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Veronica Lejano


I am a college student who has an affinity for writing poetry, short stories, articles, and the likes. Reading does wonders for the imagination, like forging temples and towers, foliage carpeting the edges, always building in the ruins, in the vacant and the void.

I like a wide selection of knowledge, being informed is a sort of currency. Lovely is the mind that seeks, admirable are those who use ideas for humanitarian causes.

I love travelling, soaking up different cultures and meeting new people from different and diverse backgrounds. Diversity is a beautiful thing, because there's always so much to learn from each other. There's always something delightfully odd or culturally rich or interesting to pick up on, to add to the wide array of information, and i hope this platform is a way for us to practice inclusivity.

From the lively to the thoughtful, from the practical to the whimsical, i want to write and share my thoughts to inquisitive minds. I hope to learn from you, too!