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Tracey Walsh

Through our life experience good and bad we, as grandmothers, are here to teach our descendants the lessons we have learned. It is our responsibility to keep moving forward, keep an open mind to new things and the ever changing world, and keep our family legacy alive for the future generations.

Why does someone like me want to write about the ordinary? I want to remove a stigma surrounding “what it is to be ordinary.” It is my hope to help you recognize the beauty found in our momentous ordinary moments. If only one person benefits from this, then it is all worth my while.

Moreover, what harm is it to bring added richness and meaning in our life’s? I believe this is possible by recognizing the beauty of our ordinary. How many of us remember the way Grammy’s Sunday Dinner made us feel? I bet every time you eat that meal, an image crops of her in your mind. That is a momentous ordinary moment!