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Thomas J Lepore

My name is Thomas Lepore. I'm a young graduate student from Chapman University with two Masters in Creative Writing and English. I also took a teaching credential program, with the goal of becoming a English teacher - I had hoped to get some experience in teaching under my belt, along with time to get some works published, to become a Creative Writing professor.

That's where it seemed my life was heading. I have always loved reading and writing, specifically fantasy novels. Later, I would realize that I was drawn the worldbuilding - in worlds and characters breathed to life. So, when it came time to graduate from highschool my major criteria for colleges was that the school had to have a strong writing program (I got lucky that I chose Chapman...but more on that later). My life really did seem set on a trajectory.

But then I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

It comes with a variety of symptoms that I'm now very aware of, but the main one that has altered my plans irrevocably is chronic fatigue. Teaching is very demanding work, and I simply do not have the stamina for it, or the drive to push myself despite my limitations.

At the very least, I hope my writing skills entertain!