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My true name is David. I like to write poetry, short stories, editorials, and articles of importance to society. I've taught school for 25 years as a teacher of special needs children. I was taught a lot in my chosen field by my own students. I have been an artist and cartoonist for many years. Gak and Geek are my creation. I have written and copyrighted a book of poetry, a book of songs and poetry, as well as my cartoons. I've illustrated the book,"Legacy of The Skullmaster" by S.M. Rodgers. I have written a novel entitled "Treasure on Cat Creek".I feel that what I write is inspired by my Lord God and I want everyone who reads my work to know that I am a Steward and will try to represent the best for each one.

I've written lyrics that were stolen by pretenders who claimed they wrote my works. The good that the three songs lyrics have done and continue to do, outweigh the wrongful acts and I have resolved that this was meant to be. I have completed work and earned four degrees. These are my Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Specialist degree. As a teacher for many years and having worked with children in need, I liked to use arts and crafts in my classes, which my children all adored. It helped open, otherwise closed doors on many fine occasions. I have always loved art and writing, and continue to do so, as we speak. I want to share all that I have learned in my life, and perhaps help others, and myself, along the way.

I leave all of my work to my wife and children, who make my life worthwhile.

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