The Prolific Penman

Thirteen years ago, poetry helped me discover my inner voice, myself worth, saved me from depression and taught that my words have the power to change my perception as well as everything that I see in my life. I have been awarded the International Who's Who for Poetry, I have also been published with the World Poetry Movement.

My name isn’t as meaningful as my purpose, I don’t’ want to have the spotlight shinning down upon me because truth be told I arrived at this place in my life simply by faith, believing and hard work. I am a father, a lover of people, a hopeful romantic but most importantly I am a believer who has come to be known as The Prolific Penman which means that fruitful writer. When my friend helped me come up with a pen-name I questioned could l live up to definition however, the more I spoke it the bolder I became and as time passed I came to see that the name not only fit, but it was who I have grown into. This name is not just a representation of me but another testament as to what God can do if you are willing to be obedient to him. Poetry has given my pain, anger, fear, love and hope a voice. This is not just a name change but a movement and poetry is only the start of better things that people can come to expect from me.