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Wayne Dickinson

Wayne Dickinson

Certified Life Coach and Minister

Christian Leaders Institute

My name is Wayne Dickinson. Geographically, I am considered a southerner from the mid south state of Oklahoma in the United States Of America. Growing up my friends called me "Tig", short for Tiger. It must have been my red hair and ornery disposition.

To just say I have been around the block a time or two would save a lot of time. You are my friends so you can call me Wayne, but to disclose one of my "Life Bumps", my friends from rehab called me "Papa Wayne".

Since I am from the south, as you read this, you have to imagine my country drawl on words. Like "How y'all doin?" "What's fer supper," or eatin "Maters, Taters and Cone on the cob". I was raised by the classic, loving (June Cleaver) mom, and the pessimistic (Archie Bunker) dad, so I had to overcome my self diagnosis of being "Positively Pessimistic. "

My dad had gathered great wisdom in his disturbed view of life in general. He would say things to me like, "From the day your born, till you ride in the hearse; things are never so bad that they couldn't get worst". Or "In life learn just enough to get by on, because what you learn and don't use was just a waste of time."

The mental scars from the lessons I learned from my earthly father were taken away one night, when I met Jesus, my Heavenly Father, on my way to the altar during a revival at my small hometown church. I was a new creation, with a direction.

Now I have said all of that, to say this, "I'm not here to talk about me, I am here to talk about YOU."

God has blessed me with discernment and the gift of listening well. I have been called to the ministry of chaplaincy involving hospice and I look forward to the opportunity to serve soon. I have the compassion, concern and desire to walk a path with YOU. A path that will begin to transform YOUR position or views on life, and help move YOU in a new direction of freedom and clarity. I want to help YOU look forward and not behind, to establish levels of accomplishment, which will ultimately reach YOUR long term goals.

The past is a lesson learned, but the future is Healing, Brighter Day's and Victory.