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Terry eaton


I am Kentucky born,Texan at heart, and Cajun in Stomach.

I left home at the age of 12 (not by choice) and entered into the fiasco of life. Education came hard for me, having to work so that I could eat. I acquired a g.e.d and some hard lessons learned. I traveled a lot, not because I could afford it, but because I needed work. I usually hitch hiked or had a prepaid bus ticket. Through these journeys I learned that the world is a tough place to live, and that someone was looking out for me. Later in life, I found out who that someone was. Today, I have faith, that they will continue to watch over me, in the future, and in the life that is promised to come.

I always dreamed, of being a country music legend. I could see myself on the "Grand Ole Opery", performing with the stars of my childhood, whom I had admired, for so long. But, my need for food, deprived me of my dreams. Now, I'm just a big country music fan.

I've worked every domestic job known to man, from farming to flipping steaks, to driving a truck, and have even owned several businesses. I've come to realize that if a man does not have a job, there are two reasons; 1.) He does not have the self-esteem to create a job, or 2.) He's simply, just not hungry yet.

I have learned two very important rules to live by. First; love god, with your whole heart, whole soul, and whole mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. In today's terms; Be careful of the toes you step on today, they maybe connected to the tail you need tomorrow. Second; Wisdom does not come from man. Wisdom does not come from your peers, an old high school buddy, or a co-worker. Wisdom is not determined by monetary value. Give a monkey a million bucks,what do you get? A rich monkey. No one is smarter than you because their level of education is greater than yours. Wisdom is the action of using the knowledge you have acquired wisely. Wisdom does not come from earthly things, but from the spirit of God and you can have it too.

No I am not a preacher, nor do I claim to be a teacher, but, God has taught me to study the bible so intensely that he has made me rich. If tomorrow all my blessings were gone, and I were once-again hitch hiking down I-10, with a blown out tennis shoe on one foot, and no shoe on the other, I would still say God is wonderful to me, and I am rich!