Janet Vincenti

Retired hairdreser, Registered Nurse, Nurse Paralegal, musician, and lifelong creative writer with various new projects in the works. A colorful life, which included five US states, I can't think of a better time to share experiences through stories and photographs taken along the way.

Thanks to the time retirement and nenewed health has now provided me (I have MS), coupled with the oxymoron of all the sad historic challenges of 2020 (most seriously the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and unprecidented damaging US events caused by climate change) (and all the other 100+ record breaking insanity this past year), this has resulted in a sort of forced introspection. The old saying of "what doesn't break you makes you stronger," couldn't feel more timely. We all now find ourselves emotionally treading water and figuring out how it is we will rise out of the deepening water line to feel dry ground again.

The power of words are important during these times, and the sharing with others a necessary human element to help one another through unimaginable difficulties. Relatability feels virtuous and medicinal. It is the much needed compassion and unification necessary for us to get to the other side of this present raging river called life. Perseverance and will are necessities. This has been a historic year in an unbalanced and scary way. Nobody was prepared for it, nor could we have been. I believe that there is much work to be done to upright the listing ship upon which we currently float, leaving many feeling directionless, or hopeless, and that we will, once again, reach the promised land once looked upon by all as the safe (and free) Americas.

This is the time for truth over fiction and conspiracies, for love over hate, for unification over division, for life over death (please wear a mask!), for healing over suffering, for promise over poverty, for fairness and equal opportunity for all, and for leadership that works for it's taxpaying people. This is our house, our world, our democracy. Let's make the necesary changes to keep it that way; each of us have the power to contribute to a better life for all. If somebody is uncapable of doing so, that's alright, those of us who can... well, "we got you."

Sharing the power of words are akin to powerful medicine, spiritual emotion that evokes thought... and change. More powerful than that, is prayer. We can do this.

Unlike most social media sites, HubPages is a monitiored site for writer's and readers, with submissions reviewed prior to publishing, and is why I chose this as the forum for which to make a difference, to contribute. It is a refreshing example of a creative format that has proven itself a real contender among so many other mediums which have not resulted in the level of positivity and change this site has. My personal goal as an author is to share the best of what I've got within my own creative ability... and that someone else's life is inspired because of that. Had it not been for the mentors and inspiration I've had along my own journey, I'd still be on that listing ship.