Book Review: MAYAN: Atlantis Returns (The MILLENNIA Series Book 1) by Neil Enock

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October 6, 2016
Science Fiction

The world’s military forces are not far behind when Atlantis returns

The world would definitely change one day when people switch on their tee-vees and there, on a small box in the far right corner of their screens, a picture of Atlantis stared back at them. Heck, if I switched on the tee-vee and learned that Atlantis has returned you could bet your Cheetos that I would call in sick to work and stay right at home, completely hammered to the screen. Neil Enock’s MAYAN: Atlantis Returns (The Millennium Series Book 1) explores what the various forces of our world would do if Atlantis did in fact return. As can be expected, the world’s military forces are never far behind.

A plane crashes on its way to Cancun

Bob Wallace has written a book about the Maya. One day he travels to England for a conference with his daughter Tara. He wows the crowd. Then he’s on a plane again and makes his way to Cancun. The plane never gets there. It crashes. The survivors of this crash are rescued by people who do not, as far as Bob and the people that are with him can tell, speak English. Well, the rescuers can speak English and they are from the one and only Atlantis, which has just returned to the world. According to the Atlanteans, it was predicted that they would return to the world once the world has ended. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t.

The author has created a setting that is far from elementary

The year is 2025. As far as I can tell, nothing much has been invented that hasn’t been invented today. Like Bob’s ex-wife Jenn, people in this time still share things online like they do today, apparently. I haven’t encountered any robot servants either. The year 2025 in this book is pretty similar to this decade. When it comes to Atlantis, on the other hand, the author has created a setting that is far from elementary. The island of Atlantis, governed by council instead of one primary leader, is explored to such an extent that every other chapter holds something new for readers to learn about it.

The people of Atlantis have names like Aranare and Itzela

Bob is the kind of guy who multi-tasks, but does it unsuccessfully. Readers can pretty much expect a good laugh when they first meet him. His relationship with his daughter is like that of two good friends. Although he and his wife Jenn aren’t together anymore, they are still on good terms. On Atlantis, readers get to meet people with names like Aranare and Itzela. The latter belongs to a princess that Bob thinks of as “striking”. Bob can be described as the protagonist, or at least the most important character in the book, but, giving other characters ample room to grow, the author doesn’t include Bob in every chapter.

Atlantis is so much more than just an island

Atlantis doesn’t just show up one day and that is that. Atlantis causes a plane to crash, windows to shatter and electrical devices to shut down. It has a naval force doing something stupid and learns its error the hard way. The island is so much more than just an island, speculated to be a mix between a ship and an island by Jenn. While Bob, Tara, and other non-Atlantean characters learn interesting things about Atlantis around every corner, the threat of more forces poking their noses into this island is something for readers to constantly be concerned about.

A simple vehicle would’ve done just fine

The author could let readers know from the onset that the army that plays such a pivotal role throughout the novel is of the United States. This is something that I was left to assume. The army needs Jenn’s help because she is about the only one who has enough knowledge about the Maya that the army can find for them to be able to deal with Atlantis. Instead of a simple vehicle from the army, an entire team of soldiers is sent to “extract” her to a helicopter. A simple vehicle would’ve done just fine. It’s not as if there were a bunch of zombies or professional mercenaries out there that wanted to do Jenn any harm.

Science fiction fans will definitely not be disappointed

Neil Enock seems to know what it takes to write a science fiction novel that will be difficult to put down. He’s fearless. He doesn’t just kick his novel off with a bang, but, chapter after chapter, he keeps them coming. I’ve rarely encountered novels without a dull moment and this book certainly proved to be one of them. What happens here is something that I can actually believe happening if Atlantis did show up in one of our oceans in our lifetime. Science fiction fans will definitely not be disappointed. If anything, they’ll wish for their journey into Atlantis not to end. I certainly did.

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