Elijah A Alexander Jr

After my 1973 new conception I became a preacher in the Baptist denomination or Christianity then turned philosophy for choosing to follow Yoshua's (Jesus) teachings rather than making myself a hypocrite, my August 6, 1976 new birth was the requirement. I followed isaiah 7:14-22 to learn civilization's laws [butter] and nature's laws [honey] before chosing the self-reproducing environment over wild civilization to be numbered with the alive and remaining once The Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty ends this world.

I am 74, with a testimony of a new conception, gestation, trivial, birth, babyhood, childhood and now more than 33 years an adolescent looking to obtain Yoshua's abilities any day now. I left everything to become a Yoshua folowing nomad as he was during his unrecorded 18 years.

That life taught me there's neither good nor evil only an individual's preference, Karma controlls reincarnation, everything happens in a cycle and all lives are predestimed. Thus, it easy to acept all of the atrocities man do because we are either sowing to or reaping actions our own lifeforces did or shall receive.

I recognize there is truth in religions, sience, fiction, fairy tails, poetry and much more although few to none have the whole truth. By intergreating all concepts we are able to comprehend life. When we cling to one source and denounce others we'll have unanswered questions since everything is connected.

Politically, I desire to see the US become the constitutional nation the Preamble reveals and founders intended, a nation united, not the empire it is attempting to become. When Wasington said let us raise a stadard only the wise and honest can repir, the event is in the hands of God he knew they were not wise nor honest enough to implement it and admonished god to do it in its time.