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I am Vandana Patel based in Navsari (Gujarat). I have done my degree in English literature. And I have done diploma in software development from NIIT. I write quotes, poems and articles. When I am not writing I cook and read.

I love to express my thoughts through my writings. I get inspired from nature. Every natural element inspires me to think and write. Ever changing shapes of clouds or the stars in the sky make me write. The waves of the sea or calm lake both inspire me to write. When I see drops of rain or the dew, I cannot resist myself from expressing in any form of writing. I love to stare at the sky. During the day clouds and at night stars invite me to have a chat with them. Another natural element what fascinates me is the sea. I get lost when I think about the depth of the sea. When I look at the waves it seems to me like thoughts of my mind. When I look at the moon, I think it observes everything silently. The moon is the only witness of my thoughts at night. And when the sun rises in the morning, it never rises alone. It rises with lots of expectations and new hope.