through the story with none of that part of his past coming to the forefront. He is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. From a structural standpoint, it would be idiotic to have him dead now.

    • Ethan 3 years ago

      He is dead. When was the last time George has been nice to the Starks?

      He killed Ned in the first book, Robb in the third, Cat in the fourth, has sent Arya far away from the seven kingdoms, Sansa to the Eyrie with some pretty strange people, Bran and Rickon have been sent across the wall looking after a mutant bird... Why shouldn't Jon die? As for Matthews comment, we all thought Ned was important, and his head was on a spike, last I checked. I think that Jon is dead, and we are all looking for reasons to think that he isn't.

    • Peter 3 years ago

      i hate to say it but i can see him being dead.

      the others cannot pass the wall while the watch holds true. if he is dead, the peace he made with the wildlings would effectively be over. i can see what's left of the watch fighting with the wildlings and losing badly and the nights watch breaking up, giving the others free reign to pass the wall and attack the north

    • Bob 3 years ago

      I think Jon's conscienceness will be transferred into Ghost's body just before he dies!

    • Amber 3 years ago

      I think he's dead, and will be resurrected as others have been. Remember earlier in the book when Victarion of the Iron Fleet talks about the horn that Euron gave him to become the master of the dragons? He said that it can't be blown by anyone living, or it will kill them. If Jon is "dead" but resurrected, he could blow the horn. Just my thoughts.

    • Willsummerdreamer profile image

      Will English. 3 years ago from Marietta, Georgia.

      I think the better question is, with Melisandre around, will Jon STAY dead. My theory is no. No he won't. For me, its kind of obvious that Martin is hinting that something is gonna happen between those two and that really can't happen if he's dead.

      As for Jon blowing the Dragon Horn, maybe. But I personally don't see that happening either. Its been proven time and time again that fire and anything related to fire (the Dragon Horn included) is not gonna hurt Dany...this is, of course, assuming that her plotline ever starts moving towards Westeroes again.

    • Whatever 3 years ago

      "Kill the boy and let the man be born..."

    • Alexander 3 years ago

      I firmly believe that Jon Snow will be ressurected by Mellisandre.But there are many others to tell us what happens on the Wall. For example,Val Tormund Mellisandre or Sad Ed. Also I believe that the three heads of dragons will be either. Victarion,Dany, Tyrion. Either Dany,Tyrion,Aigon or maybe Dany,Tyrion,Jon Snow

    • Rikon lynch 3 years ago

      Jon Snow is definitely dead! But assuming Benjin Stark is coldhands, it could be that the starks have an immunity to being zombified? But even if he is resurected how will his brothers react, Im pretty sure they won't warm up to another coldhands.

    • Athanos 3 years ago

      The giant and the wildings could easily keep a fifth blow from landing. The Red Witch could easily heal four stab wounds, and certainly has the motivation to do so. Besides, if he dies, we don't get the battle of the bastards, and I've been wanting to see that for a long time.

    • Hiruu 3 years ago

      People often forget the true title of the series…a Song of Ice and Fire. As many have speculated, I really think Jon was the by-product of Rhagear and Lyanna but the torment song of Ice and Fire. Once he meets Daenerys and those dragons respond to him like a long lost master. I’m just trying to figure out who might be the third…

    • El Dude 3 years ago

      It's not so much whether Jon is dead/dying or not. That's a given. The question is, once he is revived, IF he is revived (by medicine or sorcery), what will the betrayed new Jon Snow look like?

      How bad were his injuries? What effect will witchcraft have on his character? How did the attempted murder change his leadership style? And so on.

    • Duayne 3 years ago

      I believe he will be revived by fire, That Mellisandre will try and revive him and fail. He will then be placed within a pyre as is now custom on the wall and once the fire dies down his body will be healed showing us that he is of Targaryen blood.

    • Juan 3 years ago

      He is not dead. Melisandre will revive him. I like the Targaryen blood theory too.

      He will become the King in the North (including north of the Wall) and there will be no problem with the black vows because the Wall will be destroyed with the magic horn.

    • Alejandro 3 years ago

      I personally strongly believe in R+L=J. That being said I also believe that he will be killed (but then resurrected somehow) he will end his watch with the Nigjts Watch and therefore be free to take the iron throne (If he truly is the son of rhaegar then he would have the strongest claim to the throne) I also believe that he would probably either end up marrying Dany/Val. If he is king of the seven kingdoms a marriage to Val would be very advantageous in the terms of alliances with the free folk. In the aspect of Prince Aegon I believe him to be fake. There are many prophecies that warn dany of a "false dragon" therefore I believe that he was made to be a king and he himself believes to be Aegon but in reality he is not. For the dragons the two obvious ones are Dany and Jon, but who would that leave for the last dragon? Tyrian perhaps? There are many other instances were tyrion is told that he will play a big role in the upcoming events. He also dreams of dragons quite often. I don't believe that GRRM would kill off Jon because if he truly is Rhaegars son then he's the Song of Ice and Fire :D

    • Dunns 3 years ago

      It's a dream and nothing more.

    • m_art_y 3 years ago

      Think Jon has to die to honor his vows to the brothers, and will be revived. Dany will impress one dragon, Jon the 2nd, and young Griff the 3rd. The fire is needed to fight the terror of the north. My fascination is with Arya, and for some reason the young man that survived the shipwreck, Melisande is terrified of him for some reason, would be cool to uncover an entire civilization down there.

    • Lawliet 3 years ago

      We have seen that Jon is not immune to fire like Dany when he burned his hand with the lantern.He may be a Targeryen but not a dragon.But as it seems he won't die somehow and he will leave the Night's Watch. Personally i believe that in the end of the series the Wall will fall and everyone will die because of the long winter and the Wight Walkers/Others.

    • naccer 3 years ago

      oh no no i wouldn't wish for that Jon is my favorite and if he's dead i don't think I'll watch Game of thrones or read the novels again ever again

    • Josey 3 years ago

      People!!!! He was stabbed FOUR TIMES!!!! With a KNIFE!!!!! He is dead, get over it!!!

    • alex 3 years ago

      I don't think Jon snow can be revived by Melissandre, jon belongs to the old gods. Remember the end of the third book? His direwolf is the proof of that I think. So I really hope, he will survive but not by the powers of melissandre!

    • Fabian 3 years ago

      it was all a dream but he reawakens and see's it happen the same way that day but he keeps ghost with him.

    • pichi 3 years ago

      "Of course he's dead" "Of course he's not" you talk like you know something the rest of us don't, but you know nothing people.

    • Kevin 3 years ago

      If Martin has killed Jon I will never read another thing he writes. (Well, perhaps a personal apology...)

    • 3 years ago

      I didn't read all these posts, so I don't know what others have said about this but it was NOT Jon Snow who was stabbed!! It was either Melisandre or a Melisandre creation.

      On page 408 (American hard back Bantam ed.) it says, "The red priestess shuddered. Blood trickled down her thigh, black and SMOKING (my emphasis). The fire was inside her... transforming her."

      Then on page 913 it says, "In the cold night air the wound was SMOKING."

      Who has blood that smokes? Melisandre. A hot, bloody wound in the cold would steam, not smoke.

    • Eric 3 years ago

      I have read ~ 75% of posts here... It is surprising to me that I might have this reaction, but I can truly say that I will be heartbroken if Jon Snow is actually dead... When I evaluate GRRM's narrative approach, I do not believe that JS is dead; however, GRRM is a unique writer that has often surprised me. As an additional however, I do not see the value in departing from any semblance of fictional justice; if he wanted to write a piece of historical non-fiction, he should have reclassified his work long before now.

    • Gil Obler profile image

      Gil Obler 3 years ago from Bronx, New York

      I tend to believe certain theories such as Jon is Rhaegar and Lyanna's son. However, we do not know that. What we do know is that GRRM made the question of who Jon's parent(s) are an important mystery, and that does not make a lot of sense to do, if he is simply dead at the end of book 5. This is further corroborated by him asking the HBO producers "Who is Jon Snow's mother?" during their first meeting. Why would he ask this question if this would remain unresolved, or is not somehow central to the plot? So, I think we can assume that Jon survives in some form (whether directly, or is somehow revived, whether by Melisandre or someone else). Could he kill him anyway? Sure. I suppose so, since he likes to hammer home the point over and over again that he wants realism, and likes to break convention. However, it would make the question of his parentage a lot less compelling, so it seems very unlikely. A return from the dead is part of the epic journey of the classical hero, and we have already had numerous other characters survive much worse than four stab wounds, so there are lots of other reasons to doubt Jon is simply gone.

    • TheRealBukzit 3 years ago

      Beware!!! Big big big SPOILER ahead!!!

      I think it's easy to see and know that Jon Snow ain't dying now. The author is just trying to find a way to end Jon's watch at The Wall so he can get involved with realm's matters not as a night-watch... So, for G.R.R.M, there's no better place to kill a guy you want to bring back to life than at The Wall during winter or near The Red Woman... and from here Jon Snow will turn out to be the ''real'' guy Melisandre's prophecies talk about (Jon has a VALERIAN steel SWORD)... He will be resurrected by ice (The Wall and winter's mystics) first then by fire (The Red god) with Melissandre doing it as a healing process after she mysteriously finds out he is a dragon -Cold Hands for example is revived by winter but ain't a bad guy- ...Jon's real mother must be Ned's sister (I'm sure of it) which makes him a Targaryen to the core (fire in his blood)... What was Ygritte's nickname again? and who was she? Hum!! ...Jon will end up riding the third dragon ...Jon Snow is The Song Of Ice And Fire. Read all the books again and you'll see sense.

    • Jaja 3 years ago

      I think there is a clear symmetry between ice and fire characters: wolves/dragons, robb/joff, cat/cersei, ned/robert, and most of all jon/danaerys (they help wildlings/slaves, suffers from treasons from trusted people, both have to kill their love, etc.). So jon is not dead like danny. I believe they will follow a similar path: have to step back from their duties (queen of Meeren/lord commandant) before they can ultimately merge as both ice/fire characters to save the realm

    • 3 years ago

      Of course he is not going to be killed off. If they brung Beric and C. Stark back of course they are going to bring him back. He may just be wounded to the point of near death.

    • james 3 years ago

      I'm telling myself he's dead, so I don't get disappointed. I think I'd prefer him being dead to being in a wolf's body. Anyway, my hopeful theory like most people is that jon has targarean/stark blood and will be a rider of a dragon... at similar times (last 150 pages or so) in the 5th book, they have Dany riding the black dragon (Drogon?) and it mentions that she has difficulty controlling him and she's not even sure he's responding to her... The dragon has taken wounds from arrows etc and it says that the dragon's wounds are smoking (similar to Jon's wounds at the same time in the book)... Drogon (black dragon)/Jon (black cloak) are linked and Jon will ride that dragon eventually...

    • Will 3 years ago

      Jon isn't dead (or at least wont stay dead). He is the product of fire and ice (I'll explain that in a minute). In the case he is dead then melisandre will bring him back as Azor Ahai (look up the prophecy and tell me it doesn't fit). While I have no idea where lightbinger is, it will end up in his possession in the 6th book. He will then cross paths with Dany only to realize he is the true master of dragons (with some help from Bran), and begin his march south. At the end of it all westeros will be 2 kingdoms, the north ruled by Jon with Sam as its grand maester and bran as lord of winterfell, and the south ruled by Dany with Tyrion as her hand (the 2 may wed since targaryaens are in to that sort of thing but I'm not going there just yet).

    • Will 3 years ago

      Forgot to explain the fire and ice part. I personally believe him to be the son of prince rhaegar and lyanna stark. The two vanished for a year (in which lyanna was locked in a tower). During that year is about the same time Jon was conceived. GRRM also reveals Lyanna died in a pool of blood and roses, and only 2 people were present at the time of her death: Ned (who showed true devotion in hiding Jon's true identity from his own wife as well as everyone else) and one of Ned's knights (I see a forthcoming about to happen)

    • Hans wassink 3 years ago

      A way for Jon to return from the dead that no one seems to make, but is the most logical in my pov is that it's not actually jon dying but someone else. Melisandre couldve easily glamoured another wildling to act as Jon.

      Look at it, glamouring never appeared in the books and suddenly it appears several times in the last chapters of book five. Right before Jon is stabbed he visits Melisandre right?

      She saw his death coming and saved his life this way.

    • eagle 3 years ago

      "He didn't feel the fourth knife, only the cold" or whatever that line is... couldn't this mean that those 2 bodies Jon had kept at the wall had come back as whites at that instant?... and the commotion might distract everybody and let Jon off the hook from this betrayal? What do you all think???

    • noks 3 years ago

      Can't any one see the connection... Danny died in the FIRE and was reborn Jon needs to die in the ICE to be reborn A song of FIRE and ICE

      They are enemies

    • gregg 3 years ago

      just a thought: if he is laying face down in the snow and he doesn't feel the fourth stabbing, how does he know he has been stabbed a fourth time? Obviously he must regain consciousness at some time in the future if he is to come by this knowledge.

    • Anon 3 years ago

      Tyrion and Arya are consistently morally good? What?

    • TrynaK. 3 years ago

      Thanks for giving me the spoiler because I'm not even going to take the time to record GOT on HBO only to watch Jon Snow get shanked by nightwatch brothers in the end. He is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    • Pharmg563 3 years ago

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    • Litros 3 years ago

      Martin's main characters may die if they are done with their part of the story. Jon's role to date could have just been allowing the wildlings south of the Wall. Once that done, he might die if that was his main role on Martin's master plot line. Think of the perspective of Jon dead in the snow, surrounded by a) the Queen's men raging because their knight has been smashed by Wun wun, b) the leaderless Night Watch men having betrayed their Lord Commander, and c) Tormund and the free folk witnessing the death of their only safeguard -beyond their weapons- south of the Wall. That is a melting pot of blood, but Tormund leads 4000 people who can slaughter the others and later scatter southward, leaving the Wall undefended against the Others...

      Reading comments I have learned (I didn't figure it out before) and embraced the idea of Jon being the son of Rhaegar and Lianna, it now makes pretty much sense to me: Ned's secrecy about the bastard, Melissandre searching on her fires for Azor Ahai and seeing just "snow", and definitely the three-headed dragon team. Be them Daenerys riding Drogon, named after her beloved Drogo; Aegon riding Rhaegal, named after his legitimate father -The Prince that was promised, as envisioned by Daenerys at the House of the Undying-; and Jon riding Viserion, the white dragon (no naming issue here, we all agree Viserys was a worthless asshole).

      Furthermore, I believe that the warg thing is up to come. Besides Bran's approaches to that kind of magic (and Arya's wolf dreams), Jon is powerful, he was told so by Varamyr Sixskins. And then there was Borroq and his giant boar, saluting Jon as "brother" just a few pages before Jon's pretended death. This particular character shouldn't have even appeared if he wasn't mean to do something important, in my opinion. And the only one around to do "something" with is Jon himself... so Jon cannot be definitely dead, just wounded. Someone said that Bran would be the third dragon rider, slipping into his skin. Well, I apply this to Jon himself: Borroq will teach him the paths to skinchanging, then Jon will be able to practice with Ghost and also the boar after Borroq's sad death (just figuring this out as I write), and finally riding Viserion while slipping into its skin to fly as a single living being.

      Besides, I also welcome the reason given by Geb: Death is the only way to leave Night Watch -if Jon needs to leave it, anyway-. So the perspective of Jon dying and later being revived by Melissandre sounds cool to me, but not necessary.

    • Gavriel 2 years ago

      Et tu Marsh? Then fall Jon...

    • A. Vollmer 2 years ago

      Jon Snow is a skin changer! He could always skin change to a different body and survive that way.

    • Stinky Nipples 2 years ago

      He dies.... just to be resurrected by the red woman and leave the Nights Watch.

    • KING JON BARATHEON 2 years ago

      I think Jon Stark is the Son of Robert Baratheon and Lyanna Stark cause he looks like Robert in the Drawings of GGRM Books and of course if i Remember well Nedd wanted to tell something to Robert before he left Wintefell in Lyanna's Tombstone/Grave and was related to him and her but he didn't said cause Jamie pushed that time his son Bran from the Tower and found them so they rush onto him!!

    • Haha 2 years ago

      No important characters die for no reason. To what purpose does Jon's death serve toward advancing the story. With stanis gone mance gone the story lacks a well developed protagonist to propell the plot that has surrounded that part of the world with Jon snow out of the picture as well. It is foreshadowed that jon must kill the boy and be reborn a man.

    • Charmizzle 2 years ago

      Well. If he's the song of ice and fire.. He needs to be reborn.

      Imagining GRRM looking at this page.. And smiling. How awesome to have conspiracy theories surrounding your world.

    • skyle 2 years ago

      melissandre will burn snow body, who will revive cause he his the son of rhaegar tangaryen and lyanna and his a dragon just like daenerys.

    • Sam 23 months ago

      Jon Snow will abruptly wakeup from a nightmare.

    • Edward William profile image

      Edward William 21 months ago from UK

      Like in Dallas?

      What if Ned wakes up from a nightmare instead? Ooooh that would be annoying.

    • Tim 12 months ago

      They didn't use swords so it's possible they missed vital organs, and we don't know what Jon's got underneath for protection. Hopefully they have a realistic reason if he survives.

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