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Tsholofelo lehaha

I am a third year frelance writer student at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johnnesburg, South Africa. I am also a self published author whose dominant hobbies are around writing and reading. I major in African literature and Philosophy, that has been a mind blowing experience, my mind has broadened insanely in my past three academic years. Apart from writing I am one who likes discovering new places, meditate and do yoga, go out on solo coffee dates, read blogs and articles online, I used to paint and draw avidly younger, but lately not so much, I however still know how to get my hands dirty and create a potrait that can decently be called art. In a nut shell I am a creative, a hopeless romatic, an empath, hippy and hedonist at heart and pretty much frantic about people who do not value art.