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William F Torpey

I am a retired newspaper reporter and editor. My writing career began before college when I graduated from the Army Information School in Fort Slocum on Davids Island off New Rochelle, N.Y., and served in Heilbronn, Germany, and Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colo., as a publlic information specialist. After graduating from New York University in 1964, I worked in New York City, first as public relations assistant with the Commerce and Industry Association of New York and executive director of The 100 Year Association of New York. In 1965 I was the staff member in charge of the Annual Dinner in which David Rockefeller was awarded our Gold Medal for outstanding achievement for the advancement of New York and later as executive assistant with DCAT, the Drug, Chemical and Allied Trades Association. I joined The Hour newspaper of Norwalk, Connecticut, in late 1968 where I worked as a reporter and editor until I retired on June 1, 2000 after 32 years with the paper.


You can read more about my background and experience on my Profile at the blog I created (URL: ) to write my opinions on today's hot topics, especially those relating to politics, finance, current national and international events.

I also have a blog on lighter subjects, such as my passion for the talents of Bing Crosby, the greatest singer, actor and entertainer of the 20th Century. URL:

You can learn more about Bing and find some great videos at my favorite Website:

Among my first blog posts is "The Fighting Hogans," the story of the sinking of the USS Gregory in World War II and the life and death of my Uncle Bill Hogan, a young Navy seaman from Yonkers who made the ultimate sacrifice during a surprise attack by superior Japanese forces in the waters around Guadalcanal. The story can be found on my blog  which also features the story of my grandfather, Shamus O'Brien, a lightweight "Yonkers Favorite" prize fighter and Irish champion who fought in the early 1900's. Shamus, born Michael J. Hogan of Dungarvan, Ireland, went up against many champions, including such greats as lightweight champion Benny Leonard and featherweight champ Johnny Dundee. Shamus won two out of three newspaper decisions in bouts with Hall of Fame welterweight champion Mickey Walker.