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Sanaa Najim

Hello I am Sanaa Najim from Morocco . . I got my baccalaureat degree in 2018 in science of mathematics Frensh option . during the period of study I got many certificates . among this certificates , there is :

Certificate of Achievement which is presented for succesful completion of the intensive , two-year English access Microscholarship program sponsored by the U.S Embassy Rabat .

certificate of participation in MATE 8th festival of access students talents '' FAST '' held in Marrakech , Morocco 01-03 july 2017 under the theme : '' Access pathways to life skills '' .

Certificate of participation in the French competiton of nouvel 2016-2017 under the theme : ' 'Dignity '' .

Got an invitation to attend the party '' Reves en Théâtre '' in Aizenay . France .

Certificate of participation in the fifth Global Maths challenge in December 10 , 2017 .

I started writing since 2016 . I am so fond of poetry . I write in three languages which are : English , Arabic and Frensh . I like learning new languages such as italien and japanese . I like exercising various sports , like : Taekwondo , swimming , basketball , running... etc . My purpose is to study the Aerospace engineering and become a good and a succesful engineer and a well-known writer .