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Tyrse Fayewood

An idealist at heart, this writer offers words of empowerment in the tango for personal peace.Tyrse's greatest medicine was revealed on the dance floor at a young age and the practice lives on. Journaling became the method of her madness for processing deep exploration of embodiment.

Residing on the central plains of the Rocky Mountains, she has developed an intense love affair with the rhythms of nature. Aspiring to bring discernment to the sacred ground we walk on, she maintains that spiritual bridge engineers do not need certifications, degrees, or to be ordained--love can move mountains.

Tyrse is committed to creating awareness around the ever contracting and expanding tendencies that are a natural byproduct of self-awareness and growth, which ultimately lead to healthier families, communities, and on it goes. Her vision for humanity is one of unity, and, this too, is her faith.