Val Karas

Vladimir (Val) Karas is a life long practically oriented student of the effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Throughout his reading history of some over thousand non-fiction books on human nature, Val's studious appetites always gravitated towards exploring solutions for a minimal expenditure of emotional and mental energy.

His passion for simplifying the complicated gave him an ability to strip all those theories and therapeutical modalitites of their academic cosmetics.

Val's observation of the world's often futile and painful struggling efforts---caused almost mainly by a lack of a practical sense---gave him a literary boost to offer his ideas for simplifying personal and collective reality.

Thus, in his writer's opus you may find topics on fixing emotional issues, dysfunctional relationships, excessive emotional involvement in politics, or some ineffective aspects of religiousness---beside some other themes.

His favorite writing topics are stemming from his personal mind-style, as they explore our unused potential and our personal sovereignty, that is, our inherent freedom to use our own mind, de-hypnotized from the social suggestive influences. The mystery of everything, often avoided by both religious and science dogma, is his biggest passion.

He shares his own version of spirituality, which involves the referral to our intuitive resources for finding the answers through meditation and self-discipline---rather than seeking those answers in religious books and practices. Not going normative about it, he respects the good old maxime of "To each their own."

While reading his, often thought-provoking articles, you just might catch yourself reexamining your own personality makeup---or you may merely find them a sort of intellectually entertaining.

Val is retired, married to his teenage sweetheart. - Born in1944; the profile photo was taken in Hawaii---his favorite place on earth---at the age of 69.